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In continuation of the recent post:

FOIA Fees Related to the release of 09/11 Records from the FBI (and the one before)

The briefing phase of federal litigation seeking the release of never before seen 9/11 FBI records is now complete and the final decision rests with the assigned judge. The records at issue include evidence collection records from the much debated Pentagon and Shanksville crash scenes, records establishing much debated in-flight phone calls reportedly placed on 9/11 and a never before heard audio recording from one 9/11 flight. The defendants have relied on a large body of legal experts working to prevent the release of these records. A public interest FOIA attorney has provided assistance at a reduced public interest rate and has volunteered their services toward any need to appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Final funds toward these generously provided expert services are needed. Thank you in advance for your support. Updates on the status of this litigation will be provided as soon as they become available.

Sorry I can't donate/ kudos on the effort

I have in mind a url that is clear and catchy and easy to remember, under which I would list the suspicious AND praiseworthy actions of the bureau as regards 9/11 and the war on terror. I seek at least one person to hold a very large banner with this url on it outside the Hoover building in downtown DC. Anyone open to helping research or help hold the banner should get in touch. I call it whistleblower bannering. I've counseled with the whistleblower support community in DC.


Thank you for your continued hard work towards truth. Obtaining these documents will hopefully help get us one step closer to the truth.

Thank you

We will post the info as soon as we receive it.