Penn and Teller Hate Truthers but Never Saw WTC-7 Collapse

By Radio Talk Host, Bob Tuskin -

Bob Tuskin "tricked" Penn (and Teller) into admitting 9/11 might be an "inside Job" after all. In a response to a question from Tuskin, Penn admitted he's never seen the collapse of Building 7, a 47 story skyscraper. In the spirit of their own "Bullshit" this obligates Penn to re-evaluate the evidence based on information he never knew existed. What else does Penn not want to know about 9/11?

Penn admits he's never seen the collapse of building 7. Would it change his mind if he did? -- Probably not - the "Bullshit" duo were paid $56,000 to appear at the UF student government run "ACCENT" event held on the University of Florida campus.

Tuskin revealed Penn and Teller to be phoney advocates of "speaking truth to power" and" questioning authority". when it comes to 9/11,... just keep your mouth SHUT!

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We had planned a multi-camera infiltration with Tuskin, myself and 2 more confederates.

Not realizing that "tickets" were required to this sold-out, FREE event, Tuskin ended up inside by himself but armed with my video-camera.
He somehow accessed a side door to sneak inside the Philips Center. The remaining threesome remained locked-out.

Realizing the tactical error, Tuskin did the amazing work of "recording" the event while creating the event, all by himself.
The security guard actually assisted Tuskin by opening the door while he recorded the audience reaction.

Significant were the people who exited the Penn and Teller (of lies) show in disgust after witnessing the flaming bias of this disinformation duo.
Tuskin's interview of a few who walked out in disgust could reveal a tidal change of citizen and college campus awareness of government cover-ups.

What had been planned as a defacto "free-speech" event revealed a bankrupt cavalcade of liars.

Keep the pressure on P&T wherever they go. Get their list of engagements and target the "Bullshit" to expose the 9/11 Truth!


Thanks for trying to disseminate and expose the 9/11 fraud.

P & T Devotees are like...

Bill Mahr, Jon Stewart Devotees.

They hang on every word from their gurus.

This was a tough "brainwashed" crowd.


Other than the fact that 911 was an inside job, and no one doesn’t even seem to want to talk about it…

Everything is OK.


... Another failed confrontation that does nothing but make everyone out to be lunatic and fringe thinkers.
Haven't we seen that these confrontations - when done the RIGHT way with COURTESY - actually work, as opposed to the screaming at someone at an event?

What's the definition of psychotic? Doing something over and over again with the same result...

I could not agree more!!

One of the biggest issues in for 9/11 truth is public presentation. People just try to go way to far and let their egos take over. Going off about things that sound like theories (ie not dropping a fact, but decrying some conclusion you have come to ie '9/11 was an inside job') proves to close minds in the vast majority of these confrontations. People want new info presented in a fact based, straight forward, and largely rhetoric free fashion. Launching into these kind of rants ends up being egotistical and often detrimental to the truth outing. Stick to the facts pleeeeeeaaasseee. Pretty please? I know you are brave, you folks going to interact with public figures. Let's use your bravery to it's fullest. Everyone has heard the theories...they just haven't all heard the truth.

That was a great opportunity to present a question to them

That was a great opportunity to present a question to them, in a proffessional and concise way. I cringe when i hear random facts shouted at people at events, and it comes across as the zany fringe on a freak out to the unaware.

A bit more fore-though and a well drafted question would basically put the person challenged by the question in a tight spot. In the end it would expose the true extent of their knowledge of the events or bring them to a point where they have said all that they are willing to tell.

At that point they would be forced to make a stand if the were truthfully unaware and captured by the propoganda, OR if they are part of the propoganda, their story crumbles and even the meekest of audience will become skeptical.

I applaude the OP for stepping up to the plate and asking the question, though it definately could have been delivered in a more professional and concise way so; I will reiterate the construtive criticism that the question could have been presented better on that occasion.


That event exposed the truth to their lies, as the interviewed audience member pointed out; They told everybody that they had studied the events comprehensively to come to their conclusions, but also contradicted themselves by 'stating' that they had not viewed footage of building 7 collapsing at all.

It is not possible for both of those statements to be true.

So the very next question These 'Bullshit Guys' get asked should be, bluntly, consisely and calmly put, is;

"When you said you had not seen footage of building 7 collapsing, does that not undermine your earlier comment stating you studied the events extensively before coming to your conclusions? One of those comments must be 'untruthful', . and misleading. Which is it?"

That would undermine the very basis of their show.

They have blown it, and the origonal poster of this thread, achieved that. So I thank him very much for reiterating my beliefs somewhat and this undeniabe circumstance can be used in the 'short' future to expose these 'bullshit' artists.

Surely this event is not one of a kind?

Their truther speal makes me very suspicious of them.

A lie will always expose itself, if questions are continued to be raised that cross check the said lie, from various angles.

Well done.