Tom Sullivan - Explosives Loader AE911Truth's EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Tom Sullivan - Explosives Loader

Tom Sullivan - Former Explosives Loader for Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI)

This interview is some raw footage of one of the world class experts appearing in Architects and Engineer's upcoming hard hitting documentary
"9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out"

In the houses of shadow, everybody lies.

It is so CLEAR that it resonates crystal and pings to the end of silence. Mr Sullivan, in 9 minutes, explains the COMMERCIAL REALITIES of detonation that define building sevens 47 storied, 6.5 second drop.[The speed of deceit].
Remote detonation? -been around for years, but too expensive except militarily.... Steel casings? Not used. Nothing left of copper jacketed shape charges..... Thermite self consuming shape charges widely used since PATENT in 1984, leaving nothing but molten Iron[watch your step Gross]. That it is NOT necessary to load the outer columns on a steel framed construction, just the cores sometimes only, and then the bottom third to bring it down . Its all here. pop-pop-pop. The idea that ONE unheated column failing over behemoth 81 columned plan area could induce an instantaneous COMPLETE collapse AT freefall...lies beyond the scope of computer construct la-la land.

Now. This testimony hits the titanium wall of officialdom where this conspiracy rests. Where the killer drones fly. In the pretend great free state, on whatever door or gate can be found bound and locked, will be the words "No Comment". Gross, Goss, Chertoff or Sunder. They will not be required by saint nor sinner nor thief to respond to Mr. Sullivan and Mr Gages excellent discussion. Even though it pertains to the science of demolition and illumination of the disgusting NIST reports fakery.

There is no requirement, no precedent, no judgment yet cast by the gods to HAVE these men of NIST answer to their science fiction. In fact, even more sinister are the DIRECTIVES Mr Sarshars testimony exposes of officialdom's response to FACTS not acceptable to the program, [FBI] "it never happened". "Those conversations didn't occur". Or, worse, as Susan Lindauer [CIA]reported, injections of HALDOL delivered by Dr VAS in some terrible prison [Bradley Manning] where life insurance helps cover costs once you die in solitude., right up to Barry Jennings [OEM] and 'The disappeared".

Somewhere., in this constructed, systemic multi faceted LIE, there is a faulty bolt [the magic bolt]. Find it, and the whole thing comes down. just like NIST on 911.

the Truth ...

is coming so fast......stuff like this is sealing the deal, this is going to explode mainstream 2012.....9/11 Truth is TOO strong now.

Awesome interview, can't wait for the full release.

I have always wondered about...

I have always wondered about the experts involved in the controlled demolition of the three World Trade Center Buildings.
We know, as a certainty, that it took experienced and very, very well trained CD professionals to plan and ensure that these three buildings came down the way they did (especially the Towers). Familiarity with nano-composite explosives and also a successful, skilled history of CD seem part of the resume of these experts who were involved.
How many CD experts are there in the world that could have the competency to engineer, without glitches, these three events, and all while masking their preparations?
...and following the event, wouldn't these experts "disappear"?

I have theorized...

the "team" was called to the WTC for one last detail on 9/11.

of course I have no evidence.

I lean with you on that.

There are "hints" that this is so. (e.g. Body found in the closet, Rodriguez hearing the noise on a floor, etc.)
Like you pointed out, it is only a personal speculation.

What is certain:
A team of highly skilled, advanced-state-of-the-art, experts pulled off the demolitions.

The ghosts of Number 7.

Barry Jennings reported 'stepping over bodies in the lobby' as he was being led out that terrible morning
well before detonation..
He NEVER recanted, and infact reiterated that he had 'stepped over bodies in the lobby'..
Thats what he said.
No mention of 'bodies' in any Agnotological building assessment reports by NIST,
No reference in the disgusting Zelikow torture commission report - surely the greatest literary insult ever constructed.

No mention of the dead in No.7 anywhere.

so who were they?!.

He DID recant saying so...

... in the BBC interview shortly before his death. He said he had said it FELT like stepping over dead bodies. Dylan then let the BBC reporter hear his original interview, in which Barry said what he said.

to recant

to 'recant' is to 'withdraw and renounce entire concept/statement. Mr Jennings never did that.
He reiterated that he had been told "not to look down"[at his feet] but that 'I didn't have to look down', because ' I know what dead bodies feel like".
The reference to bodies being in #7 was never recanted.


ur getting sharp!

Vesa pls provide the link- I'd like to see ur side - thx

Possible witnesses

apart from Mr Jennings are the firefighter who led him out and Mr Hess who went with him.

To the Facts.

I use the words 'dead bodies', instead of "stepping over people".
I apologize. Its a serious mistake and not helpful. The actual words Barry Jennings uses need NO reinterpretation by me.
[T]he firefighter that took us down kept saying, "Don't look down". I asked, "Why?" And he said, "Do not look down". We were stepping over people, and you know you can feel when you're stepping over people." [Barry Jennings 1. 4:45]
BBC characterized Jennings testimony by first showing Dylan Avery saying "He [Jennings] says he was stepping over dead bodies in the lobby". BBC followed by saying "Trouble is Barry Jennings himself disagrees with their interpretation of his words."
It then shows Barry saying:
"I didn't like the way, you know., they portrayed me as seeing dead bodies. I never saw dead bodies., I said it felt like I was stepping over them, but I never saw any." [The conspiracy files. July 6.2008.4:47

When BBC confronted Avery on camera with the charge he had taken Jennings' statements out of context, Mr Avery played the portion of the interview with Mr Jennings ; quote:
[T]he firefighter that took us down kept saying, "Don't look down". I asked, "Why?" And he said, "Do not look down". We were stepping over people, and you know you can feel when you're stepping over people."

There is never a recanting of Barry saying he was 'stepping over people" while being led out of the lobby, only BBC introducing discredit or doubt by semantic argument between the words 'SAW' and 'FELT'

[please refer Chapter 5 . David Ray Griffins "MYSTERIOUS COLLAPSE OF WTC7"]

All rise !

As Vesa hasn't come back with anything of value- I judge Remo to be the best researcher in this conversation- good work. Sit down again!


x, but Truthgonewild, below[my 2 cents] moves the conversation along a further notch by connecting Mr Sullivan's standard commercial pre-demolition weakening sequences in stairwells, to Barry Jennings experiencing explosive detonations on level 6 stairs, trapping him and the duplicitous Hess in building.

Now, if Matt Taibbi could just bring himself to the table..................

Truly significant

All of these experts are showing enormous courage by speaking up. We need to stand behind these courageous people and crank up our efforts to disseminate this info to the engineering and scientific world. This evidence and analysis may not convince the general public, but it does put the professional engineering community on notice -- and if we do our part and get this info into their hands, at some point they will have to deal with it, and, IMHO, if enough people are exposed to the truth, it will be much easier for them to defend pure science than to construct far-fetched arguments that defend the lie. We need to create and reinforce an environment where truth in science is requisite for all of the challenges in the 21st century -- from energy consumption, to food production, to criminal deceptions that get us into wars.

Kudos to everyone who is working so hard to document these people in a professional way. The rest of us need to be equally professional in the way we disseminate it.

Get busy.

Highly informative

Thank you

My 2 Cents

What is most interesting about this interview is that he talks about pre-weakening and that one important aspect of pre-weakening is, in his own words:

"To weaken the building, that means the stair cases have to be cut at intervals."

Before Berry was murdered (my opinion) he stated in an interview:

"When we reached the sixth floor, the landing that we were standing on, gave way. There was an explosion, then the landing gave way. I was left their hanging." [1]

For those who don't exactly know what a landing is, or may think he is no longer in the stairwell, landing means:

"A landing is the area of a floor near the top or bottom step of a stair. An intermediate landing is a small platform that is built as part of the stair between main floor levels and is typically used to allow stairs to change directions, or to allow the user a rest. " [2]

This fits with the pre-weakening protocol Tom Sullivan spoke about above. The explosions reported are pre-weakening explosions setting up for total collapse. Tom Sullivan mentions "intervals", which means:

"at particular periods of time" and or "at particular places, with gaps in between" [3]

We know explosions were going off at random moments and most likely seemingly random locations, probably to not draw anymore attention to the already - sore thumb.

Now we can see that the explosions were most likely going off in all of the locations Tom Sullivan mentioned in the interview (e.g. stair cases, firewalls and elevator shaft rails).

Berry Jennings may very well have witnessed the pre-weakening event first hand! No wonder he was killed. And no wonder why Michael Hess has kept his mouth closed.

The plot thickens boys and girls!!