Video Comments Infiltrated?

The highest rated comments have been rigged, obviously.

This is the only Truth Video that's this popular, that I've seen with such obvious infiltration. and most likely it's because it has almost 350,000 views.

Let's use our numbers and fix this rigging of the comments.

THUMB DOWN the blatant discrediting. Disinformation < Truth


WOW GREAT JOB GUYS. The top 2 comments are now 20+ Thumbs each and tell the REAL truth.


Google Videos' uploaded video content no longer available soon.

In two weeks, all videos uploaded to Google Video will be deleted. In that time, what are some good videos to download from there that are unavailable elsewhere?

It seems that Google will remove all user-uploaded videos on April 29. I've seen some videos on there that are unavailable on Youtube, Metacafe, torrents etc. What are some videos you like that [9/11 Truthers] would like or should download that would be removed in other places?

You can only officially download your own uploaded videos from Google, but you can use this site to download an FLV file (use VLC to play, or get a converter)

Found on Reddit.

That is important info!!! Thanks Orangutan

Every American should watch this.
One of my top 5 favorites...

I would suggest

downloading Kevin Ryan's "Bush Science: A New Standard in Deception" I've only seen that on google and use much of that info regularly for anyone who depends on the bogus NIST reports.