Richard Gage vs Chris Mohr Onstage Debate: March 6th @ University of Colorado

On March 6th, 2011, Richard Gage, AIA, will debate journalist Rev. Chris Mohr.

The question? What brought down the three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11/2001.

Gage noted, “I’m looking forward to debating someone who has an open mind and is respectful of our position, yet who firmly believes that the twin towers were brought down by a “natural collapse” due to fire and jet planes. I expect a lively, intriguing debate that promises to emerge as one of the most productive public discussions of 9/11 to date. Chris has already shown himself to be a formidable opponent and I eagerly await a congenial conversation with him of a kind that NIST officials have not granted us."

Both Rev. Mohr and Mr. Gage will have PowerPoint presentations. The debate is scheduled to last two hours with questions and answers afterwards. We are thankful to Fran Shure of Colorado 9/11 Visibility for her diligent efforts in organizing this event. A professional film crew with three cameras will be recording the debate, so this important educational material can later be presented to a much wider audience in the form of a DVD.

*This could be really pivotal guys. Great news!


Event Poster + INN Debate 2/17


*Here's the debate on Rule of Law radio between Richard Gage and Chris Mohr, Feb. 17, 2011:

The laws of nature are on Richard Gage's side.

I wonder what argument Rev. Mohr can use to explain away the presence of:

(a) unreacted nanothermite
(b) eutectic steel
(c) molten steel under the buildings for several weeks
(d) underground fires lasting 3 months without an adequate source of oxygen
(e) microspheres of metals, including molybdenum which melts at >4000ºF (!)
(f) quantities of sulfur in steel beams (not from gypsum)
(g) near free fall accelerations observed in all 3 collapses
(h) total pulverization of of towers' concrete to micron sized particles

and on, and on and on.

What is left, besides acknowledging that at least 3 laws of nature (Newtons' laws of motion, the 2nd law of thermodynamics and the law of conservation of momentum) can all be suspended/violated, on account of political expediency and the mandate not to infringe upon the comfort zones of the American public?

I agree and wonder that too, especially

especially about what he will say about the Tilting of the South Tower's Top? That's a basic and yet huge point I want to hear as well.

It's almost like Mohr wants to make AE911Truth 'look good'....Because I can't see any reason why he would take on this debate, because the Laws of Physics, video evidence, and expert testimony is on Richard's Side.......I was listening to Rv. Mohr on the radio and he said he didn't even know about Barry Jennings.......

Just some thoughts.

Here is a preview

Here is a preview to the debate on a radio show called "Rule of Law".

tell me what you think


Good debate

Recommended. Most notable distinction from past, other debates is the difference in tone.