The FBI “Kamikaze Pilots” Case

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Sibel Edmonds
Tuesday, 1. February 2011

In a public statement issued on Monday, January 31, members of the 9/11 Family Steering Committee demanded a prompt response from the former Chairman and the Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission regarding Former FBI Language Specialist Behrooz Sarshar’s censored testimony to the Commission. The former commissioners failed to respond to this request.

In February 2004 Behrooz Sarshar provided the 9/11 Commission’s investigators with specific documents and names of the related witnesses, including the full name and contact information of the key “FBI Asset/Informant” in an FBI case titled ‘Kamikaze Pilots.’ However, the commission chose not to contact or interview any of these witnesses, including FBI Director Robert Mueller. The Commission’s final report did not mention a single word of this documented testimony, and their recently released memorandum omitted the entire interview with no explanation provided.

The following information was provided by Mr. Sarshar to several Congressional offices and investigators, including staff of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Committee’s leading Democrat at the time, Senator Patrick Leahy, and the Justice Department’s Inspector General Office.  I was present during at least four meetings where the briefings were recorded and documented. While working at the Bureau I was briefed on this case by not only Mr. Sarshar but another firsthand witness, and I saw the actual 302 forms filed with the unit’s squad supervisor (FBI language specialists get to keep a copy of their reports/forms). Further, I personally briefed the 9/11 commission investigators on the details of this particular case, which is confirmed by the commission’s memorandum.

I have only deleted sensitive personal information related to the FBI informant-Asset, and as you’ll see every single deleted item (by me-indicated as S.E.) has been indicated in bold-italics. Other than that, the information below is exactly what was recounted by Mr. Sarshar on four occasions:

FBI File Name: “Kamikaze Pilots”
In the early 90s the Bureau hired an Iranian man as an informant, placed him on its payroll at approximately fifteen hundred dollars per month, and used him and his information in several criminal, counterintelligence and counterterrorism operations and investigations. Over time this informant, a man in his (Informant’s Age Information Deleted by S.E.), proved to be extremely reliable, and his information was found to be trustworthy.

This man had been the head of SAVAK, Iran’s main Intelligence agency, counterintelligence unit during the Shah’s regime. His area of operations involved the East and Southeastern region of Iran, and the countries under him were Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. He also managed the unit’s intelligence gathering operations in Sistan and Baluchistan, two semi-independent regions on the border with Afghanistan. Unlike U.S. agencies, the intelligence agency in Iran conducted most, if not all, of its surveillance and information gathering operations via human intelligence and sources. The man, the informant, was very good at what he did; he had established a large number of sources and informants scattered in the strategically most important areas within these countries.

Immediately after the Islamic Revolution, he planned his escape out of the country. All former SAVAK and military intelligence had been placed on the black list of the new regime, and death warrants had been issued for them. He successfully escaped Iran, and then spent several years in (Names of the informant’s previous residences/countries deleted by S.E.) where he tried to obtain a U.S. visa and come to the states, where many of his relatives and friends had already settled. In the late (date of Informant’s US entry deleted by S.E.) he succeeded and moved to the United States.

His reputation and his fame of having a wealth of resources for information all over the world had somehow reached the FBI by the early 1990s – around 1991-1992. Via a middleman, the Bureau was able to contact the man and persuade him to become an informant. He was placed on the payroll and began providing the Bureau with extremely useful and reliable information. The Bureau was so pleased with his performance that it began using him both as an informant and as an asset. On a regular basis, almost monthly, agents from the FBI HQ and WFO would meet with him at … and …and … (Meeting locations Deleted by S.E.) to obtain information and intelligence on various on-going operations and investigations.

Since the informant didn’t speak English very well, was by no means considered fluent, often if not always, the agents took an interpreter, a translator, with them to these regular monthly meetings. This is where Amin and I came into the picture. For these sessions the agents would have either Amin or me accompany them. By sheer coincidence, I happened to recognize the man during the first meeting from a gathering I frequented. I knew where he lived, and I had his phone number.

Around the end of April, 2001, I was asked to accompany two special agents from the FBI-WFO, Tony and John, to a meeting arranged with this informant; we hooked up with him somewhere near the (Meeting Location Deleted by S.E.). The agents and I were working on a particular criminal investigation that was going to court in (Possible sensitive date deleted by S.E.), and the informant’s information played an extremely important role in building the case.

We met the informant in this park-like area and spent nearly an hour discussing the case, asking detailed questions, and of course, with me translating the communication which went back and forth. Once we were finished with the session and ready to head back to the WFO, the informant urged us to stay for a few minutes and listen to something very important and alarming he had recently received from his sources. We looked at one another and sat down on the bench; we were all ears.

The informant said:

‘Listen, I was recently contacted by two extremely reliable and long-term sources-neither one Iranian; one in Afghanistan; the other in Pakistan’s border region with Afghanistan. In the past, these guys had provided me with inside information and intelligence that was extremely hard to come by, considering the tightly-based networks and groups they were able to enter and penetrate. They notified me that an active mujahideen group led by Bin Laden had issued an order to attack certain targets in the United States, and were planning the attack as we spoke.’

Now the informant had our full attention; the agents seemed very alarmed, since their main unit of operation was under the WFO Counterterrorism division. They asked the guy to stop, asked him to repeat that again, and ordered me to take verbatim notes as I translated. They too took notes.

The informant continued:

‘According to my guys, Bin Laden’s group is planning a massive terrorist attack in the United States. The order has been issued. They are targeting major cities, big metropolitan cities; they think four or five cities; New York City, Chicago, Washington DC, and San Francisco; possibly Los Angeles or Las Vegas. They will use airplanes to carry out the attacks. They said that some of the individuals involved in carrying this out are already in the United States. They are here in the U.S.; living among us, and I believe some in US government already know about all of this (I assumed he meant the CIA or the White House).’

Tony, one of the agents asked ‘did they say when? Did they give any specific dates? Did they say how they were going to use airplanes; bombs or high jacking?’

The informant paused for a second:

‘No specific dates; not any that they were aware of. However, they said the general timeframe was characterized as ‘very soon.’ They think within the next two or three months.’ He then added: ‘As far as how they are going to use the planes to attack; your guess is as good as mine. My bet, it will be bombs; planting bombs inside these planes, maybe the cargo, then have them blown up over the populated cities.’

The agents nodded and took extensive notes. I took my notes in Farsi; I usually did that, and later after returning to the office, sat down and translated them verbatim. We stood up and were ready to leave, when the informant urged us to report this immediately and act on it:

‘If I were you guys, I’d take this extremely seriously. If I had the same position I had in SAVAK, I’d put all my men on this around the clock. I can vouch for my sources; their reliability. Make sure you put this in the hands of the top guys in Counterterrorism.’

The agents nodded and thanked him for the information. We drove back in silence. After we parked the car, while walking to the elevators, the agents were discussing the best person, the top person; they should submit this warning to. They decided on Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Thomas Frields, who was in charge of the WFO Counterterrorism division and who used to lead the division that dealt with Iran’s Hostage Crisis in 1980s. I reminded them that although the informant was Iranian, his sources were not; and that they were in Pakistan and Afghanistan; not in Iran; Bin Laden was not Iranian but a Saudi. They acknowledged that, but made the point that Frields was in charge of the Counterterrorism unit in the WFO.

Once we got to the office, I went straight to my cubicle and began translating the entire conversation verbatim and typing it into a formal report. The agents went to their section and filled out the necessary 302 forms. These forms, the 302s, are forms used by agents to report information gathered from the Bureau’s assets and or informants. The agents, Tony and John, filled out two sets of 302 forms; one for the ongoing criminal case and the informants’ information related to that; the other, on the warning, with the initial code name ‘Kamikaze Pilots,’ as information related to Counterterrorism operations.

The agents called me up on my extension and asked me to escort them inside the language unit. I walked them over to my desk, where we sat, compared notes, and finalized and coordinated our report. They had me make several copies of the translation report for them to be submitted with their report. I took it upon myself to make a set of copies of their 302 forms for my own file; my own record. At the end of the day, around five o’clock, they submitted the 302 forms and my translation report. They submitted the warning report to SAC Frields; with a note, a yellow stick-up, on the top saying ‘VERY URGENT: Kamikaze Pilots’

Neither of us heard back from Frields or the Counterterrorism division. No one asked for any follow-ups or additional information. Two months went by. Around the end of June 2001, I accompanied the two agents to another meeting with the Iranian Informant. This time we met in (Location Details Deleted by S.E.).

After going over the target criminal investigation; now only …(Specific Date Deleted by S.E.), as we were ready to turn around and leave, he stopped us:

‘What did you do with the information I gave you two months ago? Did you report it to your bosses?’

The agents nodded. One of them said: ‘Yes; we sent it up. We submitted it to the top guy.’

The informant was animated now,

‘Well; are they going to do something about it? Because, three days ago I heard back from one of those two sources; in Pakistan. He swore the attack was on its way; any time now; a month or two max.’

Tony said: ‘I know; I hear what you are saying, man; but doing something about this won’t be up to us. Plus, we don’t have enough information to take any action here. We don’t know when, how, or exactly where. The only thing we have is: Mujahideen, Kamikaze Pilots, Bin Laden, five cities, and airplanes. That ain’t enough.’

The informant reasoned:

‘I’ve been thinking about this; trying to make more sense out of it myself. The source mumbled something about tall buildings. Maybe they will blow up the plane over some tall buildings; I don’t know. Maybe the FBI can get more specifics from the Pakistanis; ISI. Have they tried? After all they are your guys, and they already know all about this.’

The agents were getting exasperated and impatient, ‘We’ve got to go; we have a lot of work back there. We have done all we could. We reported it to the guy in charge; now, it is up to them.’

As we turned around and walked away, the informant yelled in Farsi:

‘Why don’t you discuss it with the CIA? They know. Tell the White House. Don’t let ‘them’ sit on this until it is too late…’

I asked Tony, ‘Maybe sharing this with other agencies is not a bad idea. What do you think?’

He rolled his eyes ‘not up to us Behrooz. As far as the White House goes, the HQ guys will include it in their briefings; I’m sure they’ve already done so. Frields is obligated to submit what he got, everything he gets under Counterterrorism, to the HQ guys in charge of Whitehouse National Security Briefings. He always does. So, the White House and other agencies have already heard about this. Let’s drop this man; will ya?’

That was the last time we ever discussed this case before the 9/11 attacks took place. The only other person I told this to and showed the 302 forms and the translation report, before September 11, was Amin here. Then, on that Tuesday morning on September 11 everything came back to me and hit me on the head like several tons of bricks.

That morning, we heard the news, and all of us ran out to the next unit to watch the CNN footage on the TV screens installed out there. As soon as I saw the planes hitting those buildings I said to myself: ‘Oh my God, oh dear God; we were warned about this; we were told about this; very specifically’ I almost fainted; I kept hearing the informant’s words; I kept hearing his last warnings begging us to do something fast. And we had done NOTHING. Now it was already way too late. I felt nauseous; I felt sick.

A few minutes later I saw one of the two agents; I started making my way into the crowd gathered in front of the TV screens, hundreds of people, and walked toward the agent. He spotted me before I got to him; we locked eyes; knowing eyes. He felt what I was feeling; he knew what I knew; he thought what I was thinking; we were responsible for this. Someone in the FBI would be hung for this.

When I got close to him I asked ‘what are we going to do? What should we do next?’ He shook his head and whispered: ‘I don’t know. I cannot even think straight right now. I don’t know Behrooz. We fucked this up; the Bureau fucked our country. Why?! Oh God; we let this happen.’ With that said he ran out of the room. I went back to check my drawer and make sure that I still had everything: the 302 forms, from both meetings, my translation reports; both of them. They were all there.

A few days later, when I got together with both agents and Amin to go over an assignment, I brought up the topic. They avoided eye contact with me. I asked the agents what they were going to do; if they’d already done something. At first they were evasive. Then, after I insisted, one of them, Tony, said: ‘Listen; Frields called us into his office and gave us an order; an absolute order.’ I asked them what the order was. He said ‘we never got any warnings. Those conversations never existed; it never happened; period. He said this is very sensitive…and that no one should ever mention a word about this case; period.’

This is an absolute...

BOMBSHELL and should infuriate EVERYBODY.


This further establishes the relationship between the U.S. and the Pakistani ISI. It shows that the White House and CIA had information. It shows an order to cover it all up.

"Maybe the FBI can get more specifics from the Pakistanis; ISI. Have they tried? After all they are your guys, and they already know all about this." - [, 2/2/2011]


This should serve as an excellent reminder to the average person that what was supposed to be a full accounting of the events of 9/11 was so off target and deceitful that the only sane option is to re open an independent international investigation into 9/11.

This cynical bastard would almost have a tear well up to see a whos who list of neo-cons and other international trouble makers do a perp walk to live out the rest of their miserable lives in a damp, dark concrete cell somewhere.

Theres got to be justice and accountability, and without those we'll never see the truth, whatever it may be.


Goodness! Given orders to forget it all! We let it happen! Wow Jon this is staggering.


jon; thank you for your courage and tirelessness. i wonder if timing of wikileaks "fbi gang" is coincidental here? not that ms edmonds is ever reported on in msm, anyway. there's so much "out there"/here on internet/911blogger/, etc, that should be "in the news." am confused with wikileaks, with hersch and chossudovsky assenting to assange's authenticity, but not much in way of 911 info coming out there. what think ye?lb

So OBL is behind the attacks after all?

I've always wondered about this, and I can barely get my head wrapped around it. So we have a combination of LIHOP on one hand and MIHOP on the other? Did the hijackers work alone or did they receive help from the inside? Of course, if the CIA knew about the impending attacks by commercial airplanes, then surely the airdefence would've reacted quicker (besides the notion that they would've reacted quicker in any case, with or without warning that something like this was about to happen, because of the existing SOP's). So why did OBL denied he was involved? Did the hijackers know that no airdefence would show up that day, did they knew they were safe? Is there any real proof of these hijackers even being on those planes? What about the planes and their identification? Did OBL perhaps work for/with the intelligence agencies and just said that he planned to attack major cities in the US, to make it look like he's the great American foe? Was he a CIA-asset? Is he still alive, or did he die long ago?
This don't make it any easier, because this information points to Bin Laden being responsible for the airplane attacks (not the destruction of the 3 buildings), which is THE prime reason and justification for the GWOT.
The US govt. can be blamed for letting this happen while they knew that something was coming. However they can always claim, and have done so if I remember correctly, that they were never given specific enough information to prevent any possible incoming attack. The public will no doubt buy this, and won't make such a fuss about it. The public will consider it small lies which can be forgiven.
But as we know, there's much more to the story.


Wayne Madsen reported[ ] that British Intelligence stated Feb 2002 Mossad had infiltrated the 'hijacker operation' and were controlling the OBL cells involved in planning attacks.
The suppression of any evidence streams identifying the lights blinking red threat 'outside the loop', are corroborated by this conclusive 'it never happened' control afterwards.

OBL may well have set up initial teams, but they were reported compromised and utilized as patsy thereafter. like a parasite in the host. Or Trojan horse.

'Someones' other than OBL made damn sure the strikes succeeded.

members only link


can you post the article below?
i could not access it at the wayne madsen site.

thank you.


"WMR has received details of

"WMR has received details of the British intelligence report which was suppressed by the government of then-Prime Minister Tony Blair." […] "WMR has also learned from Italian intelligence sources…"

What report? Where did he receive it from? Does he have the report? Why isn't he posting it? What Italian intelligence sources? What documentation did they provide to substantiate the claims? Did they provide documentation? Do WMR sources ever?


... questions.

Could someone who knows WM comment on the overall credibility of his reporting?

Does the first paragraph of the story...

Mention WMR sources?

.it never happened.

Many thanks Sibel Edmonds. Wikileaks is not alone. So good to read this.
Times dates and places. Names are named here. This is a most important revelation.
It will be rattling some cages in the 'cognitive infiltration' department.

"it never happened". catch cry of the post 911 epoch. It never happened!
This is what we are fighting against. definitive language illustrating the playing field.
from within.

powerful testimony.

This is interesting

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher that aired originally on Oct 15, 2009
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher CA {R} Dist. 46.

The minute I read this story

The minute I read this story i just knew someone would drag the LIHOP / MIHOP false dichotomy into the discussion.

LIHOP / MIHOP were terms coined by one of the most divisive activists in the movement - Nico Haupt. It was used then - on the local level at NY911Truth meetings - and now - all over the internet - to divide the movement.

none of us are required to take a test to prove our loyalty - based on what we believe - or what theories we endorse.

in fact - those who claim to KNOW what happened on 9/11 tend to be the most counterproductive to our cause.

our CAUSE is to demand a full and accurate accounting of what happened on 9/11 - and to document all of the misrepresentation, omissions, distortions and God-awful lies associated with the official accounting of that day - and to ultimately assign responsibility to those responsible.

it is NOT our CAUSE to endorse conspiracy theories or specific schools of thought.

and while SOME evidence MAY point us in one direction - or another - perhaps suggesting complicity or culpability on one MIHOP or LIHOP level or another - these are merely our grounds for activism and demanding a re-investigation.

It is NOT an excuse for endorsing POSITIONS like MIHOP or LIHOP or ZIHOP.

because - when we DO endorse positions like LIHOP we find ourselves working BACKWARDS - cherry-picking the evidence to support our theories - and we start asking stupid questions like: "Is there any real proof of these hijackers even being on those planes?"

This story, alone, proves nothing about 9/11 itself. But, when taken in conjunctions with the overwhelming amount of similar type evidence, you have more than enough prima facie evidence that a COVERUP has taken place and THIS is our precedent for activism.

people can believe what they want. you can believe Osama was involved - or not. You can believe a plane hit the Pentagon - or not. But - please do not do this in the name of 9/11 Truth - because you hurt our cause when you engage in conspiracy theories and speculation and OPINIONS.

Aw yea!

Happy to have John here.


Neoconned It Happily On Purpose

They are words...

That only members of the "9/11 Truth Movement" know, and they sound cultish. I don't even acknowledge them anymore.

I don't claim to know anything

I was just restating some questions that have been on and came to my mind after reading this story. I do not endorse any one position, I just pointed out that it looks to me that some combination might be the case here. Who knows how many parties are involved here? I sure's hell don't. I'm not trying to divide anything either, nor do I endorse anything, and please excuse me for asking a stupid question like the one I did. I certainly didn't know that using these two terms would generate such response from anyone, best if I don't use them again form now on.
To me a new independant investigation is not gonna do anything, not a damn thing, if we do not have some kind of plan of where to go after that, and prepare for how the PTB or whatever you want to call it will respond. Things like this has been brought up before, and don't get much attention. I'm not sure what to think of that. It's easy to get down over it. I'm reminded to Jon Gold's vid from last Monday, in which he admitted on Monday in front of the White House that frankly (and I, even though I'm not an American, can fully understand why he said it), he doesn't know what to do, other than that people should be aware of what has happened on and since 9/11. Of course when a new investigation will get underway, there will be of course, a lot more awareness. But again, there are many many obstacles along the way. Of course it's one step at a time, and we shouldn't think in terms of obstacles, but If we don't have some kind of detailed plan on how to go about this, if we haven't envisioned already how we're gonna make this work, then all this important work that has been done so far, won't get us anywhere I think, as far as my OPINION is concerned.

But this story is outrageous, it should get people infuriated and mad, it should be all over the mainstream news, but the fact that it's not, is a reminder of the forces that we're up against. I still think we can Make It Happen (on purpose LOL!), but then we have to think ahead.

I have your questions.

There were hijackers or patsies; there appears to have been a standdown - in the middle of war games and an antihijacking exercise; the three towers were demolished with military precision; and there was an effective coverup beginning right after the events. How did they manage to coordinate all that?


You forgot IHOP:

IHOP -- They didn't call it the "pancake" theory for nothing!

Good one.

That ranks right up there with "the Magic Bolt Theory" coined by remo.

Here! here!

Well said John
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
"To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; to be credible we must be truthful." - Edward R. Murrow


just perhaps, for the sake of discussion. Various sources around the world and is this country with Able Danger came across legit intel about the 911 attack or it's "hijackers" and in reality at the upper levels where the operation was already known this intel was deliberately ignored. Even at the President's daily briefing etc.

Perhaps also even cables and intel are leaked to wikileaks to mislead and lead people into or away from various thought patterns. Wiki leaks would be the conduit without knowing the real agenda of the "secrets" it is posting. Doesn't mean wiki is a direct CIA/ intel front.


Heck even a goofball like John Walker Lindh the "American Taliban" was easily gathering "intelligence" about the coming attack and he wasn't even trying.....from his indictment:

"In or about June and July 2001, LINDH remained at the al-Farooq camp and participated fully in its training activities, after having been told early in his stay at the camp that Bin Laden had sent forth some fifty people to carry out twenty suicide terrorist operations against the United States and Israel."

I checked...there was no "al Qaeda" suicide attacks in Israel, they all came here. Gee.......I wonder if any of those helpers were on the planes that took off for Saudi Arabia a couple of days after the attack? According to Abu Zubaydah there was........

"he reeled off telephone numbers for a senior member of the royal family who would, said Zubaydah, "tell you what to do." The man at the other end would be Prince Ahmed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, a Westernized nephew of King Fahd's",9171,1101030908-480226,00.html

Well, that is the same guy who was the leader of the Saudi's flying out of the country just after 9-11 according to this FBI document:

"The Saudi Arabian group was headed by H.R.H. Prince ahmed Bin Dalman Bin Abdulaziz" - --Page 11/224

The "Dalman" is a typo BTW it is spelled correctly just a few lines later.....

He died along with the others Zubaydah mentioned, shortly after Zubaydah mentioned them. And then the tapes of Zubaydah's interrogations were destroyed.

This explains

that Aug. 6 PDB and Bush's snappish reaction to it. The only questions left are which agency (and nationality) took over the operation with full approval of the top and who could be squeezed to reveal it.

fb and sent to email group

thx jon

The media in this country...

Is an f-ing joke.

Other Apt Descriptors for what you refer to as "the media"

wrong, made up, apocryphal, beguiling, bogus, casuistic, concocted, contrary to fact, cooked-up, counterfactual, deceitful, deceiving, , dishonest, distorted, erroneous, ersatz*, fake, fallacious, fanciful, faulty, fictitious, fishy, fraudulent, illusive, imaginary, improper, inaccurate, incorrect, inexact, invalid, lying, mendacious, misleading, misrepresentative, mistaken, off the mark, phony, sham, sophistical, specious, spurious, trumped up, unfounded, unreal, unsound, untrue, untruthful dishonest, hypocritical
apostate, base, canting, corrupt, crooked, deceitful, deceptive, deluding, delusive, devious, dishonorable, disloyal, double-dealing, duplicitous, faithless, false-hearted, forsworn, foul, lying, malevolent, malicious, mean, mythomaniac, perfidious, perjured, rascally, recreant, renegade, scoundrelly, traitorous, treacherous, treasonable, two-faced, underhanded, unfaithful, unscrupulous, untrustworthy, venal, villainous, wicked

The media is our primary barrier.

Jon, Thanks for posting this.
This news should rank top headlines... is quite evident that "the powers that be" are straining very hard to keep this out of the headlines.

You are so right about the media. The list of adjectives goes on for pages.

actually the media in this country. . .

. . . is doing an excellent job. they successfully masquerade as a free press while stealthy serving as a p.r. firm for a hopelessly corrupt, war mongering government. simultaneously media keeps the belief in "american exceptionalism" alive while preventing real issues from emerging or gaining traction. that it's all done with such ease and apparent fun is quite a coup. i give mainstream media an A+

FBI File Name: “Kamikaze Pilots” & classification

interesting; the informant only mentioned attacks on US cities w/ planes. He did not say planes would be crashed into buildings, and said his guess was bombs on the planes would be exploded over buildings.

The association w/ Kamikaze pilot is a pilot crashing a plane into something. Why did the FBI make this association, such that they chose it as the title for their memo? Some possibilities:

1) It's a reasonable guess; in WW II Japanese pilots had crashed planes into US ships at Pearl Harbor
2) Studies had warned that terrorists might do this; these may have been circulated in the FBI
3) The agents may have been aware that, since Bojinka in 1995, there were warning signs and intelligence indicating Al Qaeda/Bin Laden wanted to hit US landmark buildings, including the WTC and Pentagon, with planes
4) The agents were aware of other information pointing to an AQ attack on US cities w/ planes, and this was just corroborating info, and they wanted it to get the attention of people higher up. David Schippers said the FBI agents that came to him knew the time frame, that there would be an attack on lower Manhattan, the names of some of those involved, that they'd been training at flight schools, that the info was widely known in the FBI, and they'd be ordered to shut up about it.

in an interview w/ Paula Zahn on CNN, Commissioner Bob Kerrey said, after the 2004 election,

ZAHN: But what we continue to hear from this administration is that the threat was much too diffuse. There was no way you could zero in on the fact that al Qaeda was going to use jets as bombs and ram them into buildings.

KERREY: That is a straw man.

The president says, if I had only known that 19 Islamic men would come into the United States of America and on the morning of 11 September hijack four American aircraft, fly two into the World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon, and one into an unknown Pennsylvania that crashed in Shanksville, I would have moved heaven and earth. That’s what he said.

Mr. President, you don’t need to know that. This is an Islamic jihadist movement that has been organized since the early 1990s, declared war on the United States twice, in ’96 and ’98. You knew they were in the United States. You were warned by the CIA. You knew in July they were inside the United States. You were told again by briefing officers in August that it was a dire threat.

And what did you do? Nothing, so far as we could see on the 9/11 Commission. Now, that’s in the report. And we took an oath not to talk about it during the campaign, I think correctly so, to increase the capacity of that commission’s report to be heard by the people’s Congress.

At a minimum, criminal negligence is being covered up and protected with this classification; it might be 'state secrets' but it's not about national security, and it's an abuse of classification. I filed a Mandatory Declassification Review (MDR) request for Sarshar's and Edmonds' MFRs about a week ago - it can take years to work thru the process, unfortunately.

kamikaze pilots???

work into lather, rinse, repeat...
if they even boarded those planes?...
could they even fly those planes?...
did the planes cause the the towers to come down like they did?...
what about building 7, Bill?...
9/11 was an outside job?... restore insanity...
this, is a bombshell? so what...
the shortest distance between two points is to never leave point A?

would agree with Mr. Albanese above, "This story, alone, proves nothing about 9/11 itself."

Not to mention:

Norad stand down,
simultaneous terror drills with "airplanes"
Bush didn't seem too surprised!
The presidential code was compromised.
Some anonymous put options.
The patriot act was on standby.
Urban Moving Systems was camera ready and in location.
Why need Kissinger or Zelikow on the ommission I mean commission?
The crime scene was destroyed and moved asap.
Guliani left WTC 7 on specific instructions.
Silverstein had a ring side seat to watch the smart pull.
Cheney gave a standing order and tracked a plane for 50 miles............
OBL shure had some good connections.

I translated most of the informants testimony

to german language for my blog.
In case you do know someone who speaks german you may give them a hint!

Call to FBI...

I was reporting some information to the FBI New York division (Joint Terrorism Task Force) today that I have been working on with a man named Robert Poirier and included the information from Sibel Edmonds as well.

The phone call can be downloaded here -

More info here -


And not...

ONE media outlet has picked it up. Not even Rawstory (they posted the families' statement under their blog section for a few hours) which gave the false "fifth cell" for 9/11 story a prominent display for over a day.

RE: Information on 9/11

The actual information indicated in this post was not very specific. On the other hand the CIA had been told, according to the 9/11 Commission report, on June 12, 2001 that the huge al Qaeda terrorist attack they were being warmed about in the summer of 2001 was being directed by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. They were told that KSM was sending a number of al Qaeda terrorists into the US to link up with other terrorists already in the US to take part in an attack that the CIA had been warned about that would kill thousands of Americans. Since Philippine intelligence had already given the CIA the details of KSM’s Bojinka plan, to hijack a number of US airliners in the US and fly these into the World Trade Center Towers, the Pentagon and the Capitol buildings, they already knew what his plans were and what the exact targets of this attack would be.

Cofer Black said that the reason this information never went anywhere in the CIA was because this information got pigeon holed in the CIA Rendition unit. But long after the events on 9/11 we find out that the Rendition unit was run by Richard Earl Blee, who also ran the CIA Bin Laden unit, and that Blee was very close to Cofer Black. This meant this information would have gone to Black and Tenet almost immediately after getting to the CIA.

But even more specific, many people in the CIA Bin Laden unit, including Tom Wilshire, Deputy Chief of this unit, and Clark Shannon, a CIA officer in this unit, knew in January 2001 that the mastermind of the Cole bombing Walid Bin Attash, had been identified as having attended the Kuala Lumpur al Qaeda planning meeting, from his Kuala Lumpur photo, with Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi.

In mid-may 2001, Wilshire was moved over to be Deputy Chief of the FBI ITOS unit, by the CIA in order to spy on the FBI Cole bombing investigators and find out what they knew about the meeting in Kuala Lumpur, and if they had found out that Mihdhar and Hazmi had taken part in the planning of the Cole bombing at Kuala Lumpur in their search for bin Attash. Wilshire enlisted FBI HQ Agent Dina Corsi to set up a meeting between the CIA and the FBI Cole bombing investigators, and present to these investigators three photos of Mihdhar that Wilshire had obtained from the CIA. When Corsi presented these photos to the FBI Cole investigators, Clark Shannon asked them if they could recognize anyone in these photos. Since one photo only contained Mihdhar with Hazmi, it was obvious that this meeting had been set up by the CIA as a sting on the FBI only to find out what the FBI Col investigators knew about Mihdhar and Hazmi.

But what is even more horrific is on August 22, 2011 FBI Agent at the CIA, Margaret Gillespie, found out that both Mihdhar and Hazmi were inside of the US and took this information to Tom Wilshire and Dina Corsi. Wilshire knew immediately, as did Corsi that Mihdhar and Hazmi were only inside of the US in order to take part in the huge al Qaeda attack that the CIA and FBI HQ had been warned about since April 2001. Wilshire had connected both Mihdhar and Hazmi to this coming huge attack in at least two emails that are now publically available, that he sent to his CIA CTC managers, Richard Blee, Cofer Black and George Tenet in July 2001. Although the information that Mihdhar and Hazmi were inside of the US was sent throughout the CIA on August 22-23, 2001, this information was kept secret from the FBI Cole investigators.

When the FBI Cole investigators accidentally found out on August 28, 2001 that Mihdhar and Hazmi were inside of the US, and knew they were inside of the US in order to take part in this huge al Qaeda attack, Corsi shut down their investigation claiming that information in her EC to start the investigation of Mihdhar and Hazmi came from the NSA and NSA caveats prevented this information from going to them, in spite of the fact that the NSA had already given Corsi the day before a release from their caveats. The NSA had approved a release on August 27, 2001 that gave Corsi permission to send this information to these Cole investigators.

It turns out that since Mihdhar and Hazmi were known al Qaeda terrorists already connected to the east Africa bombings, and to the planning of the Cole bombing, no FISA warrant had even been used to gather information on these two terrorists, a NSLU attorney had already ruled the NSA information could go to the FBI Cole investigators and these investigators could take part in any investigation of Mihdhar and Hazmi, the permission from the NSA was redundant and unnecessary. Everyone at the CIA and FBI HQ involved in blocking the FBI Cole investigation of Mihdhar and Hazmi knew their actions were not only illegal, but in effect criminal obstruction of an on-going FBI criminal investigation into the murder of 17 US sailors.

Corsi’s actions had been directed by Tom Wilshire and Rod Middleton, her boss. Wilshire’s actions were directed by high level managers at the CIA, including Blee, Black, and Tenet. Not only did Corsi, Wilshire and Middleton know by this time, that Mihdhar and Hazmi had taken part in the planning of the Cole bombing, but were keeping this information secret from the FBI criminal Cole bombing investigators, so these investigators would never have the necessary information they needed to be able to start any investigation of Mihdhar and Hazmi. All of the CIA managing chain of command directing Wilshire were also aware of this. Since these CIA and FBI HQ high level managers also knew that Corsi was illegally shutting down the FBI Cole investigation of Mihdhar and Hazmi , knew that this was the only investigation that could have found these terrorists in time to have prevented the huge al Qaeda attack they had been warned about, it is impossible to believe that they also did not know that their actions that allowed the FBI Cole investigation to be shut down was going to result in the murder of thousands of Americans.

While the information on the “FBI Kamikaze Pilots case” is interesting the information that the CIA and FBI HQ already had was much more specific as to the approximate timing of the attack and the exact targets and methods, and even to the names of the some of the al Qaeda terrorists who were to take part in these attacks. From the DOJ IG report, combined with the 9/11 Commission report, the Joint Inquiry report and other publically available information it is possible to uncover the names of almost every single person at the CIA and FBI HQ who had taken part in intentionally allowing the al Qaeda terrorists to carry out the attacks on 9/11.

with regard to your comment

"On February 14, 2001, I stood in front of these buildings to see if I could possible envision them continuing to stand after sustaining collisions from large commercial aircraft. I quickly concluded they would in almost all certainly collapse. The very tall floor trusses meant that these trusses had to have been made out of light weight steel. It was obvious that these trusses combined with both the open floor plan and the estimated 100,000 pounds of aviation fuel in each plane was going to cause these structures to collapse"

Do you still believe the planes caused these structures to collapse? What about WTC7?

re: with regard to your comment: "On February 14, 2001 I stood

Do you still believe the planes caused these structures to collapse? What about WTC7?

Yes, I still believe the analysis I did on the WTC Towers on February 14, 2001 is still valid today with some minor modifications due to more information available after 10 years.

First, I went down to these buildings on February 14, 2001 from a computer show from Homdale, NJ, where I was demoing my software at with only one idea in mind.

That I would realize that these buildings, the WTC Towers, were so big and made of steel, that they would take a direct hit by a large airliner and still remain standing. I had estimated that they were going to be hit by two planes per building in the first two weeks of September 2001. For three days February 12, 13, 14, I had already come to the conclusion that I thought the attack by these airliners would bring these buildings down, having come to the conclusion after reading a magazine article on a flight from San Francisco to Newark Airport, that the al Qaeda terrorists were going to attack these buildings in the first two weeks of September, 2001 with 4 large hijacked aircraft, aircraft hijacked out of eastern airports.

So I was trying as hard as I could to undo this conclusion.

When I first walked up to the WTC Towers I was horrified. These buildings were just absolutely huge from top to bottom, but small from left to right, the actual cross section of each building was very small. I was standing just to the immediate north of the south tower.

I estimated these buildings were 1300-1400 feet tall but were only about 200 feet across. After looking at these building at night it was easy to see, that someone had taken out all of the internal columns, except for the building core, and moved the columns to the outside of the building.
I counted the columns on the north side of the south tower and counted 59 columns, at the time this number seemed like a real bizarre number, so I ended up counting these outside columns 3-4 times.

Estimating the weight of the building at 500-600 thousand tons I estimated that weigh of the compression force on each column to be
600,000/2 = 300,000 tons divided by 59 x 4 ~= 240 = 1.25, 000 tons per column times 2000 #/ton = 2.5 million pounds of compression force per column.

You could see at night that the floors were made up of a 8 ½ foot light area, and a 4 1/2 foot dark area. It was obvious that the floor trusses were almost 70 feet in length.

The 4 ½ foot dark area covering the floor trusses, would mean that each truss was at least 3 - 3 1/2 feet tall. It appeared impossible to make a 3 ½ foot tall truss 70 feet long out of solid concrete or solid steel, it would have been too heavy. This meant to me that these trusses were made out some light weight material. I concluded that they had to made out of steel , 1- 1 1/8 inch steel rod welded at the top and bottom to steel plates, called a plate truss or web truss.

I estimated that the plane that was going to hit South tower would hit half way between the top of the nearest building , approximately 50 stories and the top of the south tower, which was I estimated to be 105 to 110 stories. This made the impact point to be at 110 -50 = 60 divided by 2 = 30 + 50 = 80 stories as to where the plane would hit the south tower.

Based on this I estimated the compression force at the 80th floor to still be 600,000 pounds . As I was looking at this buildings the one thing I wanted to do was estimate the load on the outside columns at the point of contact, and then estimate the effect of the collision with this weight. My estimate was if the plane was going to hit at the 80th floor , fuel in the plane which had to be around 100,00 pounds that was going to catch fire, was going to make the floor trusses sag down. I had estimated that the floors had to weight 5000-6000 tons each, this was the weight that was going to cause the floors trusses to sag. The sagging floors trusses were going to rip the welds between the floor trusses and the outside columns apart and the 600,000 pounds of compression force would cause the outside columns to buckle outward and the whole building would collapse. It was absolutely clear that the vertical integrity of these buildings depended on the horizontal integrity of the floor trusses, if the horizontal integrity of the floor trusses was destroyed the vertical integrity of the whole building would be in doubt. I had originally estimated that it would take two planes per building to bring these huge buildings down, but after I was able to look at these buildings at night, and actually see how they had been built, it was obvious that these building would come down by an attack by even a single airplane.

Since the core had to hold the stair wells, the fuel from the plane would make these stair wells unusable.

I had estimated that there would be at around 125 people pre floor, with fewer on the upper floors. This meant that at least 3000 people would be stuck in the south tower after the collision with the hijacked aircraft, and they would be stuck there until the building came down. Long after the attacks on 9/11 it was obvious that the floor trusses had been connected to the outside columns by bolts, and these were strong enough that when the floor trusses collapsed, these collapsing floor trusses actually pulled the outside columns into the buildings .

When I realized this on February 14, 2001 I was in a complete state of shock. I had planned to go to the Manhattan FBI on Thursday to tell them this, but realized I would have no credibility with them at all and they would just dismiss this as speculation with no basis at all, and they would have been right. I had no proof at all.

I called the FBI Agent in San Jose about one year ago, and talked to the same agent who had interviewed me after I got back from Boston just after the attacks on 9/11, and asked him what I could have done prior to 9/11 to have had any credibility with the FBI, so they would have acted on my speculation. He said I would have had to convince the FBI that I had more than speculation. Now how in the world was going to do that?

I was returning from Boston on September 15, 2001, after a flight out there on September 8, 2001. I went through Logan Airport just after my plane landed in order to check the airport security points looking for the hijackers. I just could not believe that these terrorists who in my analysis had already put 2 ½ years and much money into this plan would not carefully go through the airport where they were going to hijack the planes that had selected in the week just before the attack took place, carefully checking out the security points to see how they were going get the 4-inch knives I thought that they were going to use to take over these aircraft, through security with the lease notice. This was just inconceivable to me.

I must have missed them by just a few hours. At the time I thought that they might have delayed this attack, but the next day, Sunday September 09, 2001, I came to the conclusion that it had not been delayed and that this attack was going to take place in the upcoming week

In the interview on or about September 19, 2001, when I told this FBI agent under oath, how I and my whole company had known about this attack he said in response to my question? “Did the FBI think I was responsible for the attacks on 9/11 by not given the FBI the information I had prior to the attacks”, that since I did not have the flight numbers or the names of the hijackers the FBI never would have used my information. The Joint Inquiry Committee investigators who interviewed me also sent me an e-mail stating that they agreed with the FBI and that I should not feel I was responsible for the attacks on 9/11, that in fact they though the FBI had as much information as I had.

What about WTC 7.

I did not see WTC 7 on February 14, 2001, and did not even want to rethink this horrific experience after 9/11. After the attacks on 9/11 I thought I was going to shoot myself for failing to stop these attacks. I still, have not gotten over this and knowing how close I came and still failed. I gave the information I had on the fact that I and my whole company had known about these attacks, in almost every detail before the attacks on 9/11 to the FBI under oath 7-8 times, to the Joint Inquiry Committee investigators, and to several of the commissioners on the 9/11 Commission, including interviews with Tim Roemer and Bob Kerrey.

I felt after I did that, that was the extent of my obligation to this other than to write down in a book on how I had been able to figure this out 7 months prior to the attacks on 9/11 and then document why the FBI and CIA had not and then why they had allowed these attacks to take place. This has now been completely documented in a 670 page book, on the internet and at Amazon in a Kindle book, and includes the actual government documents that prove that my conclusion are correct.

The issue is not how I figured this all out but why had the FBI or CIA not done the exact same thing with the publically available information that I had used, information that they must have had also. The information I had, was originally located on the al Qaeda connected web site in London, al Quds, al Arabi, that had been set up by someone closely connected to Usama Bin Laden.

It did not take any brains to figure out from this information, on what the al Qaeda terrorists were going to do, just the absolute belief that they actually meant what they had written down, on February 23, 1998. From that all you had to do as fill in between the lines. On or about August 20, 2001 this same web site reported that Usama Bin Laved stated he was just about to carry our an enormous terrorist attack inside of the US. Again all you had to do to anticipate this attack was just believe that he actually meant exactly what he said right on this web site.

So if I have this right

You believe that the Twin Towers fell because a single plane hit each, even though your analysis predicted two planes hitting each tower? I am sure you are aware that the towers were designed to be hit by a 707 the largest commerical airplane at the time of construction. With regard to WTC 7 you did not seem to take a position on this matter?

re: So if I have this right

You believe that the Twin Towers fell because a single plane hit each, even though your analysis predicted two planes hitting each tower?

I actually came to the conclusion the WTC towers were going to collapse because of an attack by a single large aircraft per building, on February 14, 2001 after looking at the towers at night. I had earlier on February 11, 2001 on the flight out to New York from San Francisco, come to the conclusion that it was going to take two aircraft to bring down each building . On that flight I had found a photograph of the World Trade Center Towers taken in day light, in fact that is how I first came to the conclusion that the target of their attack had to be the WTC Towers, and in day light when you can look at these buildings they look like steel buildings with what I thought on that flight as steel matrix construction, vertical trusses held up by vertical columns inside of the buildings at 15-20 foot intervals. It was when I saw the light weight trusses were 70 feet in length with no intervening support that I realized these buildings were completely doomed in any sort of a collision with a large airliner loaded with 100,00 pounds of flammable fuel

The simulation the building designers claimed to have done was simulation using a B707 with no fuel. They claimed the scenario would have been a flight lost in the fog looking for the airport on empty. First this is absurd, no airliner is looking around under a 1000 feet looking for an airport, and having no fuel. Their simulation would never have passed even the smell test if they had simulated this using a plane loaded with fuel. But even a plane coming in doing a missed approach would be required by law to have at least 45 minutes of fuel and most likely due to safety reasons a whole lot more. Their simulation model was absurd and I think they knew it. In my opinion, when I saw these buildings for the first time at night I immediately though they were nothing but death traps, that no one in their right mind should ever work at. People were only working in those buildings due to hubris, and it cost them their lives. In hind sight those buildings never should have been approved to be build since I could not see even on February 14, 2001 how they could with stand any attack by a single large aircraft.

Even if someone had not done the analysis that I had done the threat of a terrorist attack was becoming more pronounced, they had been attacked once before by the exact same al Qaeda terrorists, and after the USS Cole bombing, a bombing that took place after the failed attack on the USS the Sullivans, everyone had to know the al Qaeda terrorists were for sure going back after these buildings as targets.

This had to be almost too obvious!

I never gave WTC 7 a single thought. Even thinking about this now does nothing to me but bring back the horrific memories for almost 7 months that I had, knowing that these towers were going to be obliterated in a horrific al Qaeda attack, and trying to figure out what was I going to be able to do to stop this attack. At the time it looked like to me I was going to have to take on the whole US government, and their monumental skepticism, in order to get anyone to do anything to stop this attack.

In other words

You think AE911Truth is wrong about it all, and NIST is right (even though they did not bother to explain the actual collapses)?
How can one make such a huge reply while saying so little?

In other words, you buy Bazant's "crushdown-crushup"-theory, that actually makes sense to you?
Well, if it does, then surely you will buy NIST's fantastic explanation about WTC7's demise as well.

No offence, but this is 911blogger, and if there's one thing each and every person agrees on here, it's that NIST's explanation for the destruction of the towers and WTC7 is unfounded and scientifically false.


Some of us agree that since that is where most people were killed that day, and it is an important question for some of the families, then the question of how those buildings came down is an important one. However, most of us are not qualified to tell you what happened to those buildings, or who is right or wrong. Also, some of us think you shouldn't have to be a scholar, an engineer, an architect, etc... to understand the need for 9/11 Justice. And, some of us think it shouldn't be the only argument put forward by the movement, and that believing in "Controlled Demolition" shouldn't be a prerequisite for participation.


None of us have to be economists, geopolitical analysts, politicologists, lawyers, journalists, arabists, or air defense specialists either, yet we do analyze these things.. because they're not pigeon-holed with the 'too difficult' label. I'm saddened by this discrimination. Math, physics, chemistry, they're being marginalized here just as they are in any venue; due to our contempt for exact science. Like Frank Legge says, I paraphrase: "I doubt many people would judge themselves incompetent to assess their own financial situation"

If you don't believe it, say it. I have no problems with that. I appreciate John Judge's research, for example, either way.

I love your work Jon, but I hate how you beat around the bush with these issues. Should you come out and say you don't believe 'controlled demolition', and you're attacked, I'm going to stand up for you, and I think many would. This is not a movement where everybody has to have the exact same theories, unless they are clearly rooted in mis- or disinformation.

However, issues such as these are indeed important to people like Bob McIlvaine, i.e. BuildingWhat? .. and therefore there is good reason to study them in depth, and publish about it.

Most of the areas you talked about...

Have an explanation A, and an explanation B from the same individuals, or from the same Government/institution. Both A + B can't be correct. That's not hard to see, and doesn't require any schooling at all. No one should be forced to have a position on anything really. It's that mentality that drives a lot of people away.

In that sense you're right of course

but it would just seem odd that someone who visits a site like this would not agree on NIST's job of explaining the "collapses" being a pretty lousy one. Having said that, there are many people who are impressed by the large volume of paper they've produced.

I'm still wondering though, about your vision on how we're gonna really turn this thing around (you know After we've gotten a majority or a large segment of the people aware of the problems we're facing).

Shouldn't there be a thread about this? Or would that be looking too far ahead? Or are there people in the movement working on this angle, as far as you know?

Good question what is the "vision"

Anyone who believes WTC7 came down without explosives is just kidding themselves or lying. There I said it ! When people say this drives people away from the movement. I don't think that's credible with respect to honest people. If Tony Shaffer or anybody else can't see that was a controlled demolition I doubt their credibility period! As far as experts and expertise perhaps we should just pack up the tent and go home if we all need such great qualifications before we can talk about what we believe.

You are totally right

You are totally right Peaceful warrior. Jon, its hard to understand your contempt for the CD aspect of 911 truth. After all, why do we need justice for the events of 911 if the towers fell as a result of plane crash and fires? In that case the government was telling us the truth to begin with and we should just pack up and go home. Further, it isn't in the realm of speculation and sloppy research, controlled demolition is provable to anyone with an elementary understanding of physics, we are talking elementary school level, not college degree level. That aspect of the attack is the reason most people in the movement are confident that they were lied to, because if you just look at all of the other aspects of the attack there is no way to prove that the official story is false. Planes could have been scrambled late just as the commission stated in which case we can't rely on stand down as evidence of official complicity. We also can't prove that the US govt had ulterior motives in going to war in afghanistan and beyond unless there is a compelling reason to doubt the official story of the attacks. Jon, I know you can understand the physics involved, I know you are aware that many family members were given bone fragments instead of even body parts because they were physically destroyed in the destruction of WTC (and many others got nothing at all). I know you are also aware that fire fighters and police officers went into the buildings with the full expectation that they would not collapse, and that the government agencies charged with investigating the collapses have admitted themselves that the collapse of WTC 7 represents the first time in history that a steel framed building collapsed "from fire alone". I know that you are aware that knowledge of building seven was largely screened from the public in the media narrative following the attacks. Nearly 3000 people died that day, the vast majority died in the collapses. Asking how they physically died in a building collapse that took seconds to complete even though the huge redundant structure of the lower floors was intact is the first order of business. You present a false choice when you say that we should not alienate the general public with claims that require special skills to evaluate, because the demolition arguments are simple, elegant, and easy to digest for anyone with an open mind. Without the demolition theory being front and center people will be at a loss to see why there is something wrong with the official story of 911, it clearly is the smoking gun and you have to realize that most of the people trying to win over the skeptical public feel that way and with good reason. Your message sounds like a tacit criticism of the method pursued by AE911truth, but in my opinion they are the single most important part of this movement, and all of the NWO, down with the govt people are a distant second. The second group has a greater power to alienate than does the first, because everybody respects science, regardless of their political world-vew.


We have found common ground! Thanks.

My true feelings are:
I really want to keep things simple like: Do you think we should have a new investigation? Do you think we were not told the truth about 911? Do you want to know the whole truth about 911? If the answer is yes to these questions show up at the white house on Sept. 11th. That is all I want to see enough people demand the truth. What exactly they think or believe outside of this doesn't really matter to me at this point only that they honestly want the truth in the end.

If in fact anyone can show me a better plan with a chance to win Justice. I am ready to listen. Honest!

Pretty disturbing indeed

Thanks for posting, Jon.