Structural Aspects of Building 7’s Collapse: Why the NIST Report is Non-explanatory by Tony Szamboti

"Investigate Building 7 ", the Univ. of Hartford, W. Hartford, Ct 3/26/11

The Third in A Three-part Presentation : "The Case for a New Building 7 Investigation"
Introduction by Dr. William Pepper

This presentation will provide an overview of the construction features, enormity, and strength of World Trade Center Building 7. It will help listeners understand why no building with a steel framed superstructure has ever collapsed through itself for any reason other than controlled demolition, and will provide evidence for why the NIST World Trade Center Building 7 Report is not a satisfactory explanation of the collapse.

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Great job, Tony. Can't wait to see your face beaming all across NYC.

Excellent Job

What an excellent, straight-forward explanation, Tony. One thought. Can we get corroboration from members of the iron workers (the steel raising crew) as to the installation of the stud rails on WTC 7? It seems most should still be alive, if not retired. Incidentally, I am a recently retired electrician who's last job was as a foreman on a steel framed, fire-proofed mid-rise tower (12 floors). It was standard practice to weld stud rails on all beams at all beam to column connections. I can tell you all that having stood among the steel framing -- fire proofed steel columns, beams and pan-decking -- that it completely strains credulity to imagine a fire event that could cause instantaneous, universal free-fall collapse. Can't happen.

Good thought

but I think that would require a formal investigation as you would have to go through the erection company's records to find out who worked on the raising crew.

Tracking Down WTC Building Personnel Is Key

Discovering who was doing what in the days and weeks before 9/11 in the WTC buildings seems keys to solving the puzzle. Access to private company records might only be possible with subpoena power but tracking down building personnel and scrutinizing their recollections can be done without official authority. Any demolition preparations may very well have been "piggy backed" upon legitimate operations but odd activity may not have totally escaped scrutiny.

Barry Jennings & NIST Fraud

Perhaps there will be a time to better track down those to testify what was going on inside WT-7 that entire 9/11/01 day and prior. But due to suspicious circumstances concerning the death of Barry Jennings, after he told the truth, I believe it is best to first focus on demanding a real justice system and support an authoritative investigation as our primary focus. Once the structure for this is set up, as Wayen Madsen mentioned, many witnesses said they would come forth. What is cool about this Szamboti presentation and other clear communications on scientific rational realities, and hard evidence for explosives, is that it challenges the reality of fraud by NIST, showing a US cover-up and abuse of a myth they created for crimes against humanity.

I have posted a 3-minute video compilation by Robert Bowman (when I interviewed him at my local community TV station). In first 3 minutes, watch: 9/11 - WTC-7 - Exposed

Highly informative

and important.
Thanks, Tony

Any Pre-9/11 cover job for WTC7?

Just wondering, we know about elevator renovations and fireproofing upgrades performed in the plane impact areas of the twin towers. These projects are the probable cover stories for setting up the demolition in the towers. Was there any activity of this kind in building 7? I would gather that security in building 7 would've been even stricter considering it's occupants. There had to be some type of cover to allow teams to get in and out of the building, otherwise they would have had to have been given a "key to the house" so to speak to perform their work.

Just curious

great job Tony, outstanding.


Rudy Giuliani insisted on the OEM being moved to WTC 7

in the late 1990's, against all recommendations by the NYPD and other security people. See this NY Times article discussing this issue

Putting the OEM in WTC 7 would have required a retrofit of the building for its emergency power supply and life systems, giving whoever did the work access to the entire building. This retrofit cost was $13 million, so it was a quite significant project with a lot of features.

Interestingly, it was Rudy Giuliani who created the Office of Emergency Management in 1996, thus creating the need for it to have a base of operations to begin with.


very interesting indeed...

Thanks Tony

And the construction was completed...

... in the summer of 1999, two years before 9/11.

Is there a 2nd film?

I know the Graeme McQueen film and this are #s 1 and 3 of this excellent series. Is there a #2 available?

[edit] Oh, I think it was the Kevin Ryan talk.

Well done

the NIST bogus reports are key to understand the whole picture. As most is known for us, it's certainly important that someone with your credentials calls the flaws in their reports to set the record right. For the other people who might be still on the fence.


I just want to say I'm impressed with the clarity of this talk. You show the NIST report to be not only wrong but blatantly dishonest and evasive. You make it so clear, there is no denying the falsity of the NIST version. The simplicity that brings about elegance is inherent in this talk.

Thank you, and I hope that, as Professor MacQueen has suggested, a DVD results from these talks about Building 7.