9/11 Experiment: Egg Drop, Equal Collision disproves Bazant's "Pile Driver"

9/11 Experiment: Egg Drop, Equal Collision disproves Bazant's "Pile Driver" Theory NIST cited Zdenek Bazant PhD's "Pile Driver" Theory, whereby the top 10 floors, or so, of the World Trade Centers 1 and 2, collapsed down upon the approximately 90% of the floors below, completely to the ground. We test this hypothesis with an egg falling upon eggs below. Only the falling egg and the top-most egg were cracked. The eggs below were undamaged. There was room enough in the glass for eggs to explode sideways, but they didn't.

Objects of equal construction smash each other equally, upon collision. This goes for eggs as well as WTC floors. The video may have a humorous tone, to make it easy to watch, but has a serious message. We need a New Investigation by the National Institutes of Science and Technology. The NIST report was used as a justification for two wars.


This experiment was replicated at:

You can replicate this experiment with a video of your own. Materials: 4 eggs, tall glass.

I enjoyed your video.

A great demonstration of Newton's Third Law, and the total inadequacy of the Bazant/NIST official explanation.

May I suggest -- show the Bazant diagram from their paper (which we are challenging) which shows this upper block of floors supposedly acting as a tamper -- due to gravity alone -- and you might also point out that NIST states that the fall is accelerating at "near" free-fall even for the Towers.

They must really think we're stupid or naive... Unfortunately, many are not aware of the simple and elegant truth of Newton's Third Law. And challenging NIST / the official story can cost a person his/her job... That's how "they" deal with scientific challenges.

Nice experiment...

Also, to Professor Jones: glad to hear the Bazant paper is being challenged. As you know, Bazant is not incompetent. Obvious errors in his work strongly suggest a knowing and willful collusion.

Simultaneous crush-up / crush-down

The dropped egg cracks, and the top egg it drops onto cracks. This disproves Bazant's claim that crush-up cannot occur simultaneously with crush-down.

I realize this is a restating of Newton's Third Law, and it perhaps exceeds in importance the fact that the top egg didn't continue through to the bottom.

Great experiment!

Simple and to the point.

I defended your video on YouTube, BTW.

"therealgretavo" posted this:

Stupid truthers! While the falling egg didn't directly break the ones beneath the top one, we clearly observed bright yellow/orange molten yolk produced as a result. If you had waited 102 minutes that molten yolk would have sufficiently weakened the bottom eggs, causing progressive failure.

And I replied with this:

Looks like you've locked yourself into an explanation that, thankfully for all of us, you can prove. I expect you to upload a YouTube video in the next day or so (which should be plenty of time as it is more than 102 minutes) to verify your above statement. This experiment shouldn't cost you much because eggs are cheap.

Does this show

Does this show why the jets weren't scrambled?

Seriously, though, I'm wondering if a small scale model of the actual structure, with the same materials, can be used. At least the weight-bearing parts of the structure. Would this be super-expensive to create? How close could one get, reasonably?