Failure to Report : A Panel Discussion Among Journalists 3/26/11

Investigate Building 7 : A Call to Reexamine the Most Important Event of Our Time. March 26 2011, University of Hartford, Ct

Failure to Report : A Panel Discussion Among Journalists

Mark Crispin Miller, Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at NYU
Leslie Griffith, Journalist
Craig Unger, Author
Dick Russell, Author

This panel will address the US media's tendency to look away from major stories of all kinds by dismissing them as mere "conspiracy theories." First will be a discussion the press's silence on the strange collapse of Building 7, and the panelists will move on from there to discuss other mysteries or scandals that, although they merit serious investigation, are either laughed off or ignored. Among these forbidden stories are the "OctoberSurprise"of1980, the fate of TWA Fligh t800,the CIA's reported drug dealing in America's innercities, theOklahoma City bombing and the epidemic of widespread election fraud since 2000.

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Leslie Griffith, Mark Bingham?

Is Leslie Griffith really claiming she got a call from Mark Bingham on 9/11?

Or did she merely cover that story as a reporter?

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With all due respect, be careful.

The Earth is in a warming phase with glaciers in retreat. 'The' cause is trickier to pinpoint. I unequivocally agree though that the elite class is manipulating the fact to their economic advantage (carbon trading credits, etc.).


Energy Pollution's Impact On Our Environment

Oil, 9/11, and Global Warming is where I posted an article by Jerry Mazza, "One man's look at the global warming horizon. How oil remains the culprit behind 9/11 and global warming, the latter being a reality not an elitist scam." If we are rational, weighing the statistical evidence, all those who respect general science information, truthers especially should be aware of Energy Pollution's Impact On Our Environment.

This panel discussion is what many consider one of the best parts of this 9/11 truth forum. It demonstrated the addition of journalists who usually had not attended such events before. This panel with Mark Crispin Miller (Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University), Leslie Griffith (a journalist in newspaper, radio and television for 25 years), Craig Unger (award winning investigative reporter and author), and Dick Russell (author, his most recent “63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read” co-authored with Jesse Ventura) was simply uplifting and postive in the way of coalition building.

I've become a Catastrophic AGW skeptic, also

I'm hardly an expert, but my understanding is that Catastrophic AGW depends on positive feedbacks, since the the greenhouse effects of just CO2 (which exhibits a logarithmic relationship with CO2 concentration), is not going to bake our planet, by itself, and this is widely accepted.

These positive feedbacks basically rest on shaky ground. I could be wrong, here (please correct me if I am), but the climate models typically fail miserably in predicting the future. Their "successes" are limited to tweaking them, after the fact, to fit recent historical data. I.e., they make postdictions, not predictions, which suggests they're not falsifiable, but are pseudo-science.

I recommend checking out the work by Svensmark. There's a youtube on his team's work which is just beautiful. Also, there's a recent video of a French scientist online, from a recent conference, that's worth watching, here:

BTW, there's a fresh "hide the decline" type scandal brewing (though it's really about hiding an incline).

Regarding the politics of "global warming", google Denis Rancourt.

Informative Panel

This was an interesting and informative panel. It's nice to see journalists supporting 911 Truth, especially Mark Crispin Miller. Miller's support is a big win for us.

I would like to personally thank

Mark Crispin Miller, Craig Unger, Dick Russell, and Leslie Griffith for their integity as human beings by lending their professional stature to an intelligent and forthright panel discussion on why something like the present incredulity generating official explanation for the collapse of WTC 7 isn't being investigated and reported on by journalists in America as widely as it should be.