Dr Steven Jones - "9/11: Science and Society" Now on Youtube!

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This powerful two hour high quality video presentation given by Professor Emeritus Physicist Dr Steven E. Jones issues a challenge to the world scientific community; a challenge to examine the evidence he and his peers have presented at The Journal of 9/11 Studies questioning the official explanation of the 9/11 events. Dr Jones takes us on his journey struggling with the science of 9/11 and his quest to bring new evidence and research to the world scientific society. He steps us through the complete history of his personal contribution to the 9/11 debate and the whole story of his forced early retirement from Brigham Young University.

Dr Jones gives this as a lecture to the world wide truth seeking community in Sydney Australia as part of the highly successful "Hard Evidence Tour Down Under" in November of 2009. This video presentation is considered by me to be the best overall lecture on 9/11 Jones has done to date!

9/11: Science and Society with Dr Steven E. Jones part 1 of 8

9/11: Science and Society with Dr Steven E. Jones part 2 of 8

9/11: Science and Society with Dr Steven E. Jones part 3 of 8

9/11: Science and Society with Dr Steven E. Jones part 4 of 8

9/11: Science and Society with Dr Steven E. Jones part 5 of 8

9/11: Science and Society with Dr Steven E. Jones part 6 of 8

9/11: Science and Society with Dr Steven E. Jones part 7 of 8

9/11: Science and Society with Dr Steven E. Jones part 8 of 8


This is solid and should be broadcast far and wide...the quintessential Dr Jones!!

NOTE: This is not the final cut and an improved Dr Jones cut will now be received on purchase!!

Kind regards John Bursill - Executive Director (Well that's what they called me...lol...that means I had the hook and the purse :-) )


I saw the complete "HYPOTHESIS" last weekend.
It was a perfect addition to our fact based arsenal of TRUTH.
You are going to love it.

We were able to get Steven Jones's " NANOTHERMITE DVD and Kevin Ryan's"Emerging Science" DVD into the hands of about 60 people.

'Hypothesis' accepted into the Thin Line Film Festival in Texas

Cool...I was getting a copy in the mail from the maker?

We were going to show it here in Oz a while back I am stoked it's now up and running...so we can show it soon :-)

Regards John

great stuff

Awesome presentation by Steven Jones.
Brought a few things I hadn't thought about to my attention too.

Great how he stays so calm in the face of everything.

he really has to be commended for his bravery and determination. Especially when revealing the details of those abusive emails he got. He really is a hero

nice one Steve (from Manchester , uk)!

Thank you... but...

this is the "old" version of my talk. Dr. Hummux and I have made significant and important updates and I would very much like to see the updated version available on youtube, in place of this older version. (Still based on the Australia talk) Can someone help get this done?? (write me, ProfSJones@gmail.com )

Thanks for the encouraging comments. I believe the newer version is even better -- Dr. Hummux has the "clean" copy of this new version; I have copies.

That's great!

Can someone get this done and I will do the edit here....

I have neither the software or the ability to up load video to Youtube...can you as Dr Jones has asked?

Regards John

Uploading videos

It's a great idea to upload to youtube because so many people are familiar with it. However, it would also be good to upload it to blip.tv as well, because blip is (1) not limited to the 10 minute rule, and (2) blip allows a viewer to download the video in the original form it was submitted in, not just and flv file. You can do some downloading in youtube, using firefox add-ons like "Download Helper", but not everyone knows how to do that. In Blip there's a download link on the page. There may be other sites like blip.tv, but it's the one I know about.

Looking forward to hearing Dr. Jones!

Playlist link for easier

Playlist link for easier watching experience:



the giant red arrow - HAHAHAHA!! :o)

Something I had misunderstood before

The video Mark Basile made of a chip igniting is in super slow motion, not normal speed.

ScootleRoyale, you should mention this in the description of your Youtube video clip. Some JREFers have been making comments in the direction of: "I can make a marshmallow do that"... I think the fact that the slow motion nature of this recording hasn't been emphasized has caused misunderstandings.

How much slower is the playback speed exactly?

Also, prof. Jones goes a bit more into the electrical ignition experiments he performed, interesting...