Dr. Niels Harrit: Excellent One Hour TV Interview on "Face to Face", Victoria, BC, Canada

Dr. Niels Harrit, now on a lecture tour of Canadian universities, has been speaking to capacity crowds across the country, including university faculty members and other professional people.

In Victoria, BC, Dr. Harrit was interviewed by local cable TV, where his interview will be available eight times to a large regional population on an upcoming weekend.

The one-hour interview, of excellent educational quality, and also of personal interest, is available at http://www.vimeo.com/20574556

"There is no doubt that this building was taken down in a controlled demolition...there is no way around this conclusion."

Dr. Niels Harrit (retired associate professor of chemistry) and his team at the University of Copenhagen published a paper in The Open Chemical Physics Journal and verified that red/grey particles of non-reacted nanothermite was found in the dust of the WTC buildings. This finding is irrevocable proof -- the veritable DNA -- that "office fires" and jet planes did not bring down the three buildings on that fateful day.

9/11 has been the prima facie excuse for incursions of the U.S. and NATO into foreign nations, the sole justification for suspension of our domestic civil liberties and the common denominator of "The War on Terror".

This interview traces Dr. Harrit's personal and professional journey into and through the events of 9/11 and beyond.

Excellent Job Niels!!

Thank you for being the great man you are....I like you want to see the perpetrators of 9/11 exposed as a number one priority, because as you say Niels it is fundamental to the survival of our civilization!

Kind regards John

Niels states: " it is 911 which finds us."

I know this too.

And when it does you cannot NOT do something about it.

Great talk Niels. THANK YOU


and dito.

The forces of Truth

are unstoppable. Thank you Dr. Harrit.

He's becoming

a rising star in the movement.

Thank-you Niels for showing us the way

back to becoming integral human beings.

Thank-you also for joining your wife in a push for Peace. Your daily actions are helping strengthen the integral quality of men and women.

Since the published science of www.AE911Truth.org and Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice www.stj911.com it is difficult to understand how professors and teachers of physics can continue to avoid dealing with the self evident falsities of the “official” New-York-Times and NIST version of the WTC buildings.

The lies about September 11th are still being heavily pushed in our Western medias, and it is sapping the ability of our younger generation to have clear and coherent thinking.

It is thus a very major public mental health issue, and if one wanted to confuse and demoralize the larger public, and make them cognitively feeble, one would probably go about it by encouraging mass cognitive dysfunction by spreading such a thick media layer of lies.

Fortunately, people like you, Niels, along with many hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens, are shining a light back towards healthier and principled ways of understanding our environment.

Please keep up your great work!

By the way, I just received this invitation to a “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” happening on a boat in the Brussels maritime harbor this Saturday March 12th 2011: http://www.wacbelgium.be/nieuws/zeitgeist-movement-belgium-frnl-12-maart-film-projectie-bruxsel I have not viewed the full movie http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/zeitgeist-moving-forward but it certainly looks very well made, and I will profit to go down there next Saturday to meet some nice and alive people who encourage a “moving forward” of our best human qualities. The site www.topdocumentaryfilms.com and even a full link to the Stanford University course “Introduction to Human Behavioral Biology” taught by Prof. Robert Sapolsky: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=848F2368C90DDC3D was also a good find. After 8 years without a television, I just got a full 200 channel (free!) TV setup a few months ago, but with sites like that, including these excellent VIMEO audiovisual 1 hour interviews with Prof. Harrit on 911Blogger, who has the time ??

Love from Brussels,

Eric http://patriotsquestion911.com/medical.html#Beeth

excellent interview

at the end though a&e911.org needs to be ae911truth.org

How do I download this video?

I signed up with Vimeo - but the video of Neils Harrit is "not available for download."

Does anyone have any ideas of how I can download this?

I really want to share this - and I am concerned that it will disappear from the Vimeo website.

This is a powerful video.


I used

Replay Media Catcher. Don't know if the demo version captures Vimeo, but the full version does and costs $39.95.

Not necessary

Will this work even though Vimeo says:

"Sorry, video not available for download." ?


If you can play it, you can download it, unless it's RTMP, in which case you need more advanced tools.

RTMP is the work of the devil. Not because it's so difficult, but because it's so evil.