Not On The Fence For 9/11 Justice

Author: Jon Gold
Source: 9/11 Truth News
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On December 16, 2010, I would estimate about 200 veterans committed an act of civil disobedience in front of the White House. Several chained themselves to the fence in one form or another. This act inspired me. As a result, I decided to commit a similar act of civil disobedience.

Today, I did exactly that. I went to the White House to chain (handcuff) myself to the White House fence in an act of civil disobedience specifically for 9/11 Justice. Something that has been denied to the families that lost someone that day, and to the people of the world.

In the weeks leading up to the action, several people warned me about what "might" happen to me. One person suggested that because of the Tucson shooter, they may "302" me (put me in a mental institution). Another warned that I had better be prepared to feel sniper lasers on me from those sitting atop the White House. As it turns out, none of that happened. However, I would like to thank those people for all of the unnecessary stress they caused me. :)

This morning, I met Erik Larsen at Cosi's, which is right next to the White House. Thankfully, he agreed to film my action. At around 9:45, we left Cosi's to go to Lafayette Park. I had already put one cuff on my wrist, and hid the other up my sleeve so the cops couldn't see it. It didn't matter as it turned out. Before the action, I decided to have a cigarette. One of the police rode their bike up to where we were sitting, and parked. He stood there for a minute or two, and then said, "are you Mr. Gold?" I responded, "Yes, that's me." He asked, "are you still planning on chaining yourself to the fence?" I said, "that is my intention." He said, "I wish you wouldn't." To me, it was clear intimidation, but lucky for me, I am one stubborn individual.

After the conversation with the police officer, I grabbed my sign, and walked to the White House fence. I walked back and forth for a little bit (something you are allowed to do on the White House sidewalk), and then I thought to myself, "now is as good a time as any," and pulled out the other cuff, and latched it onto the fence.

The police immediately took out their crime scene tape, and set up a perimeter. Here I was, all by myself, in the middle of a "crime scene." I have to admit, aside from the officer that tried to "intimidate" me, the other officers were extremely friendly. One walked up to me and asked me if I needed a pair of gloves. Another asked if the cuff around my wrist was too tight.

As I was at the fence, two plain clothes individuals walked up to me to ask a few questions. I thought they were from the media, but as it turns out, they were from the Secret Service. The agent asked for my number, my address, and what my intentions were. I said, "we were lied to about 9/11, and I'm trying to bring attention to that fact because the media isn't doing it." He again asked about my intentions, and in the back of my mind, it occurred to me that maybe he thought I was someone like the Tucson shooter. I said, "my intentions are what I told you. I am non-violent." He said, "that's all I wanted to know," and left.

It is policy for the police to give you a warning 3x before they arrest you. After the third warning, they took off the handcuffs I had on, and put on another pair. Again, a nice police officer used two sets of handcuffs because I am such a big guy. As they walked me off, I made sure to dedicate my arrest to the "Jersey Girls" (September Eleventh Advocates).

Getting in the back of the police car was an experience in and of itself. Apparently, they never expected to arrest a 6'2" 300+ lb individual with a size 16 shoe. I tried to get in the car, and my foot got stuck underneath the front seat. Finally, after squirming a bit, I managed to lay down in the back so they could close the door. Then, we drove off to the processing center.

I am amazed at how quickly they let me go. From the time I was put in the car, until the time I was processed, it took no longer than 45 minutes. Compared to my last experience which was 53 hours in jail, this was a breeze.

I am sorry to say that only one other person besides Erik and myself showed up. One of the reasons I chose to do this action was to hopefully show people who care about 9/11 Justice that we need to take it to the next level. That we can't sit on websites arguing about whose theory is right or wrong until this issue disappears into the ether. We are coming up on 10 years since that horrible event happened, and we need to do everything we can to make sure justice is served.

My sincerest thanks to Erik for coming to film today, and to the multitude of people that supported me from afar. Thank you.

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Thank you Erik for coming to film today.

glad to do to it

thanks for taking a stand, Jon

Recognition For Other Diligent 9/11 Activists

Would like to one day see coverage for the anonymous armies of 9/11 activists who for years have diligently and without fanfare, reached thousands of people with DVDs, reading material or by word of mouth.

They are the backbone of the information war.

We are everywhere!

and we are not going away.

"reached 'thousands' of people with DVDs, reading material or by word of mouth."


More Power To You Joe

If the internet is ever shut down for use by activists, the only thing standing between an informed and uninformed public will be street activists spreading information.


Did you ever see the three movies I made called, "The 9/11 Truth Movement, An Incomplete History?" It took me quite some time to gather information from different activists, and such in order to make those videos. They're no longer available on youtube but they are available on my facebook account. They didn't have anything about CIT in them though.


I just found out that Aidan Monaghan sent me yet another insulting message on youtube.

"No More Stunts Please

All of your internet activity seems centered on promoting Jon Gold, not 9/11 awareness.

Your encore arrest was viewed by almost no one for the second time.

You are not Cindy Sheehan.

I hope you are finished staging self promoting stunts that do nothing to raise 9/11 awareness."

Bitter, inaccurate little man. The only accurate thing he had to say was I'm not Cindy Sheehan. Nope, I'm not. I'm Jon Gold. However, she is a hero of mine and a friend. Do me a favor Aidan, don't contact me again.

with you on that

i dont get why aidan isnt saying well done
were all in the truth movement so we can encourage each other
what you did was amazing - thanx for getting it filmed- otherwise i wouldnt have felt inspired by seeing it
each of us can do a little something- like millions of termites undermining the OCT and pressing for a new investigation via:

funding NYC CAN, doing street action, civil disobedience, reading books, researching online (incl eg @911 blogger) , meeting each other, hosting speakers on their lecture tours, linking speakers to media- TV, radio, newspapers, and telling friends and family
i've done 8 of those and sporadically will continue despite my mrs !!


Trying to portray me as an individual that is trying to make a name for myself off of the tragedy of 9/11. Much like the media tries to portray an individual that writes a "tell-all book" with incriminating information in it as someone trying to make a buck. I don't know what his motives are, but that's what he is going to great lengths to do by spamming the same type of comment ("What was the purpose of this act? To raise 9/11 awareness or raise the personal profile of the participant?)" on every version of the video posted of my action. He's got it in for me, for whatever reason. Luckily, Erik responded to him on his own video by saying, "Why protest Jon's non-violent protest? About a dozen cops and a few dozen tourists witnessed it and so far a few hundred have online. Jon was not yelling "inside job"; he was creating a very different impression than those who've given Geraldo cause to call 9/11 truth activists "obnoxious." The positive comments here & elsewhere show people have been inspired. Good on Jon."

criticism for the sake of criticism



meaning a comment about jon ?
my comment about people like jon (and gareth) is well done guys !!!

and aidan, dont forget its wise to be on camera and to get footage of everything all around just in case, and to distribute so youre on the record
here in london , just over the thames from me there were demonstrations where the riot police removed their badges and one man was bludgeoned to die on the floor

more cameras please everyone!!

big up j + g :)

Thank you

Thank you, Jon. It's been my experience that sometimes the loneliest actions are the most important.

Great Job Jon!

What a shame we don't have thousands more truthers like you. We would win this thing hands-down. In my eyes you are a true patriot Jon.

Did all those cops really need

the dog?

very powerful demonstration. . .

. . . a voice in the emptiness of d.c. excellent interview and filming. ALL so courageous. i'm beyond moved...totally knocked out.
way to go, jon and erik!

Protest at The White House

Thank You JON....

All the Best,

Mike Marino

Thanks For Performing Your Civil Disobedience Duty

Thanks John for doing this. I'm glad you have it documented. I have done a few civil disobedient acts for just causes in my past. I'm behind you 100%.
Take Care Matt

Thank you, Jon! We love you.

Thank you, Jon! We love you. We may squabble around here somewhat, but we all should appreciate that we all are on the same page, wanting what is best for our country, and we all love that you are doing this for the right reasons, for the country, the families, and and the soldiers who were lied to, and the victims of the illegal, dishonest wars of aggression. Hats off to you, sir!


Any nonhateful and nonfrightening protest is worthy. Yours certainly qualified.

I would have been happy to arrange to come for support, but you are still not talking to me.

The arrests in December totaled about 130. My essay commenting on that action appeared on OPED News on 1/2/11 under "activism".

Maybe you can encourage others to participate by getting arrested with you sometime. You don't have to accept everybody, even me.

By the report of the official asking if you were Mr Gold, it seems you did not meet with officials beforehand. I urge anyone doing NVCD to visit personally with relevant officials beforehand to assure them they have nothing to fear physically. When I was arrested in 2006 for a NVCD at the opening of Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center" in nearby Rockville, Md, I visited with the movie theater manager, gave him literature, and assured him he had nothing to fear from me. I often emphasize tthe importance of making sure the adversary knows this is a moral challenge rather than a physical challenge.

The fact that you are calm, disciplined, and polite to everyone was sufficient to prevent police abuse, but it's still better form to give direct prior assurances that no one need fear you.

MLK Jr's great quote is relevant here," Undeserved suffering is redemptive." This quote suggests he agrees with Gandhi that suffering to touch the heart of the adversary is crucial to the power dynamic on nonviolent resistance.

For those interested, a video and transcript of my talk from 2007," Nonviolence in the United States Can Be Practiced with Greater Strength." can be found near the top of my website

Love to hear from anyone 410-499-5403

Go Jon

Made a "better" version of the video...

Thank-you Jon ! May this text be often repeated, LOUD & CLEAR !

It is past bed-time here in Brussels, and I spent 10 min watching your action in front of the White House.

Your message is coming through loud and clear, and you were especially eloquent in the small clip between the 6 min and the 8 min on this YouTube where you are actually chaining yourself to the fence. Here is the 90 second communication you gave: May it often be repeated with vigor, for example while waiting in the lines of the airport water confiscations centers, or any other public space were people need to be reminded that there is no justification for what the “post-9/11-world” entails:

“We were lied to about 9/11!
There is no justification for anything that the “post-9/11-world” entails!
There is no justification for the occupations,
There is no justification for our loss of civil-liberties,
There is no justification for any of it; we were lied to about 9/11.
The family members are still seeking justice for what happened for their loved ones,
The media is ignoring this.
I am here today to try and bring attention to this issue, which is affecting all of us!
Please do what you can, to learn about this issue.
Too many people are dying today because of what happened on that day, and how our government is using it.
We need to wake up as a country!
This is such an important issue.
I’m here today speaking for the 2973 people that were brutally murdered on 9/11 that can no longer speak for themselves.”
Jon Gold, January 31st 2011. Message delivered while chained to the White House fence in Washington D.C. after blogging for more truth and accountability about 9/11 during 9 years on, Jon shows us that the time is ripe for civic acts that take the message a level higher than exchanging views on a blog.

Thank-you so much for this Jon !

It brings me back memories of our “Chalk-Action” in Brussels on September 11th 2010 that landed 19 of us a stint in jail : ( In English here: )

Love to you all from Brussels !


Well done

A little disturbing that they knew you were coming in advance, but I suppose that's to be expected nowadays.

Glad to hear they treated you well.

Don't let anyone tell you civil disobedience is a waste of time. As Graeme indicates, the loneliest actions are sometimes the best.

If even one person learns of the Jersey girls as opposed to the real housewives of New Jersey then your act was a success.

911 Truth forever!


notification of authorities

Danse posts a lot of good stuff, but I'm moved to comment here. Part of nonviolence is making sure the adversary has no reason to personally fear you, the protester. There are protesters who don't handle it this way, and Jon was not penalized on this front, mainly because he is restrained and polite by his nature. The challenge is moral rather than physical.

Years ago during my opposition to the building of the nuclear plant at Seabrook New Hampshire, I used to spend time with the locals who opposed the plant. On May 1 , 1977 1414 people were arrested in civil disobedience trespass at the nuclear site. The locals used to say to me, " Why did you have to tell them when you were going to come?" I would ask what the chance was that one of our thousand plus protesters we're police agents. The answer, of course, is no chance. We with 911Truth don't practice or advocate physical violence, so secrecy is of no value. Jon announced his action on this website before the action. What is the chance Big Brother doesn't read this website? None.

For me the best thing about Jon's action may be the chance for the truth movement to discuss the ins and outs of nonviolent resistance.


Posted on Gareth's facebook account that he's ok, but I haven't heard anything about what happened with him.


Hope he's ok.

Gareth is a warrior with a camera.

This was great!

I wonder if any major news networks will mention this.

(No subject)

Gareth, the

Gareth, the individual that committed civil disobedience at 10 Downing Street for 9/11 Justice in solidarity with me spent 30 hours in jail, and is now out. Thank you to Gareth for doing what you did.

Thank you Jon.

"I am sorry to say that only one other person besides Erik and myself showed up."

I am worried about that. Was this because of the perceived risk of police abuse?

Many Americans know that the official story of 9/11 is not true.

Great job...