9/11 - Justice & Accountability: Round Table Discussion

February 19, 2011

 9/11 - Justice & Accountability: Round Table Discussion - with very special guests:

Jon Gold, John Albanese and Nicholas Filippelli

A discussion concerning the events surrounding September 11, 2001. Almost ten years after the events, there has been a serious lack of justice and accountability to hold the criminals responsible for the crimes against humanity perpetrated on the people of the world that beautiful Tuesday morning.

Due to this lack of justice and accountability, these same individuals responsible for the atrocities of 9/11 continue to systematically progress with their criminal enterprise.

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Show contest...

"There was a phony document created about the yellowcake by an intelligence agency and funneled through someone in Italy to AIPAC and landed on Dick Cheney's desk..."


Give me an answer to the question above, with proof, and you will win a copy of Joe Wilson's book "The Politics of Truth: Inside the Lies that Led to War" and a promise that if I ever win the lotto 649 you will get $100,000.

Great show, Jeff

I highly recommend this podcast.

Front paged at 9/11 Truth News: http://911truthnews.com/911-justice-and-accountability-round-table-discu...

Thank you very much YT :)

Thank you very much YT :)

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The Chipmunks??? :) I just

The Chipmunks??? :)

I just downloaded the audio and checked. It plays at normal speed. It must be the player you're using to listen. Sometimes that happens to me. There are buttons that can make it play faster or slower. You might have clicked a button to make it play at x2 speed or something.

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I'm into this

for long time, but have found no definitive answer. If I have to guess, I would say all hints point to Stephen Hadley.

Sitting-Bull, have you ever

Sitting-Bull, have you ever seen this stuff from cryptome -


Someone gave this answer, which sounds pretty good:

"My answer: Adam Maiga Zakariaou and Laura Montini. Antonio Nucera from SISMI set up Rocco Martino (no relation to Antonio Martino) to exploit a SISMI asset (Laura Montini) at the Niger embassy in Rome for information. She was on a payroll from SISMI. Laura Montini provided false information through Rocco to SISMI. Michael Ledeen MAY have fast tracked the information to Rove who brought it to Cheney completely bypassing (did I say bypassing? I meant purportedly ignoring) the CIA refutations."


There were a lot of things...

That needed to be said that were in this show. Excellent show. I'm hearing from a lot of people how much they liked it.

as michael parenti says

destruction of the middle class is the third worldization of us

Here's a funny write up about this show...


It's amazing the lunacy paranoia creates. You are just not allowed to question certain things in this cult.

I mentioned Michael Ledeen in

I mentioned Michael Ledeen in the interview as suspected as involved in the yellowcake forgery,

here is the source:

Former CIA counter-terrorism officer Philip Giraldi, who is Cannistraro's business partner and a columnist for The American Conservative, a paleoconservative magazine, said in an interview on July 26, 2005 that the forgeries were produced by "a couple of former CIA officers who are familiar with that part of the world who are associated with a certain well-known neoconservative who has close connections with Italy" and went on to confirm that he was referring to Ledeen. Giraldi added that the ex-CIA officers "also had some equity interests, shall we say, with the operation. A lot of these people are in consulting positions, and they get various, shall we say, emoluments in overseas accounts, and that kind of thing."

^ "Interview with Philip Giraldi" (MP3 Audio). July 26, 2005. Retrieved 2008-11-15.


and: According to Joshua


According to Joshua Micah Marshall, Laura Rozen, and Paul Glastris noted in Washington Monthly of September 2004:[13]
"The first meeting occurred in Rome in December, 2001. It included Franklin, Rhode, and another American, the neoconservative writer and operative Michael Ledeen, who organized the meeting. (According to UPI, Ledeen was then working for Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith as a consultant.) Also in attendance was Ghorbanifar and a number of other Iranians.

In the show...

I gave two instances of people promoting crap, and me being made a fool of because I promoted it. Here are those two examples.

Stanley Hilton

Karl Schwarz

Because I promoted the crap they were spewing, my friends at work never listen to me now when I have legitimate information.