'No comment' from MoD over SAS men captured in Libya

The BBC News Website reports in the Middle East section....

'No comment' from MoD over SAS men captured in Libya

The Ministry of Defence says it will not comment on Sunday Times claims that eight members of the SAS have been seized by rebel forces in Libya.


From Al Jazeera:


Confirmed: The eight members of a British mission earlier reported 'captured' in Benghazi have boarded the HMS Cumberland and have left the country, Al Jazeera's Hoda Hamid reports.

She saw them board the boat, and believes they are headed toward Malta. The ship's destination cannot be confirmed.

She also said she was shown an official letter explaining seven of them were providing the security detail for the eighth, a diplomat, who was attempting to get in contact with opposition forces.

Members of the opposition have said the eight were released, as anti-Gaddafi groups were also attempting to make contact with international diplomats.

On the surface, it's seen to be a bit of an embarassing misunderstanding for all sides involved. What more there is to be uncovered remains to be seen.

Opposition officials said the man carried advanced computer equipment with them, which they will display "in the near future".

We'll being you details as they emerge...

Western intervention plans

same as with Iraq and Afghanistan it would be illegal

"...a no-fly zone in Libyan airspace is an act of war, as would be, of course, contemplated air strikes on fortifications of the Qaddafi forces. The core legal obligation of the UN Charter requires member states to refrain from any use of force unless it can be justified as self-defense after a cross-border armed attack or mandated by a decision of the UN Security Council."

from voltairenet http://www.voltairenet.org/article168826.html