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Truth about 9/11 obscured, protesters say


By Mike Malott • DAILY PRESS & ARGUS • March 13, 2011

Two men, carrying signs and passing out DVDs, picketed Friday afternoon at the corner of Michigan and Grand River avenues in downtown Howell, claiming that the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York did not happen the way the government and mainstream media say it did.


James Weeks and Dario Buzimkic, both of Fenton, are part of an organization called We Are Change. Information about the group can be found at its Web site,, which has several chapters in Michigan.

Weeks and Buzimkic belong to the Fenton chapter, which they say has 40 members.

Weeks said they picket on the 11th of every month from noon to 3 p.m. to raise awareness about the 9/11 truth movement. They have picketed in Howell several times previously.

Weeks said the fire from the jet fuel aboard the planes would not have burned hot enough to bring down the buildings. He claimed then-Vice President Dick Cheney ordered the North American Aerospace Defense Command to stand down during the terrorist attacks.

Buzimkic said the U.S. government is no longer controlled by the people but by "criminal entities who operate the government for the benefit of themselves."

An opposing view can be obtained at Skeptic Magazine, at, which has written extensively about the 9/11 truth movement.

One article, at, concluded: "The best explanation for the events of 9/11 is that it was the latest and most damaging attack yet in a series of attacks by radical Islamic terrorists who wish to end what they believe is an evil U.S. foreign policy. ... Sadly, the 9/11 truth movement continues to divert its gaze from the real problems, preferring the solace of delusions to reality."

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