MI5: Our regret over failing to prevent 7/7 bombings

         Yorkshire Post, 21 February 2011



MI5: Our ‘regret’ over failing to prevent 7/7 bombings


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22 February 2011

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[updated on 25 February 2011: see "Police chief ‘can’t explain failures over 7/7 plotters' " ]




excerpt from: MI5: Our ‘regret’ over failing to prevent 7/7 bombings

Yorkshire Post, 21 February 2011


MI5 today expressed “profound regret” for failing to prevent the 7/7 bombings.

One of the Security Service’s most senior officers told the inquest into the attacks that every member of the agency lamented the fact that the Yorkshire-based plot ringleader Mohammed Sidique Khan was not fully investigated before the atrocities.

The top spy, who can be named only as Witness G, insisted MI5 had “no inkling” of what was to befall London on July 7 2005 and said it would be “nonsensical and offensive” to suggest otherwise.

Hugo Keith QC, counsel to the inquest, said: “You have nevertheless recorded that it is a matter of profound regret that despite its efforts and industry, the Security Service did not manage to ascertain the full significance, and intentions importantly, of Mohammed Sidique Khan and thus did not manage to prevent the atrocities of July 7.”

Witness G said: “Every member of the service feels that.”



                             A photograph of July 7 ringleader Mohammad Sidique Khan taken by West Yorkshire Police                                                            surveillance officers in 2004





         Yorkshire Post, 25 February 2011




excerpt from: Police chief ‘can’t explain failures over 7/7 plotters’

Yorkshire Post, 25 February 2011


A top Yorkshire police officer told the 7/7 inquests he could not explain why his force failed to pass on to MI5 details of contacts between terror plot ringleader Mohammed Sidique Khan and a known Islamist extremist.




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