2005 London bombings: "Terrifying pictures of 7/7 bomb factory revealed"


                                                                                       Daily Mirror, 2 February 2011






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compiled by Cem Ertür

3 February 2011



excerpt from: 7/7 inquest: First dramatic pictures from inside bombers’ flat

by Jon Clements, Daily Mirror, 2 February 2011


These are the rubbish-strewn rooms where thebombers behind the 7/7 attacks plotted death and destruction.

Hidden by ragged net curtains in an ordinary-looking ground-floor council flat they used everyday household objects to mix chemicals and concoct deadly explosives.

The sinister secrets of 18 Alexandra Grove, Leeds, were revealed for the first time yesterday at the inquest into the London suicide attacks that killed 52 in July 2005.

Officers from Scotland Yard’s anti-terror branch raided the flat five days after the bombings and found plastic tubs filled with a yellowish- brown sludge of hydrogen peroxide mixed with pepper.

Milk pans Mohammed Sidique Khan, Shezhad Tanweer and Hasib Hussein used to boil chemicals were still on the kitchen hob.




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