Prof. Dr. Niels Harrit in Hamburg, Germany on April 10th

Last sunday Prof. Dr. Niels Harrit adressed some people in Hamburg, Germany. Although it's the second largest city in Germany with more than 1,8 million inhabitants, only 40 people showed up- all but one truthers already.

But that was it with the negative setting. We filmed the whole presentation and germans alternative news magazine "Schattenblick" made a full report on it. So a lot more people can see or read what Dr. Harrit has to say, while he speaks mostly in english, he has upgraded his presentation slides completely to german writings and in the case of the David Chandler videos even to a german voiceover.


And the Schattenblick report in german language:

Thanks for Dr. Harrit for coming to a flying visit to Hamburg, and to the organizers, interviewers and filming crew that made this possible!


Hopefully, the reason why, there were just 40 people, was:
1. The lecture was in english.
2. There was no local ally, like the "further education college" (VHS), who would had made advertising. The overcome of the media black-out, this is crucial.

As Mister von Bülow gave a lecture in Rothenburg o/T, around 100 persons came. It was organized by the VHS. Nevertheless there were not a single local politician in the audience. Normally when a former secretary visits a small city, all the local politicians want to make a photo with him.


VHS was asked, but denied support- like nearly 20 other potential hosts or places.

They will remember Building 7...

Thanks Professor Harrit. The fact that NIST' s report on Building 7 is bogus is shown so clearly as to be almost embarrassing.

I believe that this present focus on Building 7, and the action of getting people to look at it, will be remembered as what finally woke the people up.

(I liked especially the visual contrast between NIST's collapse model and the video of the actual collapse.)

Translated to English