GMA: Jesse Ventura Talking about WTC 7, 9/11, Gulf of Tonkin, + More

"63 Documents the Government doesn't want you to read"

Jesse Ventura's new book is out today, co-authored with Dick Russell, who was a guest in Hartford. I am told that Kevin Ryan's work is mentioned. Great to see the Governor appear on GMA and tonight on CNN with Piers Morgan. I look forward to reading the book and a public woken up by the millions. Cheers!

305 views? Yeah right.

Strange how the YouTube views on stuff like this always freeze at 305, effectively preventing them from getting featured on the front page and going viral. Google is playing a dangerous game of censorship. Well at least their CEO resigned so I guess that's one less insider crony to worry about. Or is it?

I've watched YouTube counters long enough to know...

they all hang at around 300 then jump. Check back in a little while.

ABC news has disabled "embedding" the video, but soon it will be copied and available for embed.

Just watch.

Yes but not consistently

If it's a dog playing piano or a fat person falling down, those go straight to the top and get clicked on by millions. It seems like Google (YouTube) slow these controversial ones down just enough to keep them from going truly viral. I know Jesse's views on corruption in govt aren't as interesting as the Ching Chong Ding Dong rant. It's not what google wants people to see too easily, or at least that's how it looks.


upload, upload, upload, upload, upload, upload, upload, upload, upload, upload, upload, upload, upload, upload, ...........

ThickShadesNews beat me to it, but everyone here that has a YouTube channel should start uploading NOW while it's still hot. Let's see if we can accumulate more uploads than ABC has YouTube views.

This video is private. Sorry about that.

This video is private.
Sorry about that.


Thanks Joe. That's what happens when you rush. I should know better. Nice to see people watching out for each other. That's what makes this movement so cool. Thanks again.


You should make sure your email in your profile is up to date. I tried to email you through your contact form, but maybe it didn't get to you? Anyway. Thanks for the update. And thanks Joe too for keeping after it.

Youtube always

youtube always has videos stop in the 300 range. I am suspicious of censorship as well though.

Such as this video:
"Note: The ratings for this video have been manipulated by youtube. There were well over 3000 likes on this video 3 years ago when the video had only 100,000 views."

Right now it only has 4,110 likes, but over 1,000,000 views.

This is censorship. Other than that, I can't make a call on any other video.

George Stephanopoulos Feigning Incredulity

It is sad indeed that TRUTH must be cloaked in the mainstream media. On the other hand it is a leap for George Step.. to be talking about WTC 7, 9/11, Gulf of Tonkin, + More. "Tower 7" was brought up by Stephanopoulos to open the door.

Often times an interviewer will arrange with the interviewee beforehand on how to proceed and the role they will play. It happened to me and could have happened here. Yes this is BIG- just before the NEW "Remember Building 7" ads hit the airwaves.

Digging Deeper: Jesse Ventura's Alternative Take on American History

April 4, 2011

In his new book, "63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read," former wrestler turned governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura takes a close and at times disturbing look at major historical events. Ventura draws on public but often overlooked information about such events as John F. Kennedy's assassination and the 9/11 attacks, offering fresh, often intriguing insights.

Here is an excerpt from "63 Docrments the Goverment Doesn't Want You to Read":

There is little value in ensuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment." – John F. Kennedy

This book is titled "63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read," lest we forget that 1963 was the year that claimed the life of our 35th President. The conspiracy that killed JFK, and the cover-up that followed, is the forerunner for a lot of what you're going to read about in these pages. In fact, the idea behind this book came out of writing my last one, American Conspiracies. There I presented a close look at whether or not our historical record reflects what really went on, based on facts that most of the media have chosen to ignore – from the Kennedy assassination through the tragedy of September 11th and the debacle on Wall Street. In poring through numerous documents, many of them available through the Freedom-of-Information Act (FOIA), I came to realize the importance of the public's right to know. And I decided to see what new picture might be revealed if you laid out certain documents that the powers-that-be would just as soon stay buried.

Everything in this book is in the public domain and, for the most part, downloadable from the Internet. I'm not breaking any laws by putting these documents in book form, although some of them were classified "Secret" until WikiLeaks published them. I'll get to my view on WikiLeaks in a moment, but let me begin by saying how concerned I am that we're moving rapidly in the direction President Kennedy tried to warn us about.

Yep. That's right.

"...Often times an interviewer will arrange with the interviewee beforehand on how to proceed and the role they will play...."
...yes, that's right. The tone and back-n-forth are often prearranged in interviews or sometimes tacitly agreed upon.

In order to incite audience excitement and interest, the media often is like a 'scripted wrestling match' or circus or shocking sideshow or gossipy controversy.
Mainstream media competes for viewers (revenue depends on it). ...they don't want the viewer to change the channel.

Supposed Newsman

I wish he would have asked Stephanopoulos how he can sit in the chair he's sitting in and not question the official conspiracy theory when there's so much evidence that contradicts it.

they arranged beforehand how the interview would go

It is Good we Get what we Got.

I think he does question it

in his mind, only not out in public.
It's good indeed we got what we got and it's always nice to see Jesse do his thing with the facial expressions and wobbling legs, when it comes to pointing out the obvious things that should really ring very loud alarmbells within all of us. He did great, and I wonder though if the interview was scheduled to last just 4 minutes, or that George decided to cut it short befor Jesse actually did ask the question you were talking about :-) Too bad he couldn't or wasn't able to get AE911truth and the 9/11-families in there, that would've been even better. Still very good though.

Edit: Interesting to see btw, that the text on the screen at 0:50 shows "Jesse Ventura, Author, 63 documents..." and not "Jesse Ventura, Author "63 documents the government doesn't want you to read". What's the matter? Didn't it fit on the screen, was the title too long?


I thought Ventura did a good job! Stephanopoulos is such a twerp. Interestingly enough, he seemed to like and respect Jesse though. I have noticed that Ventura doesn't let anyone use any media smack down techniques on him and he can counter fallacies pretty well and usually leaves people with nothing left to say.

This One Works!

Moderators please change the "Good Morning America" upload to this one:

Jesse Ventura Picks Fight With Feds Over 9/11 Cover-Up (04-04-2011)

Jesse Ventura on Good Morning America talking about his new book, "63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read": April 4, 2011

Piers Morgan

He's on Piers Morgan show right now and standing his ground quite capably despite Morgan's attempts to ridicule and discredit him


I just wish Ventura would mention ae911truth and challenge the interviewer to choose between 1500 professional architects and engineers who have nothing to gain, versus a government who have everything to hide and a complicit media who are at least ignorant and at worst, complicit.


Hey Aidan

If you are gonna accuse people of being agents in a shady passive way, you better back it up. Jeff's research has been solid. His radio show has been very critical and on point. Your name calling on the other hand is ad-hominem garbage.

WARNING to commenters re insults and accusations

A whole bunch of comments just got removed; insults and snitchjacketing; veiled accusations that users are disinfo agents.

It's possible I missed something; if you see a comment that violates or infracts on the rules, please contact 911blogger directly. Moderation is conducted on an ad hoc basis by volunteers.

If your critical comments are directed at other users, stick to criticism of their evidence, arguments and behavior, and follow the rules:

"Be civil. There have been disagreements about what happened on 9/11 since it happened. If you feel compelled to point out factual errors in a blog entry, back up your observations with linked documentation. Calling another user a liar or a disinformation agent will not be tolerated. If you believe someone is lying post the facts and let the readers decide for themselves. ... Keep your comments relevant to the blog entry. Post useful information and commentary, not ad-hominem attacks or insults."

This thread is about Jesse Ventura's recent TV appearance, and anything related to Ventura is on topic. Ventura is a public figure; as such there's a more lenient standard for critical comments, but if you want your opinion to be considered by those who don't share it, choose your words wisely.

You Will Be Discredited

Jeff is a stand up guy.

"So I’m going to say this group, more than any other that I can think of in terms of a movement, is going to be infiltrated, is infiltrated and there are going to be all kinds of efforts to subvert your work, all kinds of efforts to corrupt your work and all kinds of efforts to discredit you. Please understand that and take it in the spirit in which it is being given because this is what will happen and probably is happening. So please... your work is too important, your mission is too precious. Be careful in every aspect of the work, make sure your allegations, your claims are well founded because if they're not you will be discredited."

- Dr. William F. Pepper, June, 2006 YouTube


You are becoming bitter and petty. This is unbecoming of a man who has done so much work for this cause.

You should know better than to just accuse people, directly or indirectly of being 'agents'.

How many times have you been accused of this? What did you think of the people who did it? Did you admire their judgment?

Haven't you ever wondered why Sunstein published this work openly?

If you have a point about anything else than baseless snitchjacketing, the most lowly form of being unable to handle a debate, just make it.


Ventura promotes the no plane at the Pentagon theory. Promotes voice morphing theory.

The first theory has been proven false so many times, I lack the vocabulary to express my distress at seeing that still floating around.

The second, is rapidly crumbling, but what's most worrying, is the blatant dishonesty of Ventura's conspiracy show.

I find this performance of Ventura an improvement. But I am no proponent of the maxim: any attention is good attention. I don't need 10 million people believing no plane hit the Pentagon. I'd rather have them examine insider trading, military exercises, advance knowledge or the papers by Journal of 9/11 Studies instead.

You imply that utilizing JREF supported material is undesirable. I'm no cheerleader of JREF, who I largely regard as vicious anti-dissenters and pseudoskeptics. But when JREF offers analysis which passes close scrutiny, it will have to be considered. Otherwise you'd be committing the Bad Company Fallacy: Group G accepts idea I. Therefore, idea I is false.

"Why would they do that" is code for: "They're evil CIA agents who are manipulating the 9/11 Truth Movement into disbelieving a genuine theory"

You neglect the possibility that we are dealing with truthers who wish to insulate the 9/11 Truth Movement from nonsense.

Personally, I just do not accept anything but the truth. I do not pursue victory by supermajority.


"we are dealing with truthers who wish to insulate the 9/11 Truth Movement from nonsense."

Well, good fucking luck man. I hope you realize that most thinking people equate the 9/11 truth movement with nonsense, specifically because of people like Jesse and the shit they say on TV. That's why on 9/11 Blogger, you have people who go out of their way to bash people like Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn. They'd much rather have luminaries such as Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, and Charlie Sheen on their side. Might as well, when there's little hope of winning.

Inna final analysis, I have no issue with this clip. I guess Jesse did ok. I somehow doubt it'll wake multitudes of people up or change any minds, but thats just my opinion. He still looks weapons grade crazy with that hair, but then again he's a goddamned sexual tyrannosaurus, so maybe he can get away with it. I just wish he'd stop going around saying he was a SEAL every chance he gets..

Piers Morgan

I watched Ventura on Piers Morgan last night and was so mad at what I was seeing, I guess I took out my frustration here by posting those videos. I didn't see Jesse on television promoting truth, I saw him on television promoting his new book.

I thought it was pretty sad that Piers made Ventura look so foolish especially when Jesse flip flopped on his Cheney comments. Another memorable moment of the interview was when Ventura said his show "Conspiracy Theory" was an entertainment show.

Who of ANY of these people like Jesse Ventura ever help the truth? These people have made a lot of money off of "the truth" and in return have given nothing, but ammunition to the debunkers.

As far as having "Gov. Ventura" bringing up topics such as false-flag attacks and WTC demolitions to be discussed at length on "Good Morning America" while he is on his latest book tour... Personally I would rather he didn't discuss 9/11 during his carnival act.

"much less consequential matters..."

Like credibility, honesty, and accuracy.

Lighten Up SnowCrash

Aidan appears to be trying to show loyalty to personalities within the truth movement and rightfully so.

It is best to dispassionately refute arguments but not try to discredit important people because they might be wrong about one aspect of 9/11.

Face it. No one is right about everything around 9/11 because it is unknowable and requires a new investigation. So when someone who makes a contribution in one area but is likely wrong somewhere else, it does not mean they are discredited totally unless the idea is wildly impossible.

Some exceptions do apply. If one of the scientists were wrong regarding fact relating to the area of their expertese it may be said that they were discredited in that instance.

People such as JV cannot be said to be discredited with respect to the integrity of their 9/11 quest if they propose one questionable idea. but do generally important things for the cause.

Aiden most likely was angered that people would suggest that on the whole, people like JV were discredited. and hurt the movement. Perhaps he should be forgiven if he took took issue with throwing JV under the bus.

The comments in your post are not your best work SnowCrash but I know your heart is in the right 9/11 place.

When I saw Neils Harrit recently he laid out the science, told some jokes, but did not waste time on any of this acrimony.


The thing is, it's been going on for a while, and I have ignored it for, I think, many months. This is the first time I've actually said something directly to Aidan about it.

Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt. We've been critical of Jesse primarily because of his approach: he has been brave and outspoken, but some of us who've been at this for 10 years, 8 years, 6 years are, mildly put, skeptical of trying to recruit or win over mass audiences with theories which have no merit.

This is because:

* These people will be fatally disappointed when they find out the real truth (a plane indeed hit the Pentagon, the oil disaster wasn't a population control operation by the NWO, and HAARP isn't remotely controlling people's thoughts)
* It redirects attention to issues which are non-starters (the Pentagon 'flyover'), while we need more effort in other areas
* Telling anything else but the truth is simply amoral and I (we) refuse to do it.

I hope Jesse's latest book is an improvement: I get the feeling he may have learned from his mistakes. Jesse garners enormous media attraction, so him getting it right is therefore enormously important. Our natural allies are the 9/11 family members, survivors and first responders; if in doubt, look in that direction.

P.S.: Something that worries me deeply right now is Obama's war against the internet, war against privacy, and the tea party's war against unions, coupled with the media's war against intelligence.

Yea it's sad

Seeing all these down votes from people who can't even back up their positions. So far all Aidan's done is accuse people of being this and that. To bad he has no excuses for Jessie's bad info. Snowcrash, JGold and most above are telling it like it is and STILL getting down votes? Well here is another example of more cult like followers floating around this page rather than TRUTH and JUSTICE seekers. The people here who care about credibility and getting their message across are rather obvious. Seeing you people vote down good activism and thoughtful commentary speaks for itself. If only you had the confidence to back it up (downvoters) but you hide in silence behind name calling. You all need to break out of the 'I worship everything AJ and Ventura say cult.' You have been brain washed. You are HURTING the truth and justice movement (did I say hurting, I meant killing)! Read that last sentence again. Aidan hasn't even denounced his CIT endorsement for cryin' out loud as SnowCrash points out above. Credibility is EVERYTHING the more mainstream this topic gets. If you really want truth and justice, you better get to understanding this. If you are just gonna down vote someone getting critical of your favorite cult leader you are completely ignoring the point. You need to read what people are saying instead of taking part in divisive 'teams' that people like Aidan keep trying to package YOU into. This is an attempt at a wake-up call for those of you who have been lulled into a trance supporting anyone who says they are part of 9/11 truth regardless of the substance they say. I'm surprised that so many aren't doing this considering how much AJ regurgitates the phrase "WAKE UP."


Show "Are you always attacking critical thinkers Aidan?" by kdub


That's an interesting summary.

What's your point?

Do you have a point?

Not Jeff

Aidan, the narrator in the last clip is not Jeff Hill. You should retract that claim.

The last clip is obviously just as bad as Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" and should not be used.

Jeff, please don't use that clip, it's misleading. If you want to make a point about JV's show, use this, more neutral, clip:

And then point people to Jon Cole's experiment as counter-counter-balance:


Sorry about the choice of video. It was the first one I found while looking for the Van Romero reference. Thanks for the other vids, I'll use the ones you posted above to get my point across from now on.

This video says it all

The fact that Jessie is showing vids of the ozone plug in trying to claim it used for voice morphing is absurd. vote this vid down all you want cause you love Jessie. The truth hurts sometimes. To bad Jessie doesn't always get his facts straight and has propped up some really bad info.

Make Sure Your Claims Are Well Founded

"Turns out it's easy." - Jesse Ventura on voice morphing. "Conspiracy Theory: Episode 15, Pentagon", Season 2.

"I don't believe that... No f****** way... It's not possible at all. It's unthinkable. I would say unequivocally that his theory it's poppycock. As an expert in forensic audio it does not exist, this technology does not exist. " - Kent Gibson. Ventura's own audio expert. Interview by Jeffrey Hill, 22nd February, 2011.

Jessie did a fine job presenting 9/11 in this

For the short time frame and back-n-forth patter, Jessie did a splendid job of presenting 9/11 in this interview.

This is national exposure.
This is worth a lot in advertising dollars.
A nice win for our side.

That sums it up nicely

Tom T


As I understand it...

Its good for the truth if people believe lies, just as long as they don't believe the official lie???

I guess people like Fetzer, Lear, Reynolds, WF, KT, CIT, Balsamo, etc... are all good for the truth even though they are using lies to promote the truth about the official lie.

The philosophy.

Indeed, that's the philosophy. Truth is irrelevant. What matters is attention, momentum and new recruits. The Big Tent is back, and it's more powerful than ever. The idea is to gather enough supporters, who will then demand, in vague terms, a new investigation, which will disprove everything its requesters thought they believed, and 9/11 Truth will be dead.


No room in the big tent for me. I'm going to stay in the credibility tent.

The viewers of this 4 minute TV segment received...

Focusing on this interview alone...
A huge national audience received some very valid 9/11 talking points in this TV segment. ...and the 9/11 aspects flowed smoothly in such a short interview.

This segment contains information which should incite interest into the subject of 9/11 for many people.

The information presented in this TV interview is fine.
I am glad that millions of Americans were exposed to this information on MAINSTREAM TV.

Evidently, some people do not want millions of Americans to receive the information presented in this interview.

I think it's more along the lines of...

Wanting "millions" of Americans to hear information about 9/11 from someone that hasn't discredited themselves the way that has been pointed out above.

This is what I see...

Just stick to the facts Jesse

Here is the link for Jesse's appearance on Piers Morgan.

He recovers well at times but force the interviewer to accept an impossibility by sticking to the facts. Once Piers tried to defend the "collapses" he should come back with what the physics of 2.25 secs, 105 ft, free-fall collapse says about that story. Force hm to accept that impossibility and point him to the facts that support the claim if he still has doubts. He could easily plug the video experiments of Jon Cole to help Mr Morgan understand a bit better just how impossible the NIST conclusions are. Millions are watching this could be informed of the flawed physics. At least talk about how NIST's own experiments didn't support their conclusions, FEMA Appendix C, and if the interviewer has never heard of these, I would question his knowledge of that day and reduce it to the comic book version later released because that is where Piers Morgan is coming from. IMHO

Don't talk about Dick Cheney, respond with Norm Minetta's story and talk about that. 1400+ A&E's is a good topic to respond with and expose these facts to millions.
Talk about others that agree with like Bob Bowman, Tony Szamboti, and any number of high visibility professionals, scientists, academics, etc... Or talk about the whistle-blowers like Kevin Ryan, Sibel Edmonds, and more.

This was one of his better interviews overall, but I still think he would do better by hammering hard well researched facts that you would expect someone like Piers Morgan to know about if he claims to know anything about issues foreknowledge, the "collapses", etc...

His book looks very interesting, I'm going to give it a read.

just my two cents, peace everyone

"The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie; deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought."
-- John F. Kennedy

I have to wonder why if JV is mentioning things like

WTC7, Gulf of Tonkin, 58,000 dead from a phony war!, The lack of direct evidence for Bin Laden, why should that be a problem? Mainstream media coverage on these great topics, documents in a new book, he's on the right track now so give him the credit he's due. He had pretty boy George in the corner and forced him to side-Step a flat out pin. Nice work IMO.

63 documents

So... does anybody have a list of the documents Jesse is printing in his book?

crude but somewhat effective

That's my take on JV. Not likely to convert anyone who has bought into the official story but unlikely to discourage a real truth seeker.