'Hypothesis' accepted into the Thin Line Film Festival in Texas

The Thin Line Film Festival will be held in Denton, Texas from February 15th - 20th. It will have some of the best documentary features and shorts from around the world, with many film makers in attendance for the screenings.

'Hypothesis' (A documentary about Steven E Jones) will play Saturday February 19th starting at 5pm along with a short from China called 'Red Dust' and a beautiful feature documentary called 'This Way of Life'

All of the details and film schedules can be found at the festival site here:

And details on the 'Hypothesis' screening can be found here:

We Hope to see you there!

Right up the road from me.

...well 40 miles up the road.

I'll be there will DVDs and literature.

Steven, come on down. I can put you up at my place.


Hypothesis Trailer

Many thanks for the invitation,

Joe -- and thanks to Brett for all his hard work on this documentary. It offers some surprising material such as his interview with the fellow who threatened me... and my career.

Unfortunately, I won't be in Texas for this showing -- but my best wishes for success to all of you there.
--Steven J

Wow! I am excited!

For non-Texans...
Denton is on the far northern outside edge of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.
It is primarily a college town, home of the University of North Texas (UNT).
Our "North Texans for 9/11 Truth" has participated in a variety of wonderful actions in Denton.