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building 7 comment at the very end

Joe Rogan

is one of the heaviest stand up comedians around. Underrated for all his UFC and Fear Factor stuff. And completely on point politically. He even after being 'friends' with him for some time, grew wary of Alex Jones's divisive behavior. What a straight shooter. Loads of adult language in this, but that is his style. We are lucky to have someone who reaches a mass audience on our side and with a comparatively reasonable perspective!

Show "Loads of adult language" by 9-11 Joe

Alex Jones?

Why the down votes? Is the mention of Alex Jones a no-no on this page? I don't understand.


one stop conspiracy shop ?

Sorry Joe

But AJ has served as an incredibly divisive figure for years. His documentary that allegedly documented the 9/11 truth movement unfortunately did not include a SINGLE MENTION of the truth action campaign. He continues to show and bring on Webster Tarpley. He continues to bring on David Icke. His rhetoric is so broad it's simply inaccurate. If one attempting to just find some basic 9/11 truth info found their way to infowars, they are most likely running. The sight is filled with conspiracy theory and speculation, it's just hard to find basic facts. He is even still linking to Mark Dice videos. More divisiveness, how bout his constant pushing away of liberal ideas and scaring off the left anti-war movement. I can go on Joe. I gave AJ lots of money over the years, bought vids, was a member of pptv, and these are my conclusions. AJ is one of the biggest probs that 9/11 truth has ever faced.

sorry for your loss

of money - what a waste!
i remember a sentence said by Michael Ruppert about people who dont know what they're talking about on 9/11 and dont recognise good disseminators of information.
(cant remember all of it)
".....then they don't know the difference between me and Alex Jones."

Alex Jones

Speaking of Alex Jones if you turn him on right now you will find he is interviewing Charlie Sheen. Perhaps Charlie is a no-no on this web site. It seens if your name isn't David Ray Griffin or Stephen Jones people get pissed-off and give down votes.

A lot of people just don't

A lot of people just don't like Alex Jones, maybe you should be the one to reconsider whether he is a good figure worthy of your personal support rather than criticize other people for disliking him. Alex Jones is a profiteer as far as I am concerned, cornering the market on NWO conspiracy theories for money and notoriety.

More Down Votes?

Well if Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, David Icke and a few others cannot be mentioned on this web site them I am not going to post here any more. It's not worth it. Way too many closed-minded people post here. Good luck guys. Enjoy spinning your wheels.

"Perhaps Charlie is a no-no

"Perhaps Charlie is a no-no on this web site."

wrong and in fact, I only wish he found a better outlet for the truth than Alex Jones. Alex acts as through rhetoric are facts. He ties Charlie Sheen in with a lot of divisive, discredited researchers and info (like the most recent vid sheen put up where they include clips about cell phone fakery and even no plane at the pentagon garbage which AJ used to actually discourage)

" It seens if your name isn't David Ray Griffin or Stephen Jones people get pissed-off and give down votes."

Also incorrect. People here have become extremely critical of Griffen pushing debunked, speculative, or offensive theories as facts. Joe I know it's sad to find this out about AJ. I used to LOVE THE GUY. I flew across the country to LA to go to his convention. He was given a huge opportunity as a pseudo-representative of the 'truth' movement, then took all that momentum and MONEY and ran it into a deep conspiracy theory hole which the 'truth' has to then sift and dig it's way out of. Alex embodies the 'slick packaging' which he taught me to denounce. I'm haven't even touched on the kinds of ridiculous people he has on his show who love talking about jew's and jewish mafia being behind some new world order.

To keep this on topic, I think AJ helps mislead real truth seeking celebrities into conspiracy theory factless traps. Like Ventura and Sheen. He discredits their potentially huge exposure, even if they don't do it themselves. No one needs to feel inclined to defend AJ as though those being critical of him don't understand that he is smart. His metaphors are amazing, his rhetoric is hypnotizing, but his pseudo-truth ain't the truth. Provable facts are the truth.



Great video.

Hits home, because it's straight and to the point. It's just the Truth. and the Truth hurts.


Very Good Video

that will bring many around.

Thanks for posting. I edited

Thanks for posting. I edited the video and Joe Rogan emailed me asking for permission to upload on his channel. Joe knows his stuff and I made this video with the intent to get information out to a wider audience that wouldn't normally see it. Fans of Joe Rogan should checkout his podcast.




Alex Jones... no saint. He may be right on a number of issues, but he's extremely wrong on others. Jones consistently endorses a pro-U.S. conservative patriotism which is not only misguided, but thoroughly evil. All that Rogan is touching on in this video is right in synch with what the U.S. actually is: a racist, imperialist plutocracy which in no way deserves to be conserved.

the obama deception

starts with "us govt = bad" and steers round by the end to "fear china"- neat trick- just the pro US empire view the neocons would like us to have
tell me how many countries have the chinese got military bases in ? (1- tibet) how many times has iran invaded another country ? (zero)
these countries just get vilified by the PTB

oh but human rights, human rights

what about the hundreds of thousands or million plus even iraqis and afghans displaced and killed by allied fire and by deliberately caused tension to justify an occupation? - divide and conquer

"Today America is the Roman Empire and New York is Rome itself."
John Lennon