15 cents per Tax Payer for a New 9/11 Commission

How many tax dollars would it take for a new 9/11 Commission?
Tax pennies, is more like it.

In 2005 there were about 100,000,000 Americans who paid taxes.

If each Tax Payer paid 15 cents, that would be $15 million,
about as much as the Zelikow-Kean-Hamilton Commission eventually got.

Initially the 9/11 Commission got $3 million, about 3 cents per tax payer, or even
zero per tax payer, if the money was "printed" by the Federal Reserve.


Over the years I estimate I've given $15,000 to the cause.
I'd do it all over again.

Joe, It is higher than 15k

I am sure that it is much, much higher than 15k. (I once put it to paper a few years ago... ...blank DVDs, DVD burners, posters, banners, stickers, flyers, endless contributions and donations, theatre screenings, countless events, and actions, fees, new documentary DVDs and books, etc, etc, etc.) ...and you have spent countless hours disseminating and participating in actions. In fact, Saturday you will be busy at several actions.
Thank you Joe!
You are so appreciated and loved!