4 Star General Calls for 9/11 Truth


4 Star General Calls for 9/11 Truth

March 24th, 2011



4 star gen wesley clark/911truth

i would tend to be skeptical of the sincerity of this fellow, and perhaps wonder who his handlers are, not meaning to imply cia control or anything, of course. see www.oilempire.us/clark.html
for many articles on his past deeds and misdeeds. i, along with michael moore after his academy awards speaking out, was thrilled to see clark talking in favor of 911 truth, (he's been at patriotsquestion911.org website for years) and him being discussed as in the presidential running, but the many articles at above oilempire website are rather eye-opening.
i seem to fear a grab for the helm of any new investigation, a co-optation in order to control results, as has been done before in history, we know, even with the cia abuse investigations. like limited hangout.

clark spoke on abc? at first glance that seems great and momentous, but the cynic in me thinks/realizes the mixed blessing this is. one, the good part, is that perhaps the truth movement is getting too big to be hidden from mainstream news/america. but two, the downside is that the power brokers have maybe decided they MUST admit/agree with need for new investigation, and seek to control the fallout.

personally, i don;t think a solely american /congressional investigation would have much/any? chance of discovering the whole truth. that being said, every day i remain committed and work for 911 truth, sharing/posting signs/"google wtc7" sticky notes everywhere i can think of-even an army recruiter's door!, brochures, 9/11 investigator newspapers, writing letters to editor, scanning this website, others, conversations, forwarding good comments, news, happenings to several folks with open minds.

homemade hand-painted cardboard signs keep appearing, and re-appearing at our town green, causing some grief among vets when one said "9/11>war; 9/11 truth> peace. there has been complaint to town selectmen that "political signs" not be allowed. now that snow is melted, those signs will be re=appearing (now how would i know that?). banning them is probably not constitutional said a maine aclu lawyer. we shall find out. in the mean time, if it does become an issue, it's grist for another letter to the editor, and even another appearance of the sweet older lady "9/11 truth fairy" in this year's fourth of july parade.

and/or an appearance of abe lincoln in all his top hatted splendor. the front of his sign will read "history isn;t history if it isn't the truth". folks will applaud. then he'll reverse the sign so they can read the back side: 9/11 truth for peace and justice. it'd be nice to have a whole contingent, i have so many signs, but so far, mostly, i'm content to hear personal 'converts' clap in support, or one lady even say loudly for all around her to hear, "good for you!, always doing the right thing". so it's reassuring to hear people slowly come 'round.

last 4th, handing out brochures, standing as truth fairy by my easel and old decorated bike across from the library book sale, not one person threw eggs! only about two people had ever heard of building 7. i stressed "this is scientific, not conspiracy theory" everyone took a brochure, promised they'd read it, and thanked me!
so, i'm not bragging, for i'm in awe of someone in n.y. who's handed out 10,000 dvds. my daughter made about 50 a couple of years ago.

it also pays to have brochures/my truth fairy visor on car dashboard, and bumper stickers.

wish i could be in west hartford tomorrow and personally thank THOSE hard working spirits/intellects.

gen wesley clark on abc

don't mean to be pessimistic. shall follow another's advice here and use this to lend credibility to "movement." we just need to be aware. it doesn;t seem he is very well versed in the subject, judging from his vague comments. kind of "getting on the bandwagon." see that we are change confronted him at some point, perhaps linked at oilempire above. shall find that and read.

ploaded by haybro on Jan 20, 2010

ploaded by haybro on Jan 20, 2010

Lets see Glenn Beck bash GENERAL CLARK for wanting 911 TRUTH NOW. Go to www.wearechange.org and find a "We Are Change" chapter near you!

here's an interesting 4.5 min wesley clark video

There was a full moon for 2 invasions.

Necessary for military action. Maximium visibility.

Yeah I was most interested in his direct comments

He seemed to be truthful in that regard.