9/11 is Key, The Evidence is Clear, Edmonton Participates with Cross Canada Petition

Saturday March 19, 2011-9/11 Civil Infomation actions at City Hall.
9/11 Activists Emily and Doug shared free brochures and "9/11 blueprint for truth " DVDs by Richard Gage of ae911truth.org-(Winnipeg conference) and collected more signatures for "A Public Canadian 9/11 Investigation" petition initiated by truthACTIONottawa. Saturday and Sunday's petition drive brings the total number of signatures collected in Edmonton to 87. Signatures will be collected for most of the year ending September 2011 and later read in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario. Visit truthACTIONottawa and start your own petition drive in your hometown for "A Public Canadian 9/11 Investigation."Dr. Niels Harrit several times during his recent visit to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada quoted saying -" 9/11 is Key!"

In the United States, How Do I Get an Initiative on the Ballot?

Currently, Nevada, California, Illinois, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, Montana, Maine, Massachusetts, Alaska, Florida, Nebraska, Oklahoma, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming, Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas, Michigan, and Ohio allow voters to submit initiatives to the state ballot. Florida and Mississippi only allow amendments to the state constitution. Three more states, New Mexico, Kentucky, and Maryland, permit popular referendums, but not initiatives.


I enjoyed the video

thanks for all your effort.

Never scripted, honest feed-back by citizens

I love turning the camera onto the public, complete strangers to hear and see their reactions to the lies and crimes of 9/11 and learning how informed most have become over the years from the tremendous efforts applied by citizens world-wide their quest for truth and justice.

"Fondly regarded as the 9/11 truth movement" Take a bow citizens who love truth- from the dedicated people handing out leaflets on a busy street corners to the Researchers, Professionals and Professor's risking their careers in search for truth of 9/11- To the family members who lost love ones on 9/11 who refused to shut-up and remain quiet in spite of the bullying by corporate media, to that billboard sign some guy erected on a lonely highway somewhere USA- "9/11Was An Inside Job!".

You can't bury the truth and the leaders of our nations are going to have to deal with this very soon because you cannot stop the momentum of "World Public Opinion" the doubts with the official 9/11 story- TRULY 9/11 Truth is KEY!

This was my first speakers corner YouTube when I turned the camera onto strangers...October 2008