Atta in two different places at the same time

People might recall that the presence of Atta and Al Shehhi in Shuckums (Hollywood, FL) on September 7, 2001 posed a big challenges to the official story. Their heavy drinking in this bar has been witnessed by many and widely reported in the media. Yet the Commission Report states that Atta travelled to Baltimore the very same day. The last flight from Fort Lauderdale (closest airport to Hollywood) to Baltimore took off at 7.30 p.m. If one assumes that all the reportings that have him drinking longer than 7 p.m. are wrong, that he managed 12 miles to the airport in a quarter of an hour and if he was still allowed to check in at 7.15 p.m. and that the reportings of Atta and Al Shehhi in Sarasota the same evening are wrong, too, than the drinking in Shuckums so far was no definite proof that Atta had a double.
This changed now with the publication of the evidences presented in the Moussaoui trial.
Open the one on Atta (OG00020.02 at the bottom of the page)
Here you find now:
On Sep 7 a wire transfer from Al Shehhi's and Atta's account happened on Sep 7 at 15:58.
This pushes the beginning of the drinking to later than 4 p.m. or somehow the alleged hijackers interrupted their session which has not been reported.
It gets worse.
Now open the file on Al Shhehi (open OG00020.01 at the bottom of the list). Here you find:
Al Shehhi made on Sep 7 at 16:56 in Deerfield Beach an ATM withdrawal fom Saeed Al Ghamdi's account and was taken on video.
Now, how is this possible. At the very same time he’s supposed to drink in Hollywood which is 20-25 miles away. All reports talk of Atta and Al Shehhi drinking there. If Al Shehhi arrived just after 4 p.m. in Hollywood then he would have had to leave the bar right away in order to drive back to Deerfield Beach (where by the way he was coming from) and could only have returned back to Shuckums around 5.45 p.m. having left Atta alone for 1 ½ hours. All this is in inexplainable contrast to the Atta and Al Shehhi drinking in Shuckums. And I would very much like to see the video footage of Al Shehhi!
It gets even worse.
As officially stated in the already mentioned chronology on Atta he did take Flight 2719 from Fort Lauderdale to Baltimore on September 7, 2001. According to the BTS the plane was scheduled for 3:15 p.m.
Therefore Atta is on a flight to Baltimore while he is still witnessed drinking at Shuckums for hours....!
Therefore we can conclude that Atta and most likely Al Shehhi had doubles.
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For further information on the alleged hijackers see “Tracking the alleged hijackers and their doubles”.

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Though the research is from 2007 (and certainly needs some updates and corrections) I think it should be pretty useful.

9/11 pilots

This certainly adds weight to my long held view that:

(a) there is no proof that Atta or any other named person, was on the planes

(b) there is no proof that there was an inept pilot on board AA77.

(c) there is no proof AA77 was controlled by a machine.

The motion of the plane, as shown in the FDR file, certainly looks very like control by a person with some skill but not perfectly trained. The autopilot was not set properly and it appears the pilot was not initially familiar with the sensitivity of the controls, but got the feel for it as the flight progressed.