911 truth tipping point

It's not going to be a regular news day when the MSM begins to give in but what sort of event will precipitate better coverage? We know MSM is nearly devoid of journalists in the true investigative tradition. They obviously aren't champions of any journalistic standard but have you all noticed in the coverage of Cairo, even the most simple minded and superficial "feel good" shows such as The Today Show had a recent segment of Ann Curry with two other unknown females talking about America's failed involvement in dubious political alignments and support for known dictators? And the moon is on a collision coarse with earth, now let's go to Al with the weather! Who are these people? queue scene from The Truman Show : Truman's wife struggles with product placement during a nervous breakdown.

But my question is, how is this all going to play out? We all know it's not a matter of 'if', but 'when', but what sort of event will allow these puppets to say the obvious?-- an indictment of former Cabinet level personnel? --documents released from Wikileaks or some sort of action by Anonymous? Have we spent much time discussing how the dominos might fall? What will the effect be on day-to-day life? These 'journalists' aren't digging for the truth, they're waiting for it to fall in their lap just as Ann Curry demonstrated with her completely original observations about America's failed foreign policy in Cairo. No, they must not rock the boat, they mustn't upset corporate sponsors and above all not disturb the slumber of consumers who want to turn on the morning talk shows and process a day's compartmentalized existence.

Most of us have not put it outside the realm of possibility that the only option for continued control of public perception is another false flag event. That is, prior to a media breakout of widespread acceptance of MSM 911 truth coverage, the controllers will double-down and expect Obama and company to play the Bush role. Is this scenario still in the cards? But even without another false flag, what about general unrest in the event of widespread anger? What are the implications for Main St. Wall Street and of course the Fed-- do not the controllers run deep in these circles of power?