9/11 Helicopter Footage Hits WorldWide Media Headlines While Incriminating 9/11 FOIA Videos are Ignored

Recently acquired FOIA helicopter footage from 9/11 hit major media headlines. 

The new video, some of it seen before (@ 4:00 min), is low-mid quality and mostly missing the very important aspects of the WTC  Towers destruction; especially the onset of their destruction. It does however give good perspective to the dust cloud that covered thousands of people in Manhattan.

Over the last 9 years there have been many Freedom Of Information Act Requests filed  pertaining to the events on 9/11/01. Very little of the information that has been acquired has had any major media attention if any at all.

The recently revealed file was uploaded to YouTube on March 6th; within 4 days the video had received 8 million views.

Just look at this small sampling of the major media outlets that carried the 9/11 helicopter footage within those first 4 days:

My good friend in Costa Rica asked about the new footage; my Aunt in Chile asked about it too! Worldwide news - but why?

The destruction of the towers is almost entirely unseen in the new video; whether the camera was off or the "collapse" was edited out, I have no idea.

I don't know why the media would not want to highlight this video with firemen describing explosions and bombs blowing up in the towers - also released via FOIA:


or this FOIA video:

or this FOIA video:

or this FOIA video:

All of the videos above have been out for months, yet not one has reached even a quarter-million views. What would happen if 8 million people watched these videos and then signed a petition asking for a new 9/11 investigation? What if 8 million people watched this video?

Please make sure anyone who asks you about the new 9/11 helicopter footage is sent some videos like those provided above to help fill in the blanks of our 9/11 tragedy.

Not even new

Maybe the full 17 minute video is new but parts of it have been around for years...

According to the person who uploaded this video more than 5 years ago on youtube, the footage was shown on Israeli Television...


I mentioned that in the

I mentioned that in the article and linked to a video containing some footage!


Press agency is the answer

AP did a press agency release, soon after that you found it word for word in dozens of german media outlets. Created some fuzz with media watch blogs here...



I covered it, too:



Can anyone identify the release number for the NIST EXPLOSIONS video?

This is very good for a few reasons. One is the view of the car park out to the west at 1:49. This car park north and west of the WTC site had nothing to offer after WTC2 collapsed. When the dust cleared, cars were covered, that's all. However, when WTC1 went down another cloud enveloped the car park and when it cleared, there were many cars set ablaze. You can see the black smoke rising from that area.

Many of the HI-RES helicopter photos released to ABC a while ago, document this dust cloud timeline and the fires seen.

I want to know what inside the dust cloud has the ability to single out certain cars and leave many others alone.

The poster of that video had

The poster of that video had a text description for it that said that they used footage from "Peskin 25.avi, Peskin 28.avi, Peskin 29.avi, and Peskin 30.avi." Unfortunately, he didn't post the release number but I'm sure he'll tell you if you ask him.

More eyewitness footage

Thanks for posting this, you had one video that I haven't seen before and that was great. Check out my collection of eyewitness videos found on my blog here:


I remember that post, it is a

I remember that post, it is a great compilation of footage!

Thanks for that.

Awesome, I appreciate you

Awesome, I appreciate you checking it out. I'm just your average dude that started researching 9/11 and came to my own conclusions.
I'm just trying to find a way to help out the movement and compiling some of the evidence I've seen and posting it here seemed like a good way to give back.

the metal iron spheres in the dust (side product of thermite) ?

the metal iron spheres in the dust ( side product of thermite ) could create short circuits on the car batteries, etc ?