The Last Stop for the AE911Truth 2011 Midwest Tour is Monday, April 18th in the Detroit, MI Area

If you live in the Detroit area the AE911Truth 2011 Midwest Tour will be making its last stop in Southfield, MI on Monday, April 18th. I want to personally thank all the coordinators from each of the cities and those that assisted them in promoting this 10 city tour. This event will be filmed by French journalists for a 9/11 10th anniversary TV special. Thanks again for supporting the AE911Truth 2011 Midwest Tour.


10) Monday, April 18, 2011 at 7:00 pm
Lawrence Technological University
College of Architecture & Design
21000 West Ten Mile Road
Southfield, Michigan 48075
Local contact: Stan B.

Thanks Nausea!!

Thanks for keeping us updated on this tour through the Midwest U.S. Sounds like the Minneapolis one was in particular a great success. Many more people now know the truth. Good stuff.

Great tour.

It takes a LOT OF TIME AND EFFORT to get this kind of touring done. and richard, I applaud you and your team. Never stop. We are right behind you.

If Your In The Midwest You Can Get Snow In April

It looks like a couple of inches of snow in the Detroit area for Monday, April 18th. Richard better keep that Green Bay Packers knit cap on his head he purchased in Milwaukee. I hope they have a successful event despite the snow that is forcasted.


Much-needed progress to counter pending Charlie Sheen smear?

.. well done to Gage and the team for taking the time to carry out these tours - painstaking, reaching a couple hundred here and there.. Real, human contact as opposed to impersonal internet interaction.

So vital to do this in the face of what looks like a smear-by-association just waiting to happen:

>>> '911 Truth Movement' is going to loudly protest that Charlie Sheen has Neglected the 911 Cause.' <<<

Anyone know this so-called 'prominent' person - Mark Dice?

May I ask exactly which '911 truth movement' is so eager to get Charlie Sheen backing the cause??

Do we know this section of the '911 truth movement'? Is it a grassroots section - or an astro-turf section? A cognitive infiltration section?

I, for one, think Sheen is a net liability.

Veering a little off topic ...

... but I'd like to add to what I said in my previous post about Charlie Sheen/ Mark Dice, if I may.

I - like many, many other world citizens who are sceptical about the official 911 narrative - do not live in North America. So certain radio shows, TV hosts and particular styles of debating (like the obnoxious Alex Jones) are often foreign to us.

Then along comes someone called Mark Dice (who's he?) who is presented by mainstream media as 'a prominent member' of the truth movement - seemingly showcased as a 'leader' or 'spokesman'. This self-imposed spokesman proceeds to feed off Charlie Sheen's toxic publicity - Sheen as the most self-absorbed, self-indulgent American featured on global TV today.

In our corner of the world we've never heard of or followed Mark Dice. Indeed, we don't 'follow' anyone, preferring to do our own research in a serious way. The 911 wars have had a serious knock-on effect around the world - as has the Wall Street meltdown. The Nobel Peace Prize has lost integrity.

We'd like to discuss this issue seriously - and not waste time on Illuminati/ NWO / Alex Jones nonsense that Mark Dice dabbles in (according to his Wikipedia page - which I've just dredged up.)

'Alex Jones', 'Charlie Sheen' and 'Mark Dice' are not personalities people on other continents identify with.

It would be so good if truth research community could get a sense of itself as a world-wide movement, rather than a parochial phenomenon, vulnerable to parochial smear.

I for one - do not like what I see of the 'Mark Dice' brand - and I object to him claiming the '911 truth movement' (an ephemeral group that anyone can lay claim to, it seems) wants Charlie Sheen on board. If 'the 911 truth movement' is a democratic movement - I don't ever recall voting for either Mark Dice or Charlie Sheen.