Jesse Ventura: It's Called a False Flag Operation!


One of the best interviews on the mainstream media about 9/11 I've ever seen.

Jesse did a great job here, we are gaining ground ladies and gentlemen!

Now That's Kickin' Ass, Jesse!

I've been critical of the way you have argued about 911 before. But you did a great job there, bro'. Rock on!

Jesse is just saying it like it is and not accepting nonsense

for answers.

This is precisely what we all need to do, if we want the present untenable and fraudulent Post-911 World situation to be corrected.

thanks Jesse

You've got my vote for 2012. Let's do this!

Eric Bolling shows his coins which MELTED together

Eric Bolling had a safe deposit box at the World Trade Center complex.
The heat through the safe and deposit box was so intense that it caused his coins to melt together.
Story -

New footage to me...

That looks like a _very_ hot column @ 1:20

anyone know if the orig is in the NIST releases available at ?

I think Jesse did a poor job

I think Jesse did a poor job of answering the ,"why?" question. We need to explain it. Simply saying,"Money" doesn't cut it. Here we have a HUGE military & hundred of bases round the world that the people were told for fifty years were needed SPECIFICALLY to counter one enemy: Communism. and there weren't any Communists anymore ! and thus no need for a huge military to contain them! The CIA needed to be so huge to counter the KGB,but there wasn't any KGB anymore! The FBI needed to be so huge because the Reds were everywhere even under our beds,but there weren't any Reds anymore! Thus no need for a huge CIA/FBI. Everyone was expecting huge cuts,base closings & downsizing after Communism fell & the excuse they began to use,"we're still adjusting to the post cold war" wasn't going to work much longer. The Cold war had been over for almost a decade. 911 saved them. There's no arguing with that every one over 40 knows it true! Yet, No leaders of the Truth movement EVER point it out,why? Controlled opposition? Because it work? That's what I suspect.

Very important point

"Here we have a HUGE military & hundred of bases round the world that the people were told for fifty years were needed SPECIFICALLY to counter one enemy: Communism. and there weren't any Communists anymore ! and thus no need for a huge military to contain them! The CIA needed to be so huge to counter the KGB,but there wasn't any KGB anymore! The FBI needed to be so huge because the Reds were everywhere even under our beds,but there weren't any Reds anymore!"

Yes. The military-industrial complex needs an enemy - and what would be a better menace than all-pervasive terrorism. That may have been more important than anything else. Thanks for reminding about this.

Peace dividend

I do not considering me a leader of this movement, but I stated just that on the german book fairy in Leipzig, asked about the why. After 1989 they spoke about a peace dividend. But in our military-industrial world there is none- war is a racket, and we need enemies.Thanks for the reminder!

Jesse's letter

Jesse Ventura's Letter to the Ruling Class

Bolling's science

Eric Bolling:

If you know anything about the World Trade Center, underneath the World Trade Center, was cavernous, it was a mall, you could walk literally between all the buildings, so, when the pilot came down, it took the structural integrity out of the bottom of Seven and Brooks Brothers and the other one... It escapes me right now.

Wow, that's very, very interesting Eric. So the buildings crashed down, then "took the structural integrity out of the bottom of Seven".

Fascinating. Please point out where this is discussed in the NIST report on WTC 7 as the definitive cause of WTC 7's collapse.

This is typical. Just make shit up on the spot.

The subterranean area under the tower complex

did not extend under Vesey street and Building 7 did not even have a basement, so Eric Boiling is all wet on this comment.

Excellent points, Tony and Snowcrash, about WTC 7 and KUDO's

to Jesse! He did VERY well IMO. It is not easy to maintain strength coupled with composure when blasted with bull excrement from a talking head -- but Jesse did it! Well done.

Jesse has my vote for 2012. His candidacy will give us something POSITIVE to rally around. I say we push it! Run, Jesse, run!

Also interesting to contrast Jesse's approach to Richard Gage's reserved scientific approach... both have their places.

I think Bolling may be in denial

Nice work JV, you're doing better all the time. Bolling's voice sounds a bit shaky, I think he either knows he's lying or most likely is starting to have doubts himself. Take the red pill eric, or go back to sleep. The choice is yours.

yes, Bolling was ailing and close of crying

He was like a "catchword-giver" for Ventura and was not really serious, his resistance is emotional.

Go Jesse Go!

Donald Trump might be the hot commodity now in media, yet it would be nice to see Jesse take a gander towards a White House run. Trump's toying with frivolous nonsense(i.e. birtherism) seems to have made him all the more beloved in certain circles. Jesse can actually bring to the forefront an issue of grave historical importance.

Jesse could have easily named his book, 63 Documents the Media Doesn't Want You to Read. After all, all these documents are in the public record. And it wasn't like they emerged in some nefarious way, like through Wikileaks. Yet these issues are rarely discussed openly and candidly. The American government doesn't need commissars, the media handles that role perfectly.

tanabear: "The American

tanabear: "The American government doesn't need commissars, the media handles that role perfectly. "

Well said. The media here is key. We are constantly told the West has 'free media", which pursues the truth 'without fear or favour'.

Journos (on CNN, Fox, even BBC) style themselves as cutting-edge investigative journalists, top of their game.

Yet none of them investigate these facts under their noses... What does that say about our democratic Fourth Estate?

Editors and journalists have acted (and still act) as stenographers for the official narrative.

They spend time ridiculing 911 research - and devote space to hit-pieces - but their 'robust, free media' never spends time delving into the facts unearthed by people like Jones, Szamboti, Ryan et al.

Future generations will look on this media 'stand-down' and shake their heads.

There's no need for a 'conspiracy' here. This is the way the corporate media works - it is the information/ disinformation end of state and military policy - it is embedded within corporate structures and can thus never properly critique them - even though they like to blow a trumpet about how "free, fearless, democratic and fair" they are. It's a systemic problem.

Jesse Held Up Well Against An Aggressive Host

I only wish he would discuss the WTC dust evidence more often. There is no rebutting the implications of its presence within the destruction zone of 3 collapsed WTC buildings.

The WTC dust evidence is by far the most under-utilzed evidence of 9/11 foul play. The layperson may not always grasp the Newtonian physics of freefall and resistance, but they can understand the implications of trace evidence of explosives within the destruction zone of 3 collapsed WTC buildings.

Al Qaeda ties to Intelligence + Dust

I agree that Jesse held up well against this host. These MSM hosts are not so much interested in interviewing a person to get their point of view than tripping up, accusing, and interrupting. Very strange. If you want to interview a person then get their views and let them speak.

Since he only has the opportunity to offer several bullet points during these 'encounters' he would do well to mention that our government has ties to Al-Qaeda -- "We created and trained them." "Bin Laden was our asset." "We used this same network for our dirty work in the 80's Afghanistan into the the Balkans in the 90's -- and all the way up until Sept. 11 in C. Asia." Who controls Al-Qaeda?
"5 of the hijackers trained at US military bases according to Newsweek. Is that a coincidence?" "The Bushes had ties to the Bin Ladens and Saudi royalty where the patsies came from." "I'd like the see an investigation into Mohammed Atta, the ringleader." "Let's see who HE worked for."

And then pitch the explosive dust as a pair. This way the mere mention of "Al Qaeda" can't be a brainstopper that excuses someone from looking at the evidence. It's the resistence word that both Jon Stewart and the NPR host used. ('I believe 'Al Qaeda did it') But who the hell is Al-Qaeda?

By pairing these two points together he could then ask: "Could Al-Qaeda have accessed military-grade nanothermite?" "This isn't made in a cave in Afghanistan." "It comes from our defense labs."

Both of these arguments could be made in about 1 minute of air time.

Re: stand-down: I would like to see Jesse combine the June 1st order with the Mineta whistleblower testimony. This puts Rumsfeld and Cheney in the spotlight together concerning air defense meltdown. "Why was there such a meltdown on 9/11? "Because there was a stand down." Here are the documents for the June 1st order and here's the sworn testimony of the Sec. of Transportation. The 9/11 Report covered neither."

This pair of points could be made in about a 1 minute. \


I really think Jesse should start mentioning it.

In the same way in which the anthrax was traced to a U.S. military laboratory, tracing the WTC nanothermite to a defense lab would create some major problems for the official story.

I don't think enough is being made of the peer-reviewed nanothermite evidence.

Thank You Jesse Ventura

Jesse does have a talent for getting his message across in an impactful and concise way. His unique eloquence is easy for middle America to understand.

He is one of the few unintimidated voices for Truth and Justice when confronted with MSM tactics. I really respect Jesse Ventura.


Jesse really kicked some Fox ass. I loved every second of the video. Wouldn't that be something if Jesse and Ron Paul ran for office. I would campaign for them.

"Operation Checkmate" the pawns fight back

i agree with the mixed reviews for this particular interview. my favorite mainstream jesse interview was earlier in this month on CNN American Morning. But experiencing the frustrations of both Jesse and the man-in-denial-host was informative.. something we most all can relate to at some point in our discussions on this matter. In any case, he has established himself as a truth-teller and an asset to our united call for a new investigation.

I asked Chris Pratt to join 911blogger and post his new film short:"Operation Checkmate" the pawns fight back More information on Chris and his work is at

I think Jesse V. would appreciate it, too..

Great job, Jesse

Well said.

This announcer brought up the faulty logic again that I thought may have been gone, but no, its a good piece of twisted logic for maniacs and the minions who call them brilliant... It is to say that the steel does not have to melt for the towers to come down. This was said in science magazine and Popular Mechanics, equally as badly, but an uncritical mind will miss this. No, you don't need molten iron for the towers to collapse, but the collapses also do not cause molten iron... Whatever! These are fingers of thought being stuck into one of those Chinese finger-puzzles. Not needing molten iron for collapse is used to dismiss the molten iron, for those who aren't clever enough, or who just wishfully allow certain concerns to fade away.

The 3000 F temperatures, and I believe higher than can be confirmed from the USGS data on the dust. The fires and the collapses do not explain these temperatures. The fires and the collapses do not explain the iron microspheres or the liquefied, pooling, flowing molten iron in the ground. And the steel samples in the JOM - structural steel melted away - vaporized.

Historical Truth and Justice

That's all we really need here, and seek, for the sake of everything that's good and right, even innocent about the world, on the other side of the truth about 9/11. They did not control history, and cannot, not in the face of the evidence, not in the face of reality, the reality that the twin towers of the world trade center on September 11st, 2001, blew up, from the top down, and in spite of the plane impacts, and any damage at the level of impact, not because of - dropped, exploding, from the top all the way down to the ground, without any appreciable loss of momentum, to within 4 seconds, FOUR SECONDS, of the time it would take in absolute FREE FALL, for any freely dropped object in nothing but AIR, to fall to the ground from the height of the twin towers. Therefore, it's really a matter of steel vs. air, air vs. STEEL - and what does all the evidence show, and even the reports at the scene, when it happened, the microspheres of atomized steel, the molten metal (extremely HOT temperatures, by far hotter than anything which could be produced by jelt fuel or as would exist in an office fire), nano-thermite, etc. etc.

Reality vs. utter absurdity and something that is impossible in reality, absent the use of EXPLOSIVES. That's what we talking about here, based on the phsical REALITY of the occurance of the event itself (destruction of the twin towers). They cannot ask the public to believe in impossible things, in other words.

I wish Jesse would get THIS argument straight and out on the table - Jesse, are you listening maybe...? Does someone here know how to reach you in the Baha say through AJ..?

We know you, you know us. I trust you are getting our messages and our information. Thanks man. Good for you, for your courage and willingness, to state the freaking OBVIOUS ie: that the twin towers of the world trade center WERE in fact blown up, as supported by about 1500 registered professional engineers and architects, it's plain as day in your FACE obvious, and the alternative, what they and the mainstream media would have us believe, an utter and patent ABSURDITY which simply CANNOT be believed by any sane, rational and aware human being - it's called yes a "False Flag Terrorist Event", right before our watching eyes, in broad daylight, before the entire horrified watching world, a "Global Psy-op" of the farthest reaching historical implications, something which MUST be brought to an end, since it cannot be supported, by reality itself, and therefore must be rejected, the alternative historical view thereafter adopted in the public percpetion and the public mind, within ONE GENERATION, which we ALREADY have..!

We will win this "info war" this pay-op - can't not. Jesse's on the right side of history here, and he knows it, and doesn't want his name to be cast into the same lot as "theirs" and he has a good idea who many of them are, if he's done the research as we have.

Yes. The buildings went down, supposedly crushed, busted up, compacted, all the way from the impact area, within a timeframe (for ALL causal actions and reactions and destruction phenomenon) of about 4 seconds of ABSOLUTE FREE FALL in nothing but air and as was the case for the north tower 4 SECONDS [. . . .] amortized across 94 STORIES of the building's structure. All breakage, all crushing, all "work" all action and reaction for the duration of the occurance of the ACTUAL DESTRUCTION of the building can therefore ONLY occur, within the space of that FOUR SECOND DIFFERENCE from absolute free fall. Let's be clear on this, ok?

one two three four

[. . . .]

Try clapping your hands, as fast as you can, or counting to 94 (north tower floors remaining beneath impact area) as fast as you can, in 4 seconds, try imagining four seconds, and what that means when amortized over 94 floors, and then tell me that's not "Near Freefall", something which could not possibly, according to the immutable laws of physics, like Newton's Three Laws of Motion and Gallileo's Law of Falling Bodies for example - have occured WITHOUT the use of explosives, and then let us look at the site, the conditions and the actual occurance of the destruction itself, using the explosives hypothesis, and what do we see in that model of reality, hard physical reality (and therefore Truth)?

Any sane and rational person, in hindsight, and with all historical data in, cannot NOT recognize the official story about 9/11 as utterly beyond the realm of what is believable, it just doesn't "pass muster" as they say in the military, not upon re-examination, which is what we as a movement are asking of people, simply that they be committed to being dedicated to the TRUTH and the REALITY at all cost (except at the cost of truth and reality itself) for the sake of nothing but being in alignment, with REALITY.

"That which hurts, instructs."
~ Benjamin Franklin

Best Regards,

Winston Smith (1984..?)