Photos from Civil Disobedience at Downing Street

Here’s a few photos from yesterday’s civil disobedience action at Downing Street, which amazingly lasted over four hours. More photos, video and a full report coming soon. Great work, Gareth and crew!

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Great photos...

And thanks to Gareth and friends for doing what's right.

Great job Gareth and friends!

Meanwhile there is a huge act of civil disobedience taking place in Wisconsin right now in response to their fascist governor's plan to strip unions of their collective bargaining rights. Protests have numbered over 100,000 people, the largest since the Vietnam war, with cops and firefighters yelling chants of "solidarity!" and joining their comrades on the front lines. Truly remarkable stuff. Yet in contrast to the teaparty protests, which usually number in the hundreds if not dozens, and receive lavish coverage by the corporate media, the events are being all but blacked out by CBS/ABC/CNN etc.

Just like the anti-war protests. And the 911 truth protests.

What urks me...

"…while I applaud the occupation of the Madison statehouse, I wonder if people have to be PERSONALLY wallet affected to have their asses blown out of their recliners. What is it about the occupation of countries that is acceptable?" - Missy Beattie - Someone who attended Camp OUT NOW and the Sizzlin' Summer Events in D.C. last year where hardly anyone showed up.

This is a hard truth, and it urks me. We've all known that it would take being affected financially to finally get people off their asses, but to see it happen... when it should have happened long ago simply because we are murdering people, urks me.

Americans should take a good, hard look at themselves.

Incidentally... Missy has been very good to mention 9/11 in her counterpunch articles. This just being one example...

"Next, I'd demand a criminal investigation of September 11, the events that brought us the "Post-9/11 World" of war terrorism and the Patriot Act. Simultaneously, I'd pretty much gut the Pentagon."

Tides are turning!

This is only the beginning. DO NOT STOP. Us Screen Beret's will soon be out in force too!



the first time, the govt freaked out, arrested Gareth and dragged him off. Now Gareth came back with friends, and they decided to just ignore it; I guess they realized their previous action made them look a bit too much like the western-supported dictators who've been cracking down on peaceful protesters in the middle east, and ultimately losing control and abdicating power.

Meanwhile Gareth and friends were able to conduct civil outreach, sharing credible info in a reasonable way w/ curious and supportive passers by, while Cameron's cops looked on, burning in shame and humiliation - or perhaps secretly wishing the protesters well, if they've got hearts and a conscience.

Good job, guys!


I'm sure Gareth and co won't mind if I post this link to the Dropkick Murphy's latest tune, released in honor of the workers of WI. Great punk band synonymous with "Tessie" for the Boston Red Sox win (finally!) and for the tune at the beginning of Scorsese's Departed. Who said punk was dead?

Reminds us that it's not just about 911 truth but empowering all good people in opposition to the degenerate-welfare-king-kleptocratic-, war-mongering-wealth-hoarding-scum bags who currently control our collective governments; and not just in the US. Pizza orders to the union members in WI are coming in from as far away as China, Egypt and Iceland. And Canada.

Organizing is a fundamental HUMAN RIGHT. Hell, even the extremely conservative, some say plutocratic "founding fathers" put it right there in the constitution -- something about the right to assemble and petition.

We're all very fond of charting the history of the Bushes w/respect Nazi Germany. Try the Koch's.

And try this -- before Hitler started rounding up people to put in camps, the first thing he did -- I think it was in May '33? -- was outlaw unions.

Here's the DKM vid --