The official "9/11 Memorial" preview site , in the shadow of ground zero on Vesey street is hosting a series of public lectures.

1. Thursday, April 28, 6:30pm
The Front Lines of Counter Terrorism: Confronting Islamist Extremist Propaganda
2. Wednesday, May 25, 6:30pm 
9/11 Conspiracy Theories: Why They Exist and What Role They Play in Society
3. Wednesday, June 22, 6:30pm
 Covering Catastrophe: Broadcast Journalists Report 9/11

Here's the link with more info.

Please consider traveling to NYC to join with the voices of local activists who intend on showing up and challenging power with truth.

There is a time for listening and battling it out on blogger And there is a time to be public. Those of you who are in the area or would travel to NYC, this is a great opportunity to get off the computer and into the faces of the censors who would continue the false reality of the official 9/11 conspiracy.

Your country and planet need you.

Your research, your passion, your voice, your camera.

Take the day off work if need be. It's that important.

If only experts

like Robert Bowman and Erik Lawyer would be in the audience to ask questions...I would love to see them face the audience provide the name of their websites, and ask the attendees to do their own research..

They might also give examples of government conspiracies.i.e. Jessica Lynch, Pat Tillman, WMD's.

Here is a BookTV interview

Here is a Cspan2 BookTV interview with Kathryn Olmsted, author of "Real Enemies: Conspiracy Theories and American Democracy, World War I to 9/11," who will be one of the presenters at the event.

After listening to this interview, she doesn't appear to be a staunch enemy of 9/11 conspiracy theories per se, by dismissing them as ungrounded. She documents in her book and mentions in this interview that there have been real conspiracies perpetrated by the government. She talks about the theories that developed around WWI that the bankers and war machine pushed Wilson and the US into that war. She highlights the 3 biggest conspiracy theories in modern history: Pearl Harbor, JFK and 9/11. What's interesting to me is that all 3 stand at the brink of major wars, a reoccurring theme that this interview conveniently ignores, IMHO.

Anyway, anyone who plans on showing up at the event might want to listen and get a little background about one of the presenters.

Wish I could be there.

Good looking out Peacenik.

If anybody who will not be able to attend, but has some great questions please use this thread or email me your suggestions.

my question

Since one of the panels is devoted to "conspiracy theories," I propose the following question:

Bin Laden first denied involvement in 9/11 and then reportedly switched his position to claiming responsibility. Given that the FBI says it has no hard evidence on Bin Laden's involvement, why should we believe he is behind the 9/11 conspiracy?

add to that...

the number of times people that have falsely confessed to crimes too. If confessions were proof of guilt then John Mark Karr (the man who confessed to killing Jon Benet Ramsey) would be in jail today but he isn't. If he confessed, why then would the Boulder, CO, police investigate to validate his story? If my memory serves me right, there was a confessor during the Atlanta murders decades ago before Wayne Williams was caught. It didn't stop the Atlanta PD from investigating after someone confessed. Lastly, if KSM supposedly confessed, how has he not even been tried yet despite the US' advantage of a lop-sided, fixed, kangaroo military tribunal?


A year ago I was called up for JURY DUTY...

I did not want to be selected. This was at the time of the great Swine Flu swindle.
A friend suggested I wear a paper respirator. So I did. I also wore a Ron Paul T-shirt, and I carried a copy of
"Real Enemies: Conspiracy Theories and American Democracy, World War I to 9/11,"

I was not selected.

Where the sacred myth will be taught to future generations

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This memorial will become a site which raises emotions and draws in thousands of visitors (and school groups) every year. What exactly will people be learning at this site? Fact or myth? Reality or spin? Scientifically-verifiable information or skewed approximations of the truth? Whole truths or half truths?

I have a question. A while back here on Blogger someone highlighted the fact that the 911 Timeline at this National Memorial site

erroneously illustrated their Building Seven info with a photo of the blazing WTC Building 5.

I notice today that photo has gone, siphoned down the memory hole. Does anyone know what happened there?

Here is the article on 911blogger

Here is the article on 911blogger

I have many ways to check out the existance of a page web and I have the feeling that the photo has been taken off

Also bring up Mineta's testimony

that implies that Cheney was obviously present in the PEOC before 9.37 on 9/11, as he was having the infamous conversation with (who turned out to be) Douglas Cochrane, before some plane hit the Pentagon.

I think a question could or should also be asked about the incomprehensible removal and subsequent destruction of all (minus the one piece which was studied by FEMA-investigators) of the physical evidence of WTC7. Wouldn't it have been nice (or appropriate/fitting) if the memorial site or museum could also show some exhibits of the world's first and only total collapse of a steelframed skyscraper through fires and some local damage?
Wouldn't it have been nice if they could've shown the worldfamous column 79, the one that started it all?

Another point would be the extremely low quality videos of the "collapse" of WTC2 and 1. There are many many videos around of both "collapses", surely they could've picked a few beter ones, with better resolution, showing the whole "collapse" instead of starting when the top has already dropped down.

Turn your back! What are the fors and aganists this suggestion ?

Herblay FRANCE

I suggest at thses events and others to come, that at the first big lie spoken the 911 truthers in the audience turn their backs to the speakers to show their disapproval of the on going propaganda pour the official lies.

Like Ray McGovern did not so long ago
In an act of solidarity to the millions of people who have died due to U.S. Foreign Policy, Ray McGovern quietly stood up, with his back turned and...stood there. McGovern was wearing a Veterans For Peace shirt. He was not heckling, in fact he wasn't even talking!

Turn your back! What are the fors and aganists this suggestion ?

Yours John

feels good

to depart the blogosphere once in a while for a demonstration !

There are vast numbers of 9/11 sceptics in or near New York.

What could happen if all of you who can, would show up at these events?

It might not be a bad idea to coordinate things a little.

And if someone knows the email addresses of some of the presenters, please post them here. Thanks.


NYC activists could assemble more people outside than there will be inside any of these events, THEN we would really be saying something, even if we didn't utter a word.

Family members

Thank you for your important efforts, Jon.

It was the 9/11 family members who managed to pressure the US govermnent to create the 9/11 commission. They somehow succeeded in getting media coverage for their striving.

Bob McIlvane has recently said that at least half of the family members no longer believe the official story.

What if these family members now acted in unison to make their voice heard in the NYT, Washington Post and other mainstream media?

I think the media would have a much harder time disregarding those who lost their loved ones.

Actually, I'm beginning to think that only a forceful enough demand by large numbers of family members and perhaps first responders would have any effect on mainstream media.

Jon, I'd appreciate your thoughts about this.

I somewhat...

Agree with the idea that "only a forceful enough demand by large numbers of family members and perhaps first responders would have any effect on mainstream media," except for numbers that make this anniversary pale by comparison.

I'm hoping the showing of 9/11 activists on the 10th anniversary at Ground Zero does exactly that.

The anniversary is important...

... and I hope that a large showing will be organized for it.

However, what I have in mind is 9/11 family members and first responders collectively - well before the 10th anniversary, to an unprecedented degree, supported by other members of the truth movement - demanding a real investigation and confronting the mainstream media about their continuing failure to critically investigate the official 9/11 story.

Would be nice...

Wouldn't it?

911TN: Have you spoken to any of the 9/11 family members about your action and if so, do they support you?

Jon Gold: I have spoken to some, and I can’t speak for them, but it seems that they support what I’m trying to do. One in particular hoped that maybe someday a group of 9/11 family members would try to do the same thing.

Perhaps Bob...

... McIlvane could help galvanize the family members into concerted action.

Question for Memorial Museum managers/curators

Does the Museum regard itself as a place of integrity, of objective truth? A place that represents all sides of the tragic and complex '911' event?

If so, would they agree that their Book/DVD in-store stock needs to reflect an open-minded (as Director Alice Greenwald herself says - 'evolving') approach to the 911 discussion by stocking a broad range of 911-related literature?

This means that, apart from stocking 'United 93', they need to also stock D. R. Griffin's books - particularly '911 Comission: Omissions and Distortions' and 'The Mysterious Collapse of Building Seven; Why the Official Report is Unscientific and Fraudulent' . They should also have Nafeez Ahmed's 'War on Freedom' available, and Barrie Zwickers 'Towers of Deception'. They also need to stock DVD's like 'Press For Truth'.

If the answer is - 'no, we will not stock these', the question is 'why not'?

If the Museum is confident and secure in its information - it has nothing to fear from robust critique.

Indeed, the presence of 'opposition' critique will strengthen the Museum's hand by allowing it to demonstrate how sure and sincere it is, how mature in its attitude and how it favours pro-democratic dissent - all traits which will help the world become a more peaceful place, going forward.

If the Museum is going to censor the range of book and DVD in its in-house store or ban certain books, it's off to a bad-start (PR-wise), given its professed noble and ethical intent.

If it stocks 'United 93' - a factoid-filled, B-grade Hollywood special - why won't it stock the output of serious academics - like the UK's Ahmed? The 911 Memorial Museum and its in-store bookshelf should not be Disneyworld:: 911 - it's a serious place that needs to demonstrate that it is serious and that it would like to engage seriously with its stated aim of 'demonstrating murder is unacceptable'.

I'll be there. . .

. . . tho' my mind reels with questions I would ask. Please, my fellow truthers, post more potential questions.