CBS News: Wondering why drug violence in Mexico is skyrocketing? Because the US ATF has been secretly arming the drug cartels.

I theorize..

US governmental agencies want to eliminate the middle men so they can reap more profits.

Some similarity

To Michael Ruppert's dealings in LA.

intelligence & drug business

The former german politican Andreas von Bülow wrote a interesting book, how the intelligence finances "black operations" by the profits, which result from the control of the drug business. Bülow: "Seventy percent of the drug trade is licensed by the intelligence agencies," von B'low said, and they are interested in keeping the drug traffic "running through their mills." source:
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Thanks to Daniel Hopsicker research we know, that the buyer of the flight school, attended by Mohamed Atta and Marwan Alshehhi, has connection to drug traffic. " (...) the owner of Huffman Aviation,Wally Hilliard, was the owner of a Lear jet that in July 2000 was seized by federal agents after they found 43 pounds of heroin onboard." source:

Background of von Bülow:
"In the late eighties and early nineties, he served on the parliamentary committee on intelligence services ("Parlamentarischer Kontrollausschuss")." source:
He was never minister / secretary of defense but a state secretary of defense. Her served under the secretary of defense.

He is popular in Germany, as he was in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, over 100 persons came to his lecture!

Agent: I was ordered to let U.S. guns into Mexico

March 3, 2011
Agent: I was ordered to let U.S. guns into Mexico
ATF agent says "Fast and Furious" program let guns "walk" into hands of Mexican drug cartels with aim of tracking and breaking a big case

By Sharyl Attkisson
An agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms claims the agency has a policy that allows guns to get in the hands of the Mexican drug cartels. Sharyl Attkisson reports.

Sharyl Attkisson spoke with ATF special agent John Dodson who explained the reasoning behind the ATF's "Fast and Furious" program that guns "walk" into hands of Mexican drug cartels with aim of tracking and breaking a big case.
(CBS News)

WASHINGTON - Federal agent John Dodson says what he was asked to do was beyond belief.

He was intentionally letting guns go to Mexico?

"Yes ma'am," Dodson told CBS News. "The agency was."

An Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms senior agent assigned to the Phoenix office in 2010, Dodson's job is to stop gun trafficking across the border. Instead, he says he was ordered to sit by and watch it happen.

Investigators call the tactic letting guns "walk." In this case, walking into the hands of criminals who would use them in Mexico and the United States.


critical info and whistleblower

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The money trail is ruthless, which is why the authorities will not settle on the solution for ending the drug war by decriminalizing drugs. I wrote a short essay on this - Transforming Health-care and Criminal Justice. The dark corruption fear dwellers of violence are partly insane, and their collective element is beyond description for the harm it creates.