25 Story Building Collapses in Brazil


This is interesting because the video clearly shows very large chunks of concrete being lifted from the rubble pile, which is to be expected in a gravity driven high-rise collapse. Of course there were no such large concrete pieces in the rubble pile of Towers 1 and 2, and Building 7; it was all reduced to powder.

WTC Concrete Floors

It's often said that "all" the WTC concrete floors turned to dust. In reality, it's a distribution of sizes. A more accurate way to put it is a very large fraction of the concrete was turned to dust.

Large Chunks: https://s3.amazonaws.com/nasathermalimages/public/images/_dj/Dsc00060.JPG

More on WTC Concrete: http://thermalimages.nfshost.com/index.php/World_Trade_Center_Concrete

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the concrete turning to dust
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the building was reduced to rubble and slabs

not like most of the WTC concrete which was reduced to

dust and girders

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