Canada's - National Post - Jonathan Kay "Among The Truthers"

CHLY 101.7 Nanamo, Host Raymond Geisler interviews Jonathan Kay of the National Post July 2009. Complete Interview.
Kay's new book " Among The Truthers" comes out May 2011.
Kay's Blog- Among The Truthers.

National Post's Jonathan Kay Attacks a "Truther" to Introduce His Own Foxified Account of the 9/11 Attack:
By Anthony J. Hall.

"9/11 Truth and The Media" Good or Bad? You Decide!"

Compiled by Edmonton 9/11 Civil Information

Nothing to contribute.

Jonathan Kay: "I didn't have anything to contribute to whether the 911 truth movement was on to something."

But he wrote a book, anyway. Published by Harper Collins, nonetheless.

Well then, herein lies the rub. Another "journalist" who won't take the time to weigh the available evidence and/or reflect on the significance of the US government ignoring evidence and withholding information that would clear up many of the questions.

So what is he? A shrink? A sociologist? Exactly what is he qualified to analyze?

We really need to make an extra effort in holding media's feet to the fire. Either look into it, or shut up. Please.

(This story really should be on 911Blogger's front page, IMHO)

Kay, National Post

Canada's number one national newspaper chain has led the way attacking those who question 9/11, often referring 9/11 truthers as holocaust deniers in many past articles. Most recently this national paper has attacked the national Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May for not getting rid of 3 candidates in her party who seriously question 9/11.

Looking forward to Book

Kay has agreed to an interview with me after I read his book.

Good luck with it

Since writing my first comment, I've listened to the complete interview twice. Kay seems quite sincere in his endeavor, even though I still maintain his endeavor is somewhat lame. There is a trap that both sides of this conversation fell into -- knowing too much about too many things. It's a pitfall truthers and educated journalists fall into, alike. JK doesn't seem like he will ever confront the evidence directly. I think it's futile to try. He makes no secret that he is approaching this strictly as a cultural phenomenon. My thinking right now is for you to go down that rabbit hole with him. That's gonna mean that you show discipline in discussing only what he talked about in his book and in most cases, avoid talking about what he ignores. I would say, however, that since he believes the official narrative, it's not out of line to ask him the defend it, and to explain precisely where we are wrong. He never really did that in this interview. That's the major fault of this interview. All of the retorts were attempts to prove we are right, but never was he asked to explain where we are wrong, which he obviously thinks we are.

Since his only argument is that it is impossible to keep something like this secret because someone would have spilled the beans out of guilt, you might suggest that the preps obviously don't think what they did was bad (Muslim extremists or otherwise) and that in their minds the ends justify the means. There are plenty of examples of that -- preemptive war and torture being contemporary examples.

If it was me, I'd read his book twice. Then I would assemble a bunch of questions and try to answer them the way he would. You need to be able to debunk your own questions and theories the way he would BEFORE you talk to him. You need to know him as well as he knows himself (on this issue, anyway). You need to be able to work within his narrow parameters and work WITH HIM in unraveling the flaws of his arguments.

From what I can tell, he has spoken to the best of the best in the movement and carefully listened to all of our mainstream arguments and still believes the official story. There is nothing you can say about Gage better than Gage, Jones better than Jones, Ryan better than Ryan, etc. You're gonna need a vastly different approach if you want to break new ground with him.

I'd go down HIS rabbit hole. You really have nothing to lose with him at this point.

Bon chance, Can't wait to hear it.

p.s. What I'd really like to see is a "one-on-one" between him and Graham MacQueen with someone like you as the moderator, Maybe you can suggest that if your interview goes well. And BTW, your goal should not be to debunk him, but rather, to keep him on the hook. The one lesson I've learned from successful people is the concept of "attainable goals." Think long and hard about what you really think you can get him to fully appreciate and go for that. That will be HUGE if you can achieve it.

“Early in life I had noticed

“Early in life I had noticed that no event is ever correctly reported in a newspaper” George Orwell.

Thanks for your comment 911Peacenik, I have a keen interest in the corporate editorial policy that Mr. Kay follows, and how Postmedia Network (formerly Canwest) has portrayed the 9/11 truth movement negatively in Canada for several years.

I won't know the questions I'll ask until I read his book first...twice!

Here's a YouTube I produced on the topic of 9/11 and Corporate media here in Canada.