Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld: "What is Building 7?" (starts around the 54 second mark)

I wish I could get a longer clip of the original mancow and rumsfeld interaction. Post more context in the comments if you got it.


the fact that the Secretary of Defense says he doesn't know that a building filled with CIA, FBI, IRS, and a Emergency command base collapsed on 9/11 is utterly disturbing. This is the worst answer he could of given, we have to get this to bite him in the ass....inexcusable.

Of course he knows

Or at least he used to know; he does seem a bit addled these days. Joking aside, he's of course just correctly banking on the fact that America is suffering from terminal indifference and general stupidity. Yawn, just go back to sleep. No news there pal. There's no biting in the ass, ever, for the most egregious and blatant lies ever told. The big lie worked ... kind of. If they can just get past the 10th anniversary I'm sure they they think all this 9/11 Truther business will go away for good. But I'm not so sure. The perps left too many clues behind this time. They over played the hand, mistakes were made, big obvious 47 story mistakes, for example. Will Rummy go to his grave never to be charged for the crimes of 9/11? Probably. Will history judge him as a great leader and effective sec of defense? No way. As the guy ostensibly charged with protecting his country that day, his crimes were mean and low. He hid like a common criminal. Seriously, the guy probably blocks the events out any way he can. How else could he live with himself for what he did to our country?

"I have no idea, i've never heard that."