Vancouver 911 Truth Strikes Again !!

Vancouver 911 Truth Strikes Again !!

CTV's 1 Year Olympic Anniversary Broadcast gets infiltrated by peace activists and their signs, again.
Necessary Guerrilla tactics in the face of media silence on endless war and the reason for it all.
(No offense Tamara and Mike but this message must get out there)

Check out last years amazing action during the Games
Guerrilla 911 Truth @ the 2010 Vancouver Olympics

Vancouver 2010 Olympics:The Movie

We Are Change Vancouver:

Well done Vancouver!

9/11 - Never give up and never forget.

Never Stop!!!

These are the actions the People are going to take. This strategy is great and I hope you do more infiltration and confronting the news and pundits like this. The Truth will prevail

Never Stop!!!

These are the actions the People are going to take. This strategy is great and I hope you do more infiltration and confronting the news and pundits like this. The Truth will prevail

Great work Vancouver 9/11 Truth!

Thank you Vancouver 9/11 Truth. Keep up the sterling work. 9/11 is a global issue, and its affecting everyone. We won't quit until the perps, AND THOSE HARBORING THEM, are jailed, disabled, and eliminated. And after that, we will never forget.


Way to go Vancouver :)

Strong public action!

Strong public action!

This is what the world needs -- real information, lots of energy, no fear. How pathetic and self-important the "news" team appeared attempting to avoid the 9/11 Truth message, stealing precious attention from their mindless drivel.

911 truth

911 truth will end the horrors of the dirty wars for OIL.

Canadians not in Olympic Celebration Mood- Democracy Closed

Only in Eygyt you say?
Democracy Tested In Canada during Vancouver Olypics/ Government Closes Down Government in Ottawa.

Edmontonians rally against Stephen Harper's proroguing of Parliament during Olympics

Edmontonians rally against proroguing Parliament: Close to 300 Edmontonians marched from Corbett Hall to Gazebo Park in Old Strathcona Saturday afternoon. January 23, 2010. Carrying signs that read: "It is our parliament, not theirs" and "Defend Democracy", the protesters gathered and chanted against Prime Minister Stephen Harper's proroguing of Parliament. The rally was organized by ordinary citizens - completely not party oriented.

Christopher White, a student at the University of Alberta, started the Facebook group "Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament" shortly after the announcement was made. White, who helped organize Edmonton's protest, says similar rallies were held world-wide - including a one-woman protest in Oman.

"This is the start." White says, "I hope that people stay involved and stay committed to this issue of prorogation. If we just forget it, tomorrow it will be brushed under the carpet. We do have to push for some sort of change, either legislation change, or constitutional exchange."

"We don't have to do the heavy lifting though, that's why we elect MP's. We give them our suggestions and they work for a solution for us." White wants those involved to keep the momentum going, "Keep at it keep writing letters to the editor. Keep doing small rallies. Keep it local and see what we can do."

White says he's proud so many Edmontonians turned up for the protest.
Over 212,000 people have joined the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament group on Facebook.

Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament, Edmonton Rally

I commented also on the Downing street demo, but

I like the tactic of just quietly holding signs behind the newscaster. I think if it had kept quiet this would be a good, simple demonstration. You could hear one guy trying to shout over the reporter. I don't think that's effective or appropriate. If it's a 9/11-related event, or if it's Bush or Cheney or Rumsfeld visiting, maybe then disruption is appropriate. But when you're piggybacking on another media event, you're not helping the movement by shouting slogans that have nothing to do with that event, and I think you do the movement a disservice. Keep it quiet and respectful.

I agree, and

we should all remember ALL of our ACTIONS reflect on another, and 'they' will take ADVANTAGE of any mistake/problem we make. Let's all stay peaceful and stay on track. Talk about WTC 7, Nanothermite, and the NIST fraud. Talk about the Commissioners who said the investigation was set up to fail, and TAKE ALL THIS INFO AND CONFRONT these news pundits across the world! In the end ITS THE MEDIA'S fault that they let this happen, and continue to help cover it up. We need to demand the truth from our local media outlets!

Keep up the great work! 8)


I love how when they cut to the sports guy there is ANOTHER activist with another sign!

I'm over here on Vancouver Island but with you in spirit!

If any of you want to contact me visit