High-Rise Buildings, which did not collapse!

"Ušće Tower ...

(...) is the tallest skyscraper in Belgrade, capital of Serbia, and belongs to the tallest skyscrapers in the Balkans. (...) The original building was 105 m tall.

 Ušće Tower




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Usce Tower




(...) 1999 it was badly damaged by successive NATO air-strikes as part of the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. Several air strikes hit the building, setting the upper floors on fire. Several days later NATO repeated the attack. In total 12 Tomahawk missiles were fired at this building. Amazingly the structure was so tough that it withstood these attacks." Source (Wikipedia)


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 "Prudential Building ...

(...) is a Warsaw skyscraper built between 1931 and 1934. (...) At the time of construction it was the second tallest European skyscraper with eighteen stories. (...) The Prudential was heavily damaged during World War II, particularly during the Warsaw Uprising, when it was hit by approximately 1,000 missiles leaving only the steel framework." Source (Wikipedia)

Prudent Building

















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