Tour report of Dr. Harrits lectures in Canada, by Mike Bondi

Recently Prof. Dr. Harrit toured Canada and gave lectures in 6 different universities in 6 cities. P.Eng. Mike Bondi wrote a report on it and published it on AE911Truth, this tour report is worth a read, because of the encouraging reactions by the canadian academics and some news about an upcoming documentary by Adnan Zuberi.

So here it is:

Because this article is so important, I translated it for AE911Truth to german language, buy my contact person seems to be on easter holiday, so I published the translation in full on my blog- so for the german speaking part, für die deutsch sprechenden Leser, hier der Tourbericht in deutscher Sprache:

Nice Quote

I like this highlighted quote from the AE911Truth article about the Niels Harrit talk:

"When Elizabeth asked one of the professors if he thought the nanothermite paper was 'persuasive', his unambiguous response was 'Persuasive? It's conclusive!'" (Note: the quoted person is a professor of chemistry.)

Thanks for doing the translation into German, Sitting-Bull.

One Line Quotes - love em!

Wouldn't it be great if we could compile some of these inspirational quotes over the 10 years that has come from minds and mouths of so many wonderful people with-in this 9/11 truth movement - From academics, experts, historians, journalists ... to the committed activists out in the streets during actions coming up with profound 1 liners ... When Niels was in Edmonton he said two quotes that will always stick in my mind - Niels often said "9/11 is Key" in conversations and during an exchange of ideas on 9/11 between Niels, Anthony Hall and Pernille Grumme he said "You do not find 9/11, 9/11 finds you" ... YouTube

Thanks Mike Bondi

... for compiling this report. Helpful for those of us far away who would like to find out how the event panned out.

Particularly inspiring was former University President Alvin Lee saying that universities should 'not flee or avoid controversial subjects' because academia has a duty to scrutinise information - without fear or favour.