WeAreChange - Newt Gingrich and Dick Cheney (CPAC 2011)


http://wearechangeoklahoma.org - Luke Rudkowski and James Lane of We Are Change confront Newt Gingrich and Dick Cheney in Washington D.C. at CPAC 2/10/2011.

From Luke's Camera/Point of View:


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You can say all you want about guerrilla journalism, and I'm generally not a supporter of these tactics, but damn, it makes me feel good to see Cheney called out in-person and in public. His crimes are extremely egregious and call for extreme measures.

Thank you, Luke.

Two words

Fuck Yeah

Great job" We are Change"

Thanks guys, your group pulls through again. Glad you got Cheney and Newt "The Brute" Gingrich. What a couple of scum-bags.

Echo F"ck yeah!

Some people like to condemn WAC for their tactics; yes, occasionally confrontations go sour and inane shouting about the "NWO" takes the place of reasoned questioning and condemnation.

But here we have a nice example of citizen journalists doing all they possibly can in the situation they are afforded (absent a functioning fourth estate and/or law enforcement) -- confronting these pieces of excrement in a forceful yet peaceful manner. Quite frankly they don't deserve the non-violent treatment, but non-violence is the best way forward.

These criminals should not be allowed to walk around in public without, at the very least, a good tongue lashing. It soothes my soul to see these sorts of actions. One can only hope that the next tongue lashing will come at the hands of a judge, followed by a sentence of life in prison without possibility of parole. Ideally, people like Cheney and Bush and Rummy and Obama should be forced to nurse war victims for the rest of their miserable lives -- that would beat the death penalty imo. Cleaning the wounds of children whose arms have been blown off by predator drones and bunker busters.

P.S. -- look closely at Cheney in the elevator and you'll actually see him smirk -- as if to say, "yeah, you got me, but I'm getting away with it -- sucker!"

"Woman in Glasses At Elevator".

(as seen in the embed pic)

Her jaw is open and she's shocked = Priceless

So sweet

That's all I can say



Smell the sulfur.


Into the shaft

A war criminal, with guilty demeanor, escapes into the elevator shaft, where the nano-thermite workers did their dirty deeds. Massive quantities of military-grade high explosive brought the buildings down. This is the central fact of 9/11 Truth.



Look up the definition of SPINE. Luke's picture is there.

Well done confronting Cheney and Gingrich.


‘Cheney Stand Down Order’ #1 on Google Trends

‘Cheney Stand Down Order’ #1 on Google Trends

February 15, 2011

Great job again to our listeners for driving “Cheney Stand Down Order” to the top of Google’s Trends this Tuesday, February 15, 2011.


¢£§∞ Yeah! That was a zinger!

We Are Change: We all salute you and your patriotic actions. Thank you and keep up the great work you are doing on behalf of us all. One day, the perps WILL go to jail, and until that day, we will never quit.

And to add, there is a *huge* body of evidence that implicates Cheney more than ANYONE ELSE as a guilty party in this horrendous act, as regards motivation, planning, execution and the subsequent cover up.

Yes !

Thank you for holding the line firm towards justice.

Thanks Luke et al.

You handled that thug nicely and completed the mission. I strongly consider your life mission one of the most valuable to the planet. I can only believe that someday more people like you will stand up to these war mongers and blood suckers on humanity. Bravo!

James Lane- great tonal quality in your voice, very professional, Nice confrontation with the Newt.

Norman Mineta...

Didn't testify "against" Dick Cheney, nor did he mention a stand down order. I would have asked him why he refused to testify under oath, publicly, with recordings, and separately from George W. Bush.


Accuracy over rhetoric. Accuracy is what will bring us validity. We don't "know" all of what he did on 9/11. Shouting this out makes us look weak. To many 'confrontations' end in egos getting excited into unsubstantial rhetoric. Did Cheney look scared when he was told 'we know'. Heck no! He and his buddies laugh at people who just start yelling things like that. Cheney 'knows' this adds to his power. Inaccuracy protects the criminals who carried out 9/11. So does angry rhetoric. I appreciate anyone with the strength to step up and speak to these guys, but I'm sick of seeing good activists efforts wasted with an angry 'confrontation.' There are adult ways to handle things which will yield broader results. We mustn't get so excited that we lose our sense of truth and reality vs. conspiracy theories we have concluded are likely possible in our own minds. Again I know these things are hard to do, but it's been ten years, and we need to get way more critical here of our outreach. If we stick with the same tactics we get the same limited and often discrediting results.

I was thinking the exact same

I was thinking the exact same thing as you stated Jon, but part of me did enjoy the video :)

Ok , so Mr. Vice President what was

the standing order you had given in the PEOC to the young man described by Norman Mineta when the plane was heading to the Pentagon on Sept 11th? That's what I'd like to know.


,,,,,,,,didn't use the words "stand down," nor does Luke directly claim he did, but Mineta certainly witnessed one, and described what he saw. The facts speak for themselves. No intercepts went up and Cheney was in-charge.

Stand down

......at the Pentagon, for sure.!

I agree, because of mineta's testimony

we know the "young man " had already been given an order because he asks "does the order still stand" thus I call it a standing order, not a stand down order.

"...what I would have done" <--The way to accomplish that

Sometimes people criticize others about their handling of a situation or confrontation.

In my opinion...
If a person thinks that it can be done better, then go do it.
Opportunities are out there.
Go do it better.

My critique...

Has to do with the inaccuracy of the statements made by Luke. I would hope that after however many years he's been involved with this cause, he might have taken the time to familiarize himself with at least some of the information, or that he would prepare written questions so he doesn't screw it up. We can do without the sensationalist Alex Jones type rhetoric. Some of us work 8 hours a day/5 days a week, and don't have time to go confront people at any given moment.

WAC confronts David Horowitz on 911

WAC confronts David Horowitz on 911

February 15, 2011

Luke Rudkowski and Anthony Antonello confront David Horowitz on 9/11 at CPAC, Washington D.C. 2011.

What a difference here

See this is way more polite and does not end with these guys getting yelled at or thrown out. It even got Horowitz to admit that he HASN'T LOOKED INTO ANY EVIDENCE and he doesn't care to. Stay polite, focused and rhetoric free and we get straight answers.

Protecting "the Homeland"

Talk about suspicious behavior. This must be what Janet Napolitano and DHS are talking about when they say: If you see something… say something. Well, I've just seen something. I'd file a report but they would send me to voicemail. Pausing the video at :27, 1:00, 1:08 and 1:09 exposes the look of downright guilt. Janet must be briefed.

Luke Rudowski: Luke Discusses The Confrontation of a Lifetime!

Luke Rudowski: Luke Discusses The Confrontation of a Lifetime! - Alex Jones Tv 1/2

Luke Rudowski: Luke Discusses The Confrontation of a Lifetime! - Alex Jones Tv 2/2


with no time to listen to this interview with Luke, someone votes it down.

I hear ya Joe.

The message or content is not even viewed, yet someone denigrates it.

I wish that more people on this board would "reach for a compassionate understanding", rather than reject another's ideas based on prejudice or preconceived notions.

When does the man

get his heart transplant? The guy must survive for a while if he's still to be held accountable.

He's smiling, he knows he cannot be touched, or at least he knows that the odds on him having to account for his actions before, on and after 9/11 are very slim. But who knows what might happen, we haven't seen the end of this. Maybe Luke could've asked a few other (better) questions indeed, but still very courageous and letting them know there are lots of people who know they still have lots of explaining to do and will not rest until they've done so.

And who the hell was that (confused) woman thanking Cheney for all that he's done for this country, where did she come from?

Cheney's Afterlife?

Justice would allow everyone hurt by Cheney to have ten minutes with him to express their pain.
This would stretch into an eternity.

Nicely done

I'm not with the whole 'globalist' sloganeering... but doing this requires cohones. Huge cohones.

My personal question to Dick Cheney would have been about his duck hunting trip with Scalia... 'Cause you never know what might 'shoot you in the face' when Tricky Dick's around.