Canadian Federal Election- Spot-light on Edmonton Center Candidates - 9/11 and Afghanistan

YouTube- Part 1- Canada's 9/11 Petition drive continues during another Federal election called in just two years: Edmonton/Center Lewis Cardinal of the NDP ( New Democrat Party of Canada) is challenging to unseat the heavy wieght "buy me more killer Jet Fighters" Secretary to the Defense and ultra Conservative Laurie Hawn. Today Lewis took a break from his campaign to answer a couple questions I had on 9/11 and the war of 9/11 Retribution in Afghanistan. Much Appreciated- Thanks Lewis! I gave all the candidates the same opportunity to respond to my questions regarding 9/11 and Afghanistan. So far David Parker of the Green Party has promised to look into 9/11 (David's YouTube Report) , NDP Edmonton/Strathcona MP Linda Duncan does not think investigating 9/11 is important but agrees with Lewis Cardinal that Canada's Troops must come home from Afghanistan now! ( Linda's YouTube Report). Challenger Liberal candidate Mary MacDonald has not returned my calls and Laurie Hawn... Laurie would like my vote judging from all the junk mail he's been sending me for months but he seems much much too busy to return my calls for a 9/11/ Afghanistan interview- I try to coax him when ever I can with Tim Horton's coffee and donuts like he serves our troops at Christmas each year but still- no go. Might be he's still cranky with me when he blew a gasket at a New Years Eve party put on by the city tax payers (Laurie's YouTube Report).

Lewis Cardinal's Bio

Married 20 years to Patricia and has a daughter and son, Small Business owner, Cardinal Strategic Communications, Consulting 2008 Distinguished Alumni Award from Grant MacEwan University. 2008 Anti-Racism Award from the Northern Alberta Alliance on Race Relations 2007 recipient of National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation Award for Public Service, the highest award given to an Aboriginal person by the Aboriginal people of Canada.Recipient of Alberta Centennial Medal for his work in the areas of Human Rights & Diversity. PhD(Cand.) Education, University of Alberta, B.A. English (Honors), B.Sc. Journalism, and B.A. Film Studies, University of Colorado. Lewis Cardinal Campaign Link

Part Two YouTube - NDP Candidate Lewis Cardinal on Seniors, Health Care and controversial hockey arena. Link

Link: Truth Action Ottawa Investigate 9/11 Canada -Petition