9/11 Truth hits Germany: Dr. Niels Harrit, Elias Davidsson and I in Frankfurt last friday

I'm pleased to tell you that our two presentations last friday were both a major success.

On the morning we attented a high school called "Altkönigschule Kronberg". It's a village near Frankfurt, Main. The Schüler-AG "Current Events" or "Clandestine Operations and Peak Oil" invited Dr. Niels Harrit, Elias Davidsson and me to speak there.

Mr. Davidsson dropped out from the speaches due to timelimits (we had only 1 1/2 hours and wanted to give Niels 50 minutes and 20 minutes for discussion) and so he gladly organized a work shop with around 20 pupils.
I adressed the crowd of 180 pupils and some teachers, parents and officials from the school for about 7 minutes, reading a short synopsis of my 9/11 truth novel Nanospuren.

Then Dr. Niels Harrit gave a 50 minutes version of his presentation."Explosive Evidence"
Afterwards some teachers ask the same questions as always, who was it, how could it be planted, there is Al and Fe in the towers, couldn't that be the explanation. Dr. Harrit adressed all questions in a very factual manner. Eventually we made some overtime, but the pupils were highly interested and stayed calm, more than 15 minutes longer. The Schüler-AG will made a report for a local newspaper about the event, which will be delivered to all neighborhood households.

In the evening we were invited by Frankfurt "Freidenker Verband", an old left leaning free thinkers club in Germany, actually one of the oldest. The Schüler AG was part of the organisation team as well. This time in Frankfurt city, a room with 100 seats, packed with people.
I started with a 25 minutes presentation, a german version of it is available on my blog 911-archiv.net (including the powerpoint).
I think I made my points very strong, I consulted Jon Gold beforehand to hear his ideas how to strenghten the arguments for my first official presentation and followed his advise.

Then Dr. Harrit turned in. He gave the same lecture and powerpoint presentation as in the morning, it was fantastic. The shortening of his normal lecture time did strengthen the case even more, I suppose, and increased the ability for the audience to follow up closely to the arguments.

Elias Davidsson, he himself a member of the Freidenker, closed the event with his point of view by international law and the missing evidence for the oct.

It was great. Every one listened open-minded to what we had to say. There were nearly no questions to us afterwards, just a civil discussion what can be done. I should quote Dr. Harrit, who said: "This was the first time ever in the world he thinks that a left leaning organizer gave 9/11 truth a forum, this and the fact that such a civil discussion took place was an encouraging sign for a paradigm shift."

Of course, no "debunker" showed up, the same for the lame press. But that does not matter anymore. We are the press. The full event was filmed with a camera and will be material for an upcoming 9/11 truth documentary here in Germany.

On Saturday I had to leave early, because I had another arrangement at the german book fair in Leipzig. This event was great, too. The room was packed with people, and it is not that easy to archieve this, with 1.500 other authors reading their books. And me as a nobody regarding an author's name and my editor beeing only a small one. Eventually it was the best turn-out for my editor for all time. The questions afterwards were intelligent and open-minded, too.

Taken all together, it was just fabulous. And we had several premieres. The first presentations of Dr. Harrit in Germany, though he lives in our neighbor country. My first presentions. The first time ever, an audience gets 9/11 truth at a book fair, at least as I know. And the outcome described by Dr. Harrit in Frankfurt, the civil discussion, what can be done. I feel a paradigm shift. Maybe it's sentimental, but encouraging still. And the other great thing was to met all the ones who organized this and Dr. Harrit and his wife Pernille and Mr. Davidsson personally. All of them are such great characters, with big courage and intelligence, great. I just want to say thank all of you for this experience. Together we can do it. I'm sure now.


It would be great for the german truth-movement, if Dr. Harrit could speak in german. Did he?

A lot

but not the full presentation. All his powerpoints were geman language, and he listened to questions in german and answered them in english. His german is good, maybe better than he thinks, and I had the feeling the more he stayed here the better it got. He was a student in Mülheim/Ruhr once, 40 years ago.
His english is so clear and precise, too, I do not had the feeling somebody could not understand what he had to say.

For the german docu we'll try to get subtitles or synchronisation.

I love reading stories like this

Thanks so much!

Local newspaper

in Kronberg, "Kronberger Boten", has a full page entry on the event in the current edition, page 14

Will switch to "archive" in about a week, then it will be:



The "Kronberger Boten" has an edition of 10.100, but will be read by all kind of higher-ups because it's a expensive area near Frankfurt, where all the big business guys live. Like Josef Ackermann of Deutsche Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet from the EZB and so on. It will be read by all because this weekend is communal election there.
So this a great success.

My entry on Dr. Harrits presentation