Janette MacKinlay interview outside Dianne Feinstein's office

To the 9/11 Truth community,

Here's a short interview of Janette MacKinlay outside of Sen. Dianne Feinstein's office on November 4, 2009. 


We met with Jim Molinari, State Director for Sen. Dianne Feinstein's and a so called explosives expert brought in by Molinari named Don Hansen at her One Post Street office in downtown San Francisco. We were Janette MacKinlay, Richard Gage AIA, Gregg Roberts, and Mark Graham.

Molinari is a former S.F. police captain and we thought he would be interested in following the evidence about 9/11 truth. He didn't. He did talk with us for an hour and a half. Hansen had a strong aversion to the truth in any form.  He would rather dig a ditch than admit even the most obvious fact about 9/11.  It is really bad that he has been working for the government (he says State Department) for so many years and is considered an expert of any kind by Molinari. 

Feinstein is married to Richard Blum, who used to be one of the Regents of the University of California at a time when Livermore National Laboratory, which the UC had some control over, was researching and developing nanothermite. 

Richard Gage brought his slide presentation about the World Trade Center and evidence of explosives and controlled demolition. Unfortunately Molinari did not want to listen to it. It was hard reasoning with him. Hansen was the same. 

Here are Janette's impressions of the meeting. Notice how optimistic she was!

Janette passed away from brain cancer in December, 2010. She was an artist and had an apartment facing the WTC on 9/11.


This was our 2nd (and last) meeting with Jim Molinari.  The photograph was from an earlier meeting in July, 2009.  Pictured are David Kimball, Richard Gage AIA, Mark Graham and Gregg Roberts. 



Mark Graham

Molinari did not want to listen to it.

Yes Mr. Molinari, the truth is sometimes hard to face. Go hide your head in the sand. Perhaps it will all go away.