Jesse Ventura talks about 9/11 on CNN American Morning

He's been the governor of Minnesota, a Navy SEAL, a pro-wrestler, a Harvard professor, and most recently an author. Today on American Morning, Kiran Chetry, Ali Velshi and Christine Romans talk politics with the man himself, Jesse Ventura.

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Wow!!!! That was great!

He may not have all the answers but he didn't take any prisoners on that exchange proud to hear him stand up to the corporate media puppets. Bravo JV!

wow for real..

yes.. as Dick Russell said in West Hartford, Jesse Ventura is a truth teller. This is the best 9/11 interview I have heard.. pulling in JFK and updating about the military kangaroo court with their false confession (torture). When Jesse mentioned about being waterboarded himself . . he brought home his real heroics that no one can deny, and to this day serving his country. He is simply inspirational.


GREAT JOB. But he needs to use WTC 7 & Nanothermite more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(ps. Did that anchor lady on the left say "WHO CARES" when he talked about JFK assassination? wow)

who cares?

The answer to that question is simple: "You might not care, but any person with more than half a brain would care."

Jesse handled the who cares line great

with if they can lie to us and kill the president what can't they do ? Something like that. Super job JV.


3 vs 1 mindgames and JV rules with truth and legitimacy.

None of these morons

even read the book. In the old days, at least when you interviewed someone about their new book, you at least had to have read some of the book so you could ask a reasonably intelligent question. Nowadays, as long as the women show some's all good (wink, wink). Pathetic. I don't know how Jesse bites his lip when face to face with these idiots. No offense to Jesse, but they make him look like a brain surgeon.

It was good to hear some truth, though. And someday, someone WILL read his book and maybe have the guts to go into some of it.

They make him look like a brain surgeon.

Here is another link to a Jesse Ventura interview by Fox News. Again he lays it on the line. Fox sure have a bunch of idiots working there. Jesse rips them a new a-hole as only he can.

That was a pleasure. The

That was a pleasure.

The important thing to me is that a person appear credible and sane, even to the stupid monkeys of the world. I don't think he needs to say more things, I think what we need here is for that which has been said to be worthy. I think this was a good interview. Twas a pleasure.



"The important thing to me is that a person appear credible and sane, even to the stupid monkeys of the world." And if passionate still remains increadibly reasonable. Jesse Ventura is rock solid so far. He does not seem like he needs any support, but we should do all that we can to give him cover because sure as hell he's going to be drawing a lot of fire soon. I for one support everything he's said to date and just wish there was more that I could do to get his message out there and to get people to give their heads a shake as to what they are accepting as "reality" these days! .

Just Got the Book.

I picked up the "63 Documents..." book today at Barnes & Noble and everything I see is extremely credible.
In fact, I challenge anyone here to point out something in this book that they take exception to. Show me even one document that isn't credible.


Doc. 43: A Think Tank's Anticipation of 9/11 (Deals with PNAC)

Doc. 44: FBI Knowledge of Terrorist Training at Flight Schools. (Well documented)

Doc. 45: "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US" (Aug. 6 Memo)

Doc. 46: The Pentagon's "Stand Down Order" on 9/11. (This deals not with Mineta or the PEOC, but with the June, 1, 2001 order requiring approval by the Secretary of Defense for any "potentially lethal support.. in the event of an aircraft piracy (hijacking).' Ventura's quote: "I sure would like to know why the question of Rumsfeld doing this never came up with the 9/11 Commission. Doesn't it seem important to have asked why that critical policy got changed only four months beforehand?"

Doc. 47: The "Free Fall" of Building 7. (Deals with the NIST report)
Mentions David Chandler.
Recommends "The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7," by DRG
Promotes the website for Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Doc. 48: Evidence for Insider Stock Trading Before 9/11. (Documented)
Features Kevin Ryan's article: "Evidence for Informed Trading on the Attack of September 11" Nov. 18, 2010

Doc: 49: The FBI's "Briefing on Trading" for the 9/11 Commission. (Supporting documentation)



I may have to pick this up.

Maybe Jesse has learned a little lesson about credibility? That list looks pretty solid :)

Yes it does

It would undo some of the damage done by "Conspiracy Theory". I'm letting go a sigh of relief now.

I would like to see the whole list of documents.... otherwise I can't say for sure if there's anything I would take exception to, i.e. a turd in the punch bowl of some sort.

I admit, this looks promising and heartening.

Reads Like Project Censored

This reads more like a Project Censored book full of declassified documents and sources. You'll be impressed.

Dick Russell should probably be given a lot of credit here. (co-author)

Here you go..

Here you go..

Video of Hartford event:

Video of Hartford event:

Watch footage of the recent Hartford event, featuring Richard Gage, and many others. Very important presentations by Graeme MacQueen, Kevin Ryan, and Tony Szamboti.

The conference was "Investigate Building 7: A Call to Reexamine the Most Important Event of Our Time," held March 26, 2011, at the University of Hartford, CT. Speakers included architect Richard Gage, family members Manny Badillo and Bob McIlvaine; attorney Dr. William Pepper; professor Dr. Graeme McQueen; engineers Kevin Ryan and Tony Szamboti; filmmaker John Kirby; and journalists Mark Crispin Miller, Leslie Griffith, Craig Unger, and Dick Russell.

How about the 3 CNN bitch's.....?

I never watch any msm. Jesse is great. The talking heads are tools and I would tell them to their face. Like i said, 3 bitch's..


... just great, big tent is back!

Jesse Ventura on Russia Today TODAY

Jesse Ventura: Enough Government Cover-ups! It's time for a Revolution!

Cool interview!

"...the Republicans and the Democrats no longer follow the Constitution or our Bill of Rights. Where is our Supreme Court? They are bought off too!"

Great interview

This is a way more intelligent interview and Jesse is less agressive. Probably because the interviewer really seems to be interested in what he has to say and has probably actually read the book, whereas typical American reporters seem to care more about defending the empire instead of keeping the "emperors" honest.

Here is the Full 16 min RT Interview

Jesse Ventura: 16 mln docs cover-up?! US Revolt needed!

dems and repubs

Interviews happen fast, and now we have time to sit back and chat.

I think she had a good question that maybe many do not consider. Watch "Land of the Blind". Any independent could be the worst. Here is what I would have said, because I agree with Jesse. All other things being equal, the reason why an independent candidate works better is by not being beholden to either of these two parties.

(I digress: If they've already sworn themselves to political ideologies, well, that is something that I just don;t do. I don't need an ideology to precede actual raw information and my own ability to react and respond to it as an individual. Notice how we're stuck in pundit opinions as badly as we are ideologies, which also preempts any actual information.. Ideology does precede knowledge - of anything. It hasn't read the paper yet, but it already knows what to do. I think that's crap. Millions of ignorant Americans are sold in 5 minutes of ideology and opinion, which I think is sad, because they don't have good 1st amendment representation. They don't read much and no one is looking out for them)

Secondly, the situation in America today calls for a non-partisan public response. The American people cannot be represented by a republican or a democrat - they need to react to both of the major parties; they need to be something else. Every American belongs in this movement. We all have to be able to join. We cannot call this democrat or republican because it isn't. The American revolution did not have any parties beyond the tories and the whigs. The torries were loyal to the king, and the whigs were simply opposed to the torries. This is revolution - this is what we need to do.

America did not originally have political parties, but there was not any way to stop them from being free to form. Political parties are born of practical virtue - they have earthly power by ganging together to gain offices. How does anyone stop that? (They don't) The virtue of the parties is power. The two most powerful organizations in the world are the American republican and democratic parties. Some virtue that is. Not a whole lot of caring or brains or any other redeeming qualities at all. Just the ability to take a knee to some pipe dream ideology, like "Land of the Blind", and to ideologically lust after national control, or to, as both these parties have done, which is to screw the country when they get the upper hand - ether one. Vietnam was democrats. Iraq was republicans. Same thing. A party gained power over America. We are "the American party". Ideology, in all of its forms, is used to control populations with bullcrap 5-minute spiels. The slippery slope is to then not provide any actual information, but to control one's minions with a dream.

Revolution is always dangerous - also the case with America. There were internal and external revolutions. Society at that point could be broken down into 6 classes, from slaves at the bottom to aristocrats at the top. The external revolution was to take out the top two of those 6 tiers. Here's the danger... The 3rd tier is where we got our American fathers. The danger was that either they would get whacked for not being trusted, or they would take over and do something bad. That's tough - there's no knowing what will happen. I'd rather it be exciting anyways. More like life.

The internal revolution involved opposition to the new leaders. This did occur in a variety of places, typically revolving around deeds to land. When government changes over, sometimes you don't own your land anymore. I'm from VT - the whole state came into existence as a part of the internal revolution against the American fathers in 1777. Not the ones we love so much, but elitists in places like New York and Virginia who wanted power and were corrupt and who would invalidate people's deeds to land. So that is always a possibility in a tough time. Let's forget about that, and recognize that revolution in this case is not a question of the replacement, but of the fact that the establishment has to be removed. Nobody knows what will happen next. N o b o d y Given the circumstances, a revolution by the people is a pure, simple, right and true reaction to the republican and democratic powers in America today.

I ramble. I just like watching these interviews, and it's always a pleasure.

a 3rd party

would seem to me to be revolutionary

A 3rd Party

he American Party. We're the colonists. We're the whole thing.

We can use the articles of independence for support, too.

Peace -

Jesse Ventura on ABC's The View

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I love how he nails the Federal Reserve, Homeland Security, and the two party system.
Great public exposure!

Good Stuff!

Wow. Sorry to keep chiming in on this thread, but Whoopi acts like she actually READ the book. And is disturbed by it. "What can we do?" "What can we do?" "We've read it, now what do we do?" No 9/11 this time, but the interview hit some great chords and had a respectful tone. Hasselbeck's dismissive tactics fell completely flat. No dice, Liz. Jesse got a nice reception from the crowd, and lo and behold, the audience is getting copies!

I didn't realize Jesse was doing 'The View," too. Man, GMA, a couple of CNNs and "The View." A LOT of people will be reading this book.

63 Documents at Amazon

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #4 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

#1 in Books > Nonfiction > Politics

Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing (April 4, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9781616082260
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Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 6.2 x 1.3 inches
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Average Customer Review: 4.6 out of 5 stars See all reviews (8 customer reviews)

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#1 in Books > Nonfiction > Politics

Great interview

Bump (see RT interview)

Good feedback link which makes me think of the following song..

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Good feedback link which makes me think of the following song

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A 3rd Party

The American Party. We're the colonists. We're the whole thing.

We can use the articles of independence for support, too.

Peace -