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Would you give a journalism student a helping hand? I think she might appreciate it, but be nice! :-)

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... there is no information whatsoever on that page about the purpose of the survey?

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3. I heard clips from Loose Change being played as a fund-raising promotion on KPFK. It sounded like BS, but I figured I should check it out for myself.

4. I'm not interested in theories; I'm interested in evidence, facts, truth and justice. If 9/11 was not what the Bush Administration and 9/11 Commission represented it as, then the public needs to know - especially as 9/11 continues to be used by Democrats, Republicans and MSM pundits to justify the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, a 'global war on terror,' an ongoing state of emergency in the US, the subversion of the US Constitution, abuses of human beings, human rights and civil liberties, and massive funding for the US MIC and US allies in the alleged 'war on terror.'

5. see 3. above

6. One significant 'conspiracy theory' that is incredible and unbelievable is the official story about 9/11; that it was "an al Qaeda operation with no foreknowledge by government officials," as Richard Falk has put it. I'm not interested in 'believing' anything; I want full disclosure and accountability; truth and justice.

7. I don't search for 'theories'; I search for information and evidence, and I am searching for viable alternatives to the corrupt, humanity-destroying social structures that has enabled 9/11 and the ongoing coverup, the general public's unwitting support, the precursor related events, and the post-9/11 world.

8. I'm discussing this subject with you right now. Your questions imply you're interested in the sociological and psychological aspects of the '9/11 truth movement.' Your questions imply you're aware that for some, '9/11 conspiracy theories' seem to be the equivalent of a fandom. You're probably getting a significant number of submissions from people who, sincerely or not, are proclaiming misinformation and speculation to be fact, and I wanted to make it clear that not everyone skeptical of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory uncritically endorses 'contrary' claims about 9/11. Many of those associated with the 9/11 truth movement are simply advocates for truth and justice.

9. I recommend The Complete 9/11 Timeline to get the fullest possible understanding about 9/11, absent a truth and reconciliation commission.

10. 'Conspiracy theorist' is a perjorative, ad hominem label commonly applied to anyone who does not accept the officially endorsed 9/11 narrative. It is a tool for socializing the public. It is used to ridicule anyone who is skeptical or curious and who does not simply accept what the government and MSM pronounce as acceptable 'truth; it is used to silence questions and dissent. See "Dangerous Machinery: 'Conspiracy Theorist' as a Transpersonal Strategy of Exclusion" by Ginna Husting and Martin Orr, Symbolic Interaction, Vol. 30, Issue 2, pp. 127–150, ISSN 0195-6086, electronic ISSN 1533-8665. © 2007.

I used DRG's esoteric interpretation

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