Bigger Picture

Problem: winning 5 yards at the end of the game when we're down 20 points.

It's not going to help. We can all imagine the closing window here of effectiveness. It's really not going to make a big difference to win this debate in public if it's 5 or 10 years from now. Well, maybe 5 and it will make a difference. 10 years, I don't know.

Point is we have a closing window of opportunity to win this debate (in the public mind). That's the point, "in the public mind"! We're not here to win it amongst ourselves. Winning the next 5 yards isn't going to help.

We HAVE won, the intellectual debate, the scientific review, the common sense analysis. Why in the world haven't we won our cause in the public mind?

Stop what your doing! Stop fighting for a 5 yard gain! We've already won that yardage. Our gains have not been respected. At this point, you're just fighting amongst yourselves and the other side isn't listening, if anything, they're laughing and time's running out!

Let's focus on the field, our objectives and the obstacles:

We have inescapable scientific fact leading to suspicion of treachery. It's being ignored, suppressed, even ridiculed (in the public mind). WHY!?

> Lack of official public response (no accountability, risk to those in office).
> Reticence of the media, (media-ocracy). What are the causes of this? Different factions of the media have different reasons.
> Lack of public concern. What are the reasons?

Skipping past the science, let's look at the obstacles for getting this information into the public forum. It's NOT logistic. We HAVE entered this information in the public forum. It's not taking. WHY? That should be the focus of this site, of this movement, of your energy.

Momentum (gaining, dissipating or staying the same? Don't fool yourselves.)

Why is it being ignored? Let me offer some suggestions (and these should be the focus of our analysis)...
> consideration of treachery is an unsettling and risky thing for politicians (professionally), citizens (personally) and apparently for editors and journalists as well.

There is the risk not only that they have missed it but have let it succeed over all these years. There's a BIG motivation for coverup even if suspicions were raised (for politicians, those in pertinent institutions, for citizens who have held fast beliefs or perhaps lost relations in subsequent combat operations).

We're not going to get far until we analyze these factors and determine best strategies for confronting them.

We can raise suspicions, and lose. We can prove our points, and lose. We should regroup and re-think. The focus of our intent should be the public arena beyond the basic logistics towards analysis of the field and our time of action is now.

Let's do some analysis along these lines (above) and prescribe some next steps or alter our next steps in consideration of these factors. I can think of some meaningful and viable approaches. Can you?

(if someone argues again about the pentagon or voice-morphing, I'm going to log off for good and live in the woods).

I really can't tell you how wrong you are, as a group, when you engage in these micro-arguments and micro-positions within the truth movement. You're not only wrong logistically and intellectually, you lower the effectiveness of the group. There are relative limits to what we can know and relative limits to which we should subscribe when speculating or giving perspectives. It's important to strive for clarity and precision but not to the point that it overwhelms or diverts the message or perhaps alienates its members. I've seen it happen here. Ask yourselves why.

Let me state it another way. It's extremely offensive when someone states they know what could have happened and what didn't happen, when I know they can't. It makes me want to log off and ignore you, and I've been fighting this battle for 10 years. So rethink!

The science is done. Refocus.

thanks for strategy alignment


Right on - thanks for this blog communications, which I agree, such a re-focus is highly needed in the big picture of what we are confronting. A group of key scholars in our movement are working on a statement called "Consensus 9/11," which will highlight key elements of the official 9/11 story that has been 'proven' to be false, and what we know is true. That should be coming out in a month or two. Finding consensus and building coalitions with many others, even if we don't agree on everything, is key in helping awaken the public to the 9/11 myth, which is catapulting our nation and world into nightmare rage apocalypse. The Patriot Act is still haunting and harming us based on US government's deceptions and cover-up. I am sorry that I am the first to respond to this important blog, since it was posted yesterday. But the power of its message is as real as what we all know to be true about the false flag events of September 11, 2001.

I want to use this space to also mention a key film and web site that could be very helpful in awakening newcomers to 9/11 awareness and related issues. A representative of U.S. Military Officers for 9/11 Truth, Shelton Lankford said about the film DECEPTIONS:

"I recommend "Deceptions" without reservation. it is an astonishing amount of excellent information presented in a highly accessible and succinct narrative. This film should be seen by everyone, particularly by those who believe that partisan politics provides any hope for "fixing" the system. Partisan politics, as translated through our corrupt corporate media and money-driven political system, is part of the deception, and is the framework within which our republic has been reduced to a nation of overfed, undernourished, complacent and obedient sheep. Watch this film, recommend it to your friends, and get active."

Working with such resources as "Deceptions" and finding areas on mutual agreement is of much greater significance than minor points of differences.

Thanks again for this most powerful clear message and efforts.

This post resonates with me...

I agree "Let's focus on the field, our objectives and the obstacles:

We have inescapable scientific fact leading to suspicion of treachery. It's being ignored, suppressed, even ridiculed (in the public mind). "

In 2006, the 911-truth-and-justice movement called for the impeachment of Dick Cheney, based largely on the testimony of Sec'y of Transportation at the time, Norman Mineta, who exposed that Cheney was behind the lack of air defenses that day (at least with regard to the Pentagon strike). But also based on Cheney's open lies that got us into Iraq, and his support for torture. I felt we had a Constitutional right, an obligation really, to seek for Impeachment.

Perhaps some of you will recall -- "IMPEACH CHENEY FIRST" -- was our cry.

Amazing in retrospect how effectively this impeachment movement was stifled! Yes, we were ridiculed and the media treated us as extremists, nutty, our scientific facts dismissed as "preposterous" without so much as an acknowledgment of the free-fall acceleration of WTC 7 (for over 100 feet, which NIST admitted later after we pushed so hard).

I was dismayed by the polls that indicated that a majority (about 70% IIRC) agreed that the Bush/Cheney administration had promoted the use of torture, yet they did not wish for any accountability for this breach of the Geneva conventions (again by about 70%). The public became complicit. Similarly, the official story of 9/11 was (and is, I think) deemed to be false by a near-majority, yet the public clearly does not want anything, any accountability, to be pursued regarding 9/11 cover-ups, insider trading, lack of air defenses, etc. Perception and possible negative effects on "The economy" seem more important today than justice.

What is left for us to do, our push for 9/11 truth having succeeded to a large etent yet our push for accountability and justice having been thwarted?

What I think will happen is based on historical precedence and a scriptural perspective, for which I do not apologize. The empire will become increasingly weak within corresponding to the societal injustice and the lack of moral fortitude.
Nations weary of the empire's rule with military might will become increasingly resentful and finally -- war ON and IN the United States must be expected, just as the Roman Empire was invaded and dismantled.

Our hope as awakened individuals and families lies in being prepared for the Progressive Collapse of the Empire. I have addressed this I think in several talks. Our preparation includes stores of food and water, and a place outside the city to go to, perhaps sooner than later (please think about this). Small groups or communities independent of the power grid -- and of the Empire -- as much as possible. It can be done. Many are so preparing. We can reject both the methods and the spoils of a war-mongering empire and become increasingly independent. Some states are speaking of seceding from the Union...

My own research right now is focused on two things: 1) how to shield against probable EMP attack (whoever causes it) and
2) alternative off-power-grid energy sources.
I hope to contribute to awakened groups and our Community in this way.

truth and reconciliation +

I appreciate your comment and suggestion regarding where we may be headed, and encouragement to be prepared. I am also open to the optimism in the above post, which seems to challenge us to figure out how we can most effectively wake up a critical mass of a slumbering public. You are right that when things get worse, it tends to awaken people. The degrading elements seem to be in high acceleration mode. But there is a race. Perhaps with enough early-awakening pressure we can convince the status quo that their plan is suicidal for everyone, and gain a truth and reconciliation option, like what happened in South Africa so we can better help to pick up the pieces before chaos reigns, and focus on sustainable healthier united directions. Disclosures would include 9/11 but a hell of a lot more.

I think the idea of 'peak oil' can become a distraction, since it misses the point of 'controlled' energy and exploitation, pollution. This is over a hundred year old industry, which caters to the military industrial complex and a disgusting foreign-domestic policy. I am thankful Professor that you are working on alternative energy. I am a bit skeptical for preparing for attack by modern weapon systems, since their death rays are so versatile and varied.

I am concerned about the inside fighting alluded to in this post, too. We might have pushed away a united effort going beyond just the current 9/11 truth movement. But we are still working at it. I hope you will consider watching and endorsing, Chris Pratt's film, Deceptions, since I believe it can be helpful in bringing newcomers to face our collective reality, too.

Thank you much for all your wonderful work, and advice.

Prof, That is cool about your current research.

The possibility of an EMP attack seems probable to me. I would be interested to know of some ideas on how best to cope or prepare for an EMP situation.

...and that off-the-grid energy! what a game changer!

I know why prof. Jones is saying this

Because a massive EMP is what happens when a nuclear weapon is detonated high up in the sky. You could wipe out electronic appliances across the United States with one such attack, without causing too much casualties... initially.

The only entities protected from such attacks are military bases specially shielded from EMP attack.

The only way to stop it from happening is to live in Faraday cage... which is impractical, so the only other option is to prepare yourself for disruption of power supply and the ensuing calamities is what is called "retreating"

An EMP won't harm humans but it will harm infrastructure which will harm humans.. badly. Think hospitals running out of backup power, elevators stuck, darkness, cold, no communications, eventually, no food and fresh water supplies, looting, panic, famine, riots, etc. etc.

I agree that the movement

I agree that the movement needs to push peripheral issues to the side so that we can be more effective. I don't think, however, that infighting is unhelpful because as long as people realize we are working together for truth and justice it should be clear that it is nothing personal. I will say that I think apocalyptic visions of the future have the effect of engendering a defeatist attitude on the part of activists, and is a little too close to the NWO style shock tactics of others in the movement whose methods I disagree with. I think that advocating preparation for apocalypse scenarios is irresponsible for anyone in the movement with the stature of Professor Jones, but understand Professor that I make this criticism in order to advance what I think is a better approach, not to hurt anyone's feelings. I am optimistic about our chances to avoid the worst case scenarios as we push our case to the public, and I think that kind of optimism is needed to see us through a tough fight.

"infighting" ?

I don't like infighting.

But I do. Why don't you like

But I do. Why don't you like it? Do you like it when everybody agrees? When everybody agrees people aren't being critical of each other. Do you think it is better if we don't criticize each other? Why? These are legitimate questions and you are obscuring that by trying to portray me as a disruptive figure. I do believe that infighting is right necessary and proper for a movement like ours. We can only succeed if we put our best foot forward, and I believe we have to criticize each other in order to do that. Otherwise who are we accountable to? Nobody. Is that what you want? Don't you know that the general public is waiting for our message if we could just stop talking about a bunch of nonsense?

Bigger picture

The industrial doomsday scenario put forward by peak oil theorists isn't just for far flung voices on the Internet anymore.

Peak oil is not a problem of Earth's supplies: there's plenty of oil in a variety of forms. The difficulty is in how much energy it takes to recover and process it. And if it hasn't happened already, soon the demand for energy commodities will soar past existing production capacity and crash headlong into the brick wall of declining discoveries.

The economic effects of this could be devastating to the human populations within industrialized societies, to say the least.

That's not just the line from Noam Chomsky, Michael Rupert [sic] and Dmitry Orlov: the second largest company in the world, Shell International, a major player in the energy commodities industries, is saying it too.

In a recent "Signals & Signposts" report by Shell, forecasting energy scenarios through 2050, the oil giant predicted a growing volatility in the price of oil and a coming period of "extraordinary opportunity or misery."

As the demand for oil buts up against actual production and remaining reserves, the climbing price of oil will cause the gross domestic product of all nations to decline, they predict.

In another section, Shell calls these economic effects "Depression 2.0." Though that scenario is introduced as "unlikely," the rest of the report does not paint a rosy outlook.

Shell report predicts peak oil now or soon, ponders ‘Depression 2.0′

My 2 cents...

Focus on the foreknowledge and Saudi connections then maybe, just maybe, it will get somewhere.

All nonsense theories aside,To focus on anything else, will get you nowhere and the debate will just keep on keeping on until the end of time!!!

... and yes I'm speaking also of the demolition argument.


Demolitions and all the other theories can be figured out after a proper investigation is launched, but demolitions will NEVER, EVER, launch a new investigation.

Voted you up

But I disagree with you... I focus on what I think is truth... and I know the NIST reports are false, moreover, the nanothermite paper has not been debunked.. and do remember, the RJ Lee report....

I say focus on what makes sense by scholarly and journalistic standards.

My 3rd cent...

Go try and prove the science to the dumbed down masses that have been brainwashed for almost ten years that the buildings fell because fire weakened the steel :(

On the other hand, tell them about Bandar... see what happens :)

Good point

So my POV is... it seems that this line of inquiry hasn't gotten the attention it deserves... it should be moved to the front as well.

We might end up with explosives-research making up one element of a set of equally important pillars... the Bush-hijacker-Saudi links, insider trading, prior knowledge, Ali Mohamed, Able Danger, war games and exercises, means/motive/opportunity, cover-up, Operation Cyclone, lack of air defenses, environmental catastrophe, dereliction of duty, WTC 7, nanothermite, temperature gap, aircraft controllability by inexperienced hijackers, pre-existing war plans, anthrax, involvement of other state actors, John O'Neill, Jerome Hauer, and many things more.

operation cyclone

sticks in my head-

bin laden trained in the US !

basic science and reason

i think the direction of AE911truth is most effective, because it is such basic science that the dumb-down public can understand. Since it never happened before or since, and that military-grade explosives were found throughout the dust, and witnesses reported explosions, like in the basement.. and immediately before near free fall collapses, and WTC-7 never hit by a plane or barely on fire or damaged.. If you can get that to sink in.. nothing would really matter because disinformation will keep a person confused. has the right idea in my opinion, and bringing 9/11 Blueprint forTtruth and other DVDs to community tv stations and elsewhere, eventually the big picture, truth, will sink in and overcome willful denial on what happened, and deception of cover-up and immoral wars, torture, and other acts of treason.

Hire Professional Publicist!

JM, I am with you on this approach... and it DOES work!

You are right.
This is an effective approach.

Anyone who actually disseminates on the street and talks to lots of new public knows that this approach is the way to go. People generally respond well to this method. The effectiveness is very observable after talking to hundreds and hundreds of people on a one-to-one basis.
Folks in the "9/11 Truth Ivory Tower" who do not hit the streets are not savvy to how individuals respond to information.

I often compare 9/11 Truth information to kids in High School or college.
When it comes to test time, a large percentage of students will make a 'B' or 'C' or even flunk the test if there has not been a thorough review of the information.

By comparison, most people who find out about 9/11 Truth do not get all the details right on their first run through the material or film.
However, if they awaken, then they do walk away with the concept that 9/11 was an inside job.
This is the bottom line valuable concept that we are trying to convey.
The person might not get an 'A' on the details of it, but they get the picture.

I agree and (at least before coming here!)

I thought momentum was building, especially with the approach of the tenth anniversary, and that we were actually closer than we think.

From my own experiences reading on and discussing these issues, most people do not really understand what the actual WTC collapse explanations are. I believe that even most engineers are not aware that there is no official collapse progression model for the towers. If they know of Bazant, I highly doubt they've read him in full. If they did, 9/11 Truth wouldn't have to work so hard.

My feeling has always been that taking the calm, rational approach and pointing out the quack science of the official explanation for the three buildings is the way to go. People do, in time, respond to reason. The work of A&E, Prof Jones, Jon Cole, David Chandler, and all the other independent scientists and engineers on this front has been outstanding. But it also takes time for this knowledge to trickle out and percolate through the larger society, as it does with any advance or change in knowledge or popular perception. As well, there have been the simple logistical hassles. Look how long it took for the FOIA releases. Or the NIST reports to come out. I think the official story will at some point be changing - maybe not necessarily to acknowledge the truth, but to at least acknowledge the sequential improbabilities of the current story.

My worst fear right now is the movement itself and its potential to be misrepresented.


I doubt we will ever get a new investigation.
Perhaps some kind of International investigation maybe.

Our goal of course should be to promote the idea of one.

Changeing public opinion means:

Alerting people to the real threats,

making people aware so they can WATCH OUT, changing somnambulists into vigilant citizens,

waking people to the fact that we are immersed in deception propaganda so they can see through it,

growing the brainpower addressing the real problems,

bringing the people together (transcending petty differences) to unite them with common cause,

dis-empowering those that would use it again while empowering the common man to find his strength and voice.

motivating people to participate in all of the above.


"Demolitions and all the other theories can be figured out after a proper investigation is launched, but demolitions will NEVER, EVER, launch a new investigation."

Good statement

Thanks anditico

yes some great insights:

my suggestion is: THE THREE TOWERS, This could be our new slogan. It's compatible with almost all 911 truth groups and scholars. It draws attention to WTC7 indirectly which most folks still have not heard of en mass etc. It limits the limited hangout of putting all our eggs in the WTC7 basket and ties in A&E conclusions for all the towers etc. These are our three aces we need to play them and put them on the table. We have plenty of back up data but we need to keep it simple. Anyone trying to debunk the three towers concept will be forced to show the collapses etc. The average person can clearly see the problem without extensive expertise and will commit to the idea of a new investigation.

The author of this thread senses that time is running out, the movement has been stratified, and is offering us a challenge to still win the game. I try not to focus on how little time is left, I believe the underdog always has a chance. Regarding the Impeach Cheney campaign this should prove to the truthers that facts will not win the day without a stronger movement. We haven't even mentioned the treason for the VP's office in exposing a CIA agent to silence the WMD fraud! How dare this guys, it's in our face people what are we going to do about it?