Open Letter to Canadian Minister of Public Safety Regarding 9/11

February 22, 2011
Kip Warner
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Attn: The Honourable Vic Toews
Minister of Public Safety
Suite 306, Justice Building House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6
Dear Sir,

It is my understanding that Public Safety Canada was provided with a mandate enacted on March 23rd 2005[1] by the Government
of Canada to ensure that Canadians are safe from a range of risks such as natural disasters, crime, and terrorism. The
Department has stated that there is no more fundamental role for government than the protection of its citizens. [2] I write you then
in an open letter as a private citizen regarding the Government of Canada's official disposition to the events of 9/11, and all
derived matters predicated there upon.

As in the case of a series of domino pieces, it is not logical to discuss new events causally linked with preceding ones as though
they were disparate. Whether it be increased airport[3] and border security,[4] changes in foreign policy and the role of C.S.I.S., law
enforcement, immigration, the lectures[5] heard within the auditoriums of our universities, the deployment of military ordnance and
men abroad, debates on the procurement of war materials,[6] they are all preceded with the tragic aforementioned event that
claimed thousands of lives, 24 of which were Canadian[7] and with lasting consequences for others.[8] It is not unreasonable to
reflect on them as a set of issues forming an arborescence and sharing a common root, or significant mutual event that preceded
all of them.[9] The influence has been undeniable.