Dear Friends of Project Censored and KPFA,

Dear Friends of Project Censored and KPFA,

Mickey Huff and I have been volunteer hosts on the Thursday Morning
Mix show on KPFA (8:00-9:00 AM) since late December. We have covered
some very important topics including: US Economy and the Collapse of
the Dollar, Immigrants Rights, Racism and White Privilege, Media as
Entertainment, and the Crisis in Higher Education in California.

We volunteered because KPFA is in a funding crisis and needs to be
fully supported.

We believe that there is no topic that should not be covered on KPFA
community free speech radio, especially the most censored news stories
that we feature on our website ( and in our
annual yearbook?Censored 2011.

We will be offering special premiums during our Thursday show this
week February 17, and the two weeks following February 24 and March
3. On these shows we will play segments of speeches from the
Understanding Deep Politics Conference in Santa Cruz last May. These
unique nine hour DVDs features, Peter Dale Scot, Michael Parenti,
Dahlia Wasfi, Ellen Brown, David Ray Griffin, Annie Machon and
others. The talks openly discuss the underlying issues of covert
power in the US that had led us into war, conflicts, economic
decline, 9/11, election fraud, torture, renditions, and loss of civil
liberties. This entire set of DVDs will be offer for a pledge of $120
to support KPFA.

In addition, we will be featuring a 54 minute DVD of Richard Gage from
Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth presenting scientific
information at Sonoma State University last fall on the collapse of
the World Trade Center buildings 1-2 & 7. The Gage DVD will be offered
for a $60 donation to KPFA. There no conspiracy theories on this DVD,
only hard scientific facts that raise troubling questions regarding
the truth of 9/11 Commission report.

The book premium of the day is our Censored 2011 yearbook for an $80
support gift to KPFA. Learn about the most censored news stories of
2009-10 and the on-going truth emergency in the US and the world.

Every American deserves an opportunity to address questions and get
full transparent answers to the important socio-political issues of
the day. Without full information we often do not know what questions
to ask the higher powers or how to challenge their hidden authority.

Listen to our KPFA Morning mix Show 94.1 FM from 8-9:00 AM Thursdays
or on-line at Call in to pledge support to KPFA at:
510-848-5732 or Toll free: 1-800-439-5732 and keep free speech radio
alive and on the air. Out of area folks can listen and pledge on-line

Or Mail a check to:
In Support of the Morning Mix Project Censored Show
KPFA Radio,
1929 MLK Jr. Way,
Berkeley, CA 94704

Let us know if we may thank you on the air!

Peter Phillips
Co-Host of the Project Censored Morning Mix Show
President: Media Freedom Foundation?e-mail:

Mickey Huff,
Director Project Censored/Media Freedom Foundation

Co-Host of the Project Censored Morning Mix Show?E-mail: