New 911 Footage story on Huff Post

Hey everybody, please check out this article today on Huffpost. The article and footage don't seem to be anything too revealing, what is really interesting is the comment stream at the footer of the article. Please check out those comments and add some yourself! They show once again that people are awake and ready to join our movement. Let's work together and keep growing! Please find the link below.


"Newly released footage of the World Trade Center attacks shows an NYPD helicopter's perspective of that fated day.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology obtained the footage under the Freedom of Information Act as a part of their investigation into 9/11. The original footage was then anonymously posted onto Cryptome, a site which, among other things, catalogued the civilian deaths in Iraq, and posted protest photos in Libya.

The grainy footage swoops through the burning towers and captures the resultant collapse. It's an incredible new perspective of that day, but be warned: the footage is difficult to watch."

The comments are a mixed bag

The comments are a mixed bag but if you go through them (there are hundreds) you see a real debate going on. Maybe we need to get over there and cognitively infiltrate huffington post. This is a way of getting the word out to others and not just "preaching to the choir"!

Edit: I have started adding comments there, come on and help me out! A lot of good info is getting through on a major website! Very important!

Too hot for Huff

I posted the following comment on HuffPost yesterday, it was first moderated and accepted but some hours later removed 'due to violating their guidelines.' Not happy about it. Here tis:

In 17:04 minutes of footage the actual fall of the towers is not shown. See gaps at 4:04 and 12:29.
Were the cameras turned off during those seconds? Or were the actual falls of the towers edited out of this video?
If so, why?
Maybe because the white smoke at ground level just before the falls, the lateral ejection of tons of steel, and the speed and symmetry of the falls, would have led many more people to re-think exactly what happened.
Let’s hope there will be a forensic investigation into the attacks, following protocols laid down for any other criminal investigation. This has not happened yet. I encourage everyone to search online for a few minutes. The truth about 911 has been examined by scientists, architects, engineers and firefighters. I salute them for all the evidentiary work they have gathered so that justice will one day be brought to those truly responsible.
Please don't let this video fan a lust to start another war.
Peace to all.

I would like to see some/more mention of

I would like to see some/more mention of:
Architects And Engineers For 9/11 Truth

Hard to argue with more than 1,400 Architects And Engineers

Relatively open thread (for Huff)

Painful memories

One thing I gleaned from the HuffPo comments is that a lot of people still have painful memories of that day, and have trouble even watching the damage before the explosions. That goes a long way to explain why more people do not know what we know.

Kudos to all those defending the truth on HuffPo. I'd join you, but I'm pretty burned out from my participation in other forums since 2006.

I am pissed off and disgusted

I am pissed off and disgusted to report that almost all of the comments that I left on the thread have been removed by the moderators at Huffington Post. This is bullshit, the comments were there at first, so they got past moderation in the first place, but then they were removed after they started to make people sympathetic to my opinions. My comments were good and well worded. Instead they allow all manner of ad hominem attacks on people who doubt the official story. It sucks, I just wrote about scientific anomalies with the official story, I didn't say NWO, overthrow the government etc., I even said all I want is a new investigation and then maybe we can "put the conspiracy theories to rest". HA! All this shows me is that the method of rational discourse is effective enough to be scary to people who are trying to stifle discussion and mainstream acceptance of 911 truth. Well, to anybody online who has found themselves here understand that you have to work with everybody you can to bring justice for the victims families and end the 911 wars.

If people would help me out,

If people would help me out, maybe we can keep commenting there like whack a mole and wear them out. They probably won't accept new comments from me though, so go for it!! Never give up, with the truth on our side we ought to feel bold.

All Right, I Posted :)

Put up a link to ae911truth and pointed out the support from 1457 A's and E's.

If anyone here reads xkcd and ideally already has an account, we could use some help in those forums. It's an intelligent group over there, but OCT believers have dominated the conversation. Be advised, you are not allowed to post links until your 5th post.

EDIT: Quickly accumulating 5 posts just to post a link is frowned upon.

Can't find my comment

Shame on Huffington Post. But rest assured, the shame lifts as soon as they turn around.

@Vulich, you feel like posting something at xkcd? You won't be ignored or deleted.

Another Coverage...

I think this might be Glenn Beck's site, but another opportunity none the less:

Smart thinking Orangutan,

Smart thinking Orangutan, let's just overwhelm the system whenever stories like this get circulated in the media and in the internet. It is a form of electronic activism, we can reach minds this way in the 21st century! Use the stories against them, infiltrate their message boards and give the people doubts that they can't live with!


This is why we need to use Facebook to our advantage. We need to direct people with a fan page (Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth has 30,000 Fans) and give them links to Anderson Cooper's Statuses. If we then had 100s of people flooding the new Status Update of anderson cooper, we could overload the truth onto the Anderson Cooper Fan's, while simultaneously send a message to the Media. I have been in contact with Richard about this, but have had no luck getting ahold of the Moderator for AE 911 Facebook fan page.


Some of this footage was used several years ago in a German Documentary....

Check out the 4 minute mark....

Not new at all

i seen this video a few years back,,at 4.16 he says "holy crap they knocked the whole thing fricken thing down ,,,they did it."Who are THEY!? considering nobody new at that point what was going on,,,this cop obviously knew

Last post at 911 blogger

Hi everybody. Of late I have felt that my contributions to this movement are misunderstood or unappreciated. I hate to complain so I will just say that as of now I am signing off. I hope that in some small way my input has been useful to some of you. I know that many people here do not agree with me on a whole range of topics, and I very much respect your opinions and am happy to have had the opportunity to hear your views and share my own. For what it is worth I still believe that somehow, someday we will get truth and justice for the attacks of September the eleventh, so I want to encourage you all and everybody reading this in the future to press forward and keep asking questions and don't stop until you get all the answers you seek, no matter how long it takes. To anybody I upset with my comments and ideas I am sorry and I hope you understand that I just wanted to help and thought I could do so in my own way. Since 2003 when I first started asking questions I have sought out a community of like minded people to work on activist strategies for the movement. I have always thought of 911 blogger as one of the premier outlets for this cause, and I hope you all carry on the good work that you have done so well. I read stories on this site for years before acquiring an account and I will continue to follow the threads from time to time. Love, peace, critical thinking, honesty, these are the values I espouse, and I hope that has been reflected in my comments here, sorry if I have been imperfect in that regard. To all my brothers and sisters in the movement thank you for being there, and thank you for caring about this so much. Sorry for the off topic post.

-Richard Vulich


... do you have to go?

Your comments seem to have received quite a lot of points, at least those in your blog entries (I just checked).

Sorry to hear that Richard

You seemed like a reasonable and rational person to me. It's what we need more, not less of, in the TM.

We need more of you

Not less!



You are great and we need you. The real people know what is up with your awesome comments. Your perspectives should continue to help many as they have already! I'm sorry for the fools on here who have belittled you, or called you names, or voted you down. Just a loud sad immature bunch with a lot of time on their hands. They are not the majority will love and respect your feedback. Your reasonable approach should be a role model! I'm personally glad that in the future, if someone goes onto blogger here and were to stumble upon one of your comments, they will be happy to find a reasonable, responsible, mature perspective to go from.


I am touched by your kind

I am touched by your kind words and am currently taking some time to reconsider. Just wondering where my energy can be best spent, want to know that I am helpful and not just shouting from the rooftops to no effect. Happy to know that some people appreciate what I can bring, I think you guys are great and 911truth is in great hands.

Somehow some of my deleted

Somehow some of my deleted huffingtonpost comments were cached on the web and still exist in that form even though they were removed from the site. I have pasted them below here. I guess this violated the rules:

“People just wake up the buildings were some of the biggest steel structures ever built and they just pulverized into dust in a matter of seconds. A plane crash doesn't explain why the frigging world trade center should have collapsed in on itself and killed thousands. Trained professionals had no idea the buildings would collapse, that's why they went in there and first responders were lost. And then there's building 7 which wasn't hit by a plane and yet fell at free fall speed. You can't get to free fall without help there's this little thing called the redundant structure of the lower floors. So yes, the buildings were demolished . Does that mean inside job? Who knows? Let's get a new investigation and find out to honor the victims!”

And also:

“Controlled demolition is a scientific theory based on how the building was observed to fall versus what we know about how it should have behaved given it's architect re and the damage it suffered. It is not a conspiracy theory to ask those questions and it does not imply that 911 was orchestrat ed by the government even if the buildings were demolished . It does mean that we need a new independen t investigat ion to put the conspiracy theories to rest. Scientists who criticize the official story are not conspiracy theorists. Why are you so confident that the buildings were not demolished when reasonable people disagree with you based on the evidence?”

I just posted a comment on

I just posted a comment on the page linking to this amazing 9/11 video of firefighters talking about explosions. Talking about the mysteries of 9/11 is a good way to get peoples attention, but I think powerful videos like this one speak for themselves. Hopefully, they allow this comment to post.