Jesse Ventura: Clandestine US missions- AlJazeera 25 min. 4/8/11

Riz Khan - Jesse Ventura: Clandestine US missions

Uploaded by AlJazeeraEnglish on Apr 8, 2011

Has the US secretly started wars and assassinated leaders? We talk to Jesse Ventura, the former governor of the US state of Minnesota, about his controversial new book, '63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read'. In the book, Ventura has published dozens of previously classified US government papers that seem to suggest Washington may have secretly provoked the Vietnam War, lied to the American people about the actual threat of terrorism and experimented on its own soldiers.

no so good as usual

i saw Jesse Ventura much stronger than in this interview, he seemed tired to me.

Furthermore, what he said about the changes from 04.06.01in regards to the hijacking proceedings, he was plainly wrong. There is no difference between 2001 and 1997: The Secretary of Defense had had to approve a military response to the hijackings.

"In the event of a hijacking, the NMCC will be notified by the most expeditious means by the FAA. The NMCC will, with the exception of immediate responses as authorized by reference d, forward requests for DOD assistance to the Secretary of Defense for approval."

4.4 The Secretary of Defense retains approval authority for support to civil authorities involving: use of Commander in Chief (CINC)-assigned forces (personnel units, and equipment) when required under paragraph 4.5, below; DoD support that will result in a planned event with the potential for confrontation with specifically identified individuals and/or goups or will result in the use of lethal force. Nothing in this Directive prevents a commander from exercising his or her immediate emergency response authority as outlined in DoD Directive 3025.1 (reference (g)).
DODD 3025.15, Feb. 18, 1997

In-flight emergency protocol

The clause begins, 'In the event of a hijacking....' But air traffic controllers and FAA personnel did not need to ascertain whether or not a hijacking had taken place in order to know they had a problem on their hands, and to initiate action. They had another protocol in place to deal with such situations. Unfortunately, that protocol had been tampered with.

Besides the protocol to deal with hijackings, there was also one to deal with in-flight emergencies--situations when an aircraft was clearly in some kind of trouble, but whether or not it is a hijacking is still undetermined. There were many instances of scrambles in response to such emergencies in the years prior to 9/11. And that was the situation relating to the flights on the morning of 9/11--flights going off course, then undergoing loss of communication. And my understanding is that it was this latter protocol which was affected by the changes instituted on June 1, 2001, with the result that the air-defense response to the flights concerned was slower on 9/11 than it previously would have been.

Must have just been a coincidence, though.

It seems, that everything stayed the same.

Al flights were declared by the FAA to the military as hijackings. Even in the first case of flight 11.

Furthermore I cannot see any negative changing in the case of in flight emergency proceedings.

"Nothing in this Directive prevents a commander from exercising his or her immediate emergency response authority as outlined in DoD Directive 3025.1 (reference (g))."
DODD 3025.15, Feb. 18, 1997

"4.5.4. Immediate Response may include DoD assistance to civil agencies in meeting the following types of need: Rescue, evacuation, and emergency medical treatment of casualties, maintenance or restoration of emergency medical capabilities, and safeguarding the public health. Emergency restoration of essential public services (including firefighting, water, communications, transportation, power, and fuel). Emergency clearance of debris, rubble, and explosive ordnance from public facilities and other areas to permit rescue or movement of people and restoration of essential services. Recovery, identification, registration, and disposal of the dead. Monitoring and decontaminating radiological, chemical, and biological effects; controlling contaminated areas; and reporting through national
warning and hazard control systems. Roadway movement control and planning. Safeguarding, collecting, and distributing food, essential supplies, and materiel on the basis of critical priorities. Damage assessment. Interim emergency communications. Facilitating the reestablishment"

As I understand it

The first and most obvious problem is that jets were unable to intercept any of the 4 flights (or at least 3), mostly due to a severe and probably willfull delay of communication, in combination with confusion within the FAA about the difference between realworld- or exercise hijackings, as well as an unusual low number of available jetfighters (because of all the wargamedrills).

The problem after that was, that even if they did intercept, they wouldn't have any clearance to do anything, because Rummy and DoubleU, the only ones with the authority to make that decision to shoot down aircraft, were unavailable to give that permission to shoot.

Of course it would've been too outlandish for words if the airliners were indeed intercepted by military jets, and they would then have to just stand idlelly by and watch them hit their target, not being able to do anything because the president and the Secretary of Defence were unreachable. I'm sure the basecommanders or the pilots themselves would maybe let that happen one time, but definitely not a second time or a third time.

So Jesse messed up on that one I'm afraid. I agree this wasn't his sharpest interview, but maybe he is getting a bit tired. He could do with a change of jacket I think, He has worn this one on every interview I've seen the last couple of weeks.
Still not bad of course.

NEADS: "At least we got some kinda play"

NEADS would have tried to stop them, if their work had not been sabotaged.

09:07:20, NASYPANY:
"Okay, Foxy. Plug in. I want to make sure this is on tape. This is what this is what I foresee that we probably need to do. We need to talk to F.A.A. We need to tell ‘em if this stuff's gonna keep on going, we need to take those fighters on and then put ‘em over Manhattan, O.K.? That's the best thing. That's the best play right now. So, coordinate with the F.A.A. Tell ‘em if there's more out there, which we don't know, let's get ‘em over Manhattan. At least we got some kinda play."

Good Video

Jesse is starting to become one of my favorite truthers. I loved what he said about the JFK murder. His 9/11 rundown wasn't bad either. This is one video I will pass around. I have been a truther for quite a while and Jesse is very convincing when he speaks. More convincing than most I have heard. I sure wish there were more famous people like him that would speak out on issues like 9/11.

Jesse must have reached tens of millions...

of people on his book promotion blitz.

He deserves some credit.

Thanks Jesse Ventura.

Jesse for President

He is one of our strongest allies for 9/11 truth since he helps us unite with other related conspiracies and no one can argue about his accomplishments and impact on waking people up. Here's a petition to support a 9/11 truth teller for the 2012 US presidential campaign. If anyone can pull off a 3rd party win-upset.. Jesse can.. which means he has taken an incredible risk, which shows more of his heroics and love for country and life..

Good Post jonathan

I am one of those that would vote for Jesse in a hot second. Especially if he ran with Ron Paul. I think they would have a good chance to win. Especially now when most people are hurting financially. If this happens you can bet there will be a new investigation.

good interview but

a point on the bias of al jazeera as they've been in the news a lot about libya:

the organisation is beholden to a west-leaning emir and such autocrats are beholden to the US to stay in power

this from voltairenet (with the usual disclaimer that yes i know Thierry Meyssan who runs Voltairenet got AA77 wrong in his book and hasn't retracted):


The Politics of Al Jazeera

The Libyan government has shut down the internet and phone lines and an information war is underway. Although one of the most professional news network in the world, it has to be cautioned that Al Jazeera is not a neutral actor. It is subordinate to the Emir of Qatar and the Qatari government, which is also an autocracy. By picking and choosing what to report, Al Jazeera’s coverage of Libya is biased. This is evident when one studies Al Jazeera’s coverage of Bahrain, which has been restrained due to political ties between the leaders of Bahrain and Qatar.

Reports by Al Jazeera about Libyan jets firing on protesters in Tripoli and the major cities are unverified and questionable. [9] Here too, the reports that Libyan jets have been attacking people in the streets have not been verified. No visual evidence of the jet attacks has been shown, while visual confirmation about other events have been coming out of Libya.

Al Jazeera is not alone in its biased reporting from Libya. The Saudi media is also relishing the events in Libya. Asharq Al-Awsat is a paper that is strictly aligned to U.S. interests in the Middle East-North Africa (MENA) region. Its editor-in-chief is now running editorials glorifying the Arab League for their decision to suspend Libya – why were such steps not taken for Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, or Yemen? Inside and outside the Arab World, the mainstream media is now creating the conditions for some sort of intervention in Libya.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

[9] Ibid.; I have been given two explanations for this. The first explanation is that government agents from Libya have been disseminating misinformation to Al Jazeera. This includes reports made to Al Jazeera that jets have been attacking civilians in the streets. Gaddafi has used this to try and discredit Al Jazeera internally in Libya by pointing out to the Libyan people that no jet attacks have occurred and that Al Jazeera is broadcasting misinformation. The second explanation is that Al Jazeera is simply spreading misinformation. Whatever the case, both explanations agree no Libyan jets have attacked protesters yet.


Then remember the movie Charlie Wilsons War and tell me you're absolutely this was not a west- fuelled armed insurrection that has been inflated into a civil war by acts of war from the west based on lies from a west- backed autocrat (emir of Qatar) about innocent civilians being strafed by machinegun fire from the air

Al-Jazeera reports

Al-Jazeera was also attacked by the supporters of the west-ally Mubarak, during the Revolution there. Now Gaddafi-Supporters do the same. Al-Jazeera also reports about the ongoing situation in Bahrain and Jemen. Your can google after reports of Al-Jazeere to see by your own, or go to youtube.

Why there are no visual evidence, that Gaddafis jets fired to demonstrators?
"A new analysis by the Committee to Protect Journalists has found Libya’s media the most tightly controlled in the Arab world."

Gaddafi fought violently against the demonstrations from the beginning, as the international tribunal in Den Haag confirms.

In this video, you see, how his soldiers are shooting at demonstrators in Benghazi at 17. February.

It is confirmed, that Gaddafis jets bombarded demonstrators, but his supporters are saying, that they were "rebels".

7:56pm: Al Jazeera Arabic is speaking to a political activist in Tripoli, who tells us there are airstrikes "all over Tripoli".

There is death, fear - and women are crying everywhere. The strikes are concentrated against areas that sent large number of protestors to the streets and there are cars full of foreign fighters firing on people.

He says at least 250 people were killed in the past 24 hours alone and is calling for international help. He tells us Tripoli is "under siege by foreign fighters" - that water and electricity have been cut and there is a shortage of food and medical supplies. "It is a genocide," he says.

7:39pm: Karl Stagno-Novarra, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Malta, reports the pilots of the jet fighters that landed there are "senior colonels", who were ordered to bomb protesters. They refused and have defected to Malta, he said.

good math Jesse

"We could have done 1000 documents, it would have been 4 times thicker."
Ahem. If you do the math 1000/63 equals 15.87 times thicker.
Just a little humor to lighten things up here.
But seriously, a very good interview. The interviewer was fair and well informed and Jesse was quite articulate and managed to communicate a lot of complex issues in a clear and simple way.

doing the math...

I was wondering how close Jesse was in his estimate. I am so glad a smart person took the time to figure it out and post it here! Thank You! I agree that Jesse is a great spokesperson for the people. Unlike Alex Jones who goes on "The View" and blurts out 'truther' catch phrases like he has
9-11 Tourette's Syndrome

This is an excellent inteview!

Jesse is getting better and better in these interviews. He uses common sense and backs up his thoughts with quotes and examples. He is also great on his feet and has a good sense of humor. Great overall!

it wasn't perfect, BUT


Job well done Ventura. I JUST WIIIIIIIISHHHHHHH he would talk about WTC 7, and the remember building 7 campaign, when he talks about 9/11!!!!!!!

But even though he didn't take a second and think about this guys....

He is talking about Operation Northwoods, JFK, the gulf of tonkin, HAARP, etc....ON MAINSTREAM TV!!!!!!

Imagine all the people he has/will be awakening! jebus! GO VENTURA!

"jesse ventura talks about

"jesse ventura talks about HAARP, etc..."

This is one area that bothers me. Some people ridicule HAARP and put it in the same basket as 'chem trails' and 'UFOs'.

I wouldn't talk about it

I wouldn't talk about it personally, but it DOES exist. it IS a real place, and it DOES do things, BUT there's NO EVIDENCE to 100% PROVE that it created the Tsunami's and Earthquakes...but my point was..THE FACT that any of this is getting air time is GOOD. I wish it was more about WTC 7 and the new campaign though. And HAARP shouldnt be talked about in real life aspects, but its good conversation amongst your peers privately IMO

Jessie needs to team up

w/ Richard Gage or another member of AE911.