Graeme MacQueen Continues Analysis on "9/11 In Context"

On this week's "9/11 In Context" show, which airs Thursday, February 17, at 3pm ET, Prof. Graeme MacQueen will return to continue the discussion of his superb research. Topics on this week's show will include the eyewitness testimony of first responders about explosions in the Twin Towers and WTC7 before the buildings disintegrated, foreknowledge of the destruction of WTC7, the seismic signals associated with the building disintegrations, and the importance of 9/11 truth for the antiwar movement. Prof. MacQueen is founder of the Centre for Peace Studies at McMaster University in Canada.

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Don't miss the show! It is sure to be worthwhile.


Great show Tod and Graeme.

Now 155 eyewitnesses reporting bombs & explosions!

Thanks for the upgrade.

Graeme's Work is So Rich

we only had time to hit the highlights! His seismic study breaks new ground in the application of video evidence to the question of when the first earth tremors occurred at the WTC. And he turns the much-maligned FDNY oral histories into extremely solid evidence of explosions and foreknowledge of the demolition of WTC7.

Yes, he has now compiled 155 witnesses to explosions! He mentioned Lemos, too; thanks (as usual!) Joe for contributing the vid!

we only had time to hit the highlights!

Keep it coming.